I recently heard the story of a lady who three months after her wedding, discovered that her best friend who was also her chief bride’s maid was pregnant for her husband. In her shock she confronted her husband and instead of being sorry, he didn’t apologise, neither was he remorseful. As far as he was concerned, it wasn’t a big deal.

This lady couldn’t believe her ears; she couldn’t understand why her best friend and her husband betrayed her. To add to her wounds, her husband left her and married her best friend, while still married to her. He didn’t even bother to divorce her first.

As expected, she was bitter and in sorrow. It’s expected that it won’t be easy getting over such hurt. But guess what, twenty something years later; this lady is still living in bitterness and has refused to have anything to do with men again. Meanwhile, her former best friend & ex-husband are happily married and currently have three (3) children.

When I heard this story I felt sorry for her but at the same time, I was angry. Why will you put your life on hold because of something an idiot did? How long will you continue living in bitterness and hurt and deprive yourself of joy? Meanwhile, the person who hurt you is living his life free and enjoying himself.


I know break up is hard, heartbreak is one of the most painful things to experience; I have been there, so I know. But despite these painful experiences, one thing I have learnt is this; Time heals all wounds.

It is foolishness to live in a prison cell, you yourself created because somebody hurt you. Get over it and move on.

Experiences whether good or bad, happens to us, to teach us something. You will be depriving yourself of growing if you refuse to pick the lessons in these experiences.

Have you suffered a heartbreak? My dear, it is not the end of the world. It’s ok to cry, I have cried too; for days. But my dear, learn from what happened and move the hell on.

There’s something I’ve always believed, most ladies at a point in their life, date a good-for-nothing guy. This happens so you can gain wisdom for future relationships and common sense.

The more you keep holding someone in your mind, the more you give them power over you. No man/woman is worth living rent free in your heart. Don’t give anyone that privilege.

Another thing is when you write off people because you’ve been hurt before. The fact that a man hurt you doesn’t mean all men are bad. Not all men are bad. The fact that a woman hurt you does not mean women are terrible beings. No, they are not. You just met the wrong one.

Give others a room in your heart. But this time around, let God lead you.

Free yourself from bitterness, I wrote here, how to let go of bitterness. Learn from your mistakes, leave the past behind, let your experiences make you grow and more matured, not drown you. The more you keep holding onto something, the more you deprive yourself of what God has in store for you. And trust me, what He has in store for you will beat your imagination.

Have you been hurt in your quest for love? Have someone you loved and trusted, back stabbed you? GET OVER IT & MOVE THE HELL ON.

As always my dear friends, I am rooting for you.

Thank you for reading. I wish you all a joyful and a fabulous week.


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