Last week, I started the diary of a glasses wearing girl, and as I said earlier before I delve into the diary, I would give a background history on how I started wearing glasses. This post is a continuation of that story.

After school, I abandoned the glasses and totally forgot about them for the next two years. All through this period,I was using sunglasses; not for sight but to protect myself from the sun and also they are very fashionable. In fact,I never went anywhere without my sunshades, and I had the coolest ones, lol.

Anyway, two years after graduation I finally got a job with a telecom company as a call centre staff. I started the job without using glasses and you know call centre jobs must be done with computer systems. As time went on, I noticed whenever I’m working; my eyes would be dry, red and peppery.

A bosom friend of mine noticed this and advised I go for an eye checkup. Luckily for me, part of the job benefits is health insurance so I went for an eye test. The eye clinic told me I had to use glasses; I told them I already had one so they gave me new lenses and that’s how I started wearing my glasses all over again. But still, I only wore them at work, the truth is I hated glasses or rather I hated the way they made me look. You know those professional looking glasses, lol.

That began my on and off relationship with my glasses which went on for almost four (4) years. Then in 2016, I started having constant migraines, I took paracetamol (pain reliever) until I was tired. But still the headache did not go away, and then my mum suggested I visit an optometrist. The thing is, the headache was always just above my two eyes.

After eye tests and exams, the optometrist told me I would have to wear my glasses 24/7 (constantly). I guess at this time, my eye sight had gotten worse. I honestly did not like this news at all, but I had no choice.

I then told myself if I have to wear glasses constantly, I might as well get good looking ones, not the professorial ones I had been using, lol. If you see me on my old glasses eh, I looked too serious. So I got better-looking ones, and now I think I look cool (if I may say so myself).

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