debbie corner

Hello everyone, I hope you had a memorable night.

As was announced on the blog last week, there would be a new segment on the blog: Debbie’s Corner anchored by my sister where she will have her own personal space to explore the world of writing one piece at a time.

In true fashion to keeping our words, we have the first post published on the blog today.

There is more to life.

There is more to life than just waking up to do the same routine everyday. There is more.

There is something great in you and you know it.

There is more than managing to stay alive everyday. There is a purpose for life that gives joy; that gives fulfilment.

There is a reason for your creation. There is a life better than what you live. There is a plan in God’s hands that He wants for you, it’s far more than that office you squeeze and enclose yourself in, it is far more than that house you manage to live in.

There is a life that God wants you to live that would inspire people; that would bring out the best in others.

There is more to life than just being another tenant when you can be a landlord, there is more to life than being a hardworking staff who collects stipend every month when God has destined for you to be an employer of labour.

There is more to life than buying a mudu of rice every month just to keep body and soul together when God has planned that you would feed the hungry.

Who says you can’t own your own car, own your own house. Who says you can’t run your firm or even an NGO, who says you can’t help orphans out there, who says you can’t rule your world, who says you can’t change the world.

There’s more to life than what you see, look beyond the surface, search yourself and find those potentials hidden on the inside of you.

You are born to be great, you are born to be a winner, and you are born to be successful, born to be an inspiration to others, born to be a source of empowerment to people. You are born to be more than what you are right now. WAKE UP.

Deborah Adeyanju is an aspiring medical doctor who is passionate about making a difference in the world of Medicine and life. Read her previous article here



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