Hello, everyone? How are you guys doing? How’s been the month of August? How was your weekend? I hope this post meet you guys well? Lol, don’t mind my plenty questions; I can ask questions for a living. This past weekend nothing eventful happened, I spent the whole of Saturday in my room. Sleeping, or watching TV. When I was not sleeping I was watching TV. I didn’t even step out of the house for anything except on Sunday when I went to church.

On Sunday night while browsing through my channels, I discovered that Ebony Life TV would be showing A Trip to Jamaica. I was so excited that at last, I would finally see this movie. I wasn’t able to when it hit the cinema.

Hmmm, guys, I’m sorry to say but it’s a very silly movie. This may sound very harsh but it’s just my personal and objective opinion. One would think that a movie which was the highest-grossing when it was released would at least make sense, but I’m sorry to say, A Trip to Jamaica makes no sense whatsoever.

Everyone in the movie tried too hard. The acting was forced and an overkill, no chemistry between actors, everything was just forced. In fact, at a point, I had to stop watching before my brains diminish. My brother kept asking me can someone be this stupid or local, lol. Ay overdid it honestly.

I haven’t even come to the aspect of moral lessons; the movie has no lessons whatsoever to teach us. Unfortunately, my teenage brother was also watching. There were too many obscene languages, scenes, let me just stop here before I get angry, lol.

I remember when this movie first came out at the cinema, I and my friends wanted to see it but the movie was fully booked and we ended up seeing Bovi’s It’s her day, I wrote about that HERE

I’m just thanking God we didn’t waste hard earned cash to see A Trip to Jamaica. As I was watching, I just kept imagining the type of movie I would make if I had the kind of money Ay had to do A Trip to Jamaica. Honestly speaking, resources, platforms and people are given or made available by God to us so we can make a change in society.

What is the essence of spending money, if all that came out of it was just silliness? What is the essence of having a huge platform if I can’t cause a change with it? Even if you set out to make a comedy film, let it also make sense, at least it should teach us something. God gives us platforms and resources so we can fulfill His purpose and propagate His will with it.

I have a dream that one day I would make/produce films. Films based on the Word of God. I am tired of movies telling me it is ok to have sex with someone I am not married to. I am tired of films that tell me if I don’t have sex with someone who I’m dating; then something is wrong with me. For too long we have allowed the world dictate what we should do. It seems like in a movie, you must sell premarital sex because that’s what society wants, I am TIRED.

I want to produce films that will correct these anomalies.

Enough of my rant, but honestly it pisses me off; you cannot get one series/movie that is non-Christian that premarital sex is not propagated (annoys me greatly). Is it just me that feels this way? Because I know regardless of what society tells you, NOT everyone engages in premarital sex.

Have you seen A Trip to Jamaica? If you have kindly let us know what you thought of it in the comment section. It won’t also be bad if you let us know what you did this weekend.

Thank you for reading.

PS: A Trip to Jamaica is a Nigerian movie. Ebony Life TV is an African TV Station.





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