Hello everyone, I hope your week has been great so far? Today I want to start a series on what it feels like to be a glasses wearing individual, experiences, people’s reaction etc. I initially did not plan to make this a series; I just wanted to write on my experiences with recommended glasses. But as I started typing and was looking over the title of this post, I just thought why not make this a diary.

I would try and make this a daily diary where I would write about experiences I have from wearing glasses. Asides that, there are challenges that come with wearing glasses and it may just help; to write about it.

I would so much appreciate it if people (male & female) who wear glasses can write their own experiences and it would be posted here on the blog. I know we have similar challenges, have heard weird things or opinions from others; so please let’s make this fun by writing in. I would be delighted to share your experiences too.

Before anything, let me first give a quick background on when and how I started wearing glasses. I first noticed something was wrong with my sight when I was in 100L (an undergrad). I discovered that during lectures, I never seem to see the board from where I sat in class. I always thought it’s because I sat at the back (when I mean back, I don’t mean the back back, lol), I hope you get the drift.

At first, I thought the easiest and most sensible solution was to move closer to the board but the issue still persisted. After almost a semester of suffering in class (because I couldn’t see the board), I knew I had to do something about it. I informed my mum who took me to the hospital to see an optometrist. On the day I was to see the doctor while waiting for my turn, an evangelist (or a Pastor) came to where I was sitting and asked me if I was a Christian. I said yes, he then asked me what I wanted to see the doctor for, I told him. He then told me that if I had faith I should know that I don’t need glasses to see well.

That Christians are not to seek for this type of solution, all I needed to do was to pray and believe and have faith. He made me feel so guilty that I came to the hospital, that I eventually left (imagine). Anyway, when the problem persisted and my mother asked if I had seen the doctor, I had to come back.

After series of eye exams and test, I was recommended to wear glasses. The doctor even told me that the issue wasn’t too serious and if I wore the glasses religiously, there would come a time I wouldn’t need it again. One would think that, since I had suffered so much I would be happy that there was finally a solution, but alas this babe was not ready to use them. In fact, I hated it. For another two (2) years I didn’t wear the glasses.

And as you would guess right, the problem got worse. Finally, in my 400L, I went back to the optometrist and this time I was told I must use them; and I did, for a time. I didn’t wear them always, except when I was in class. And after I graduated from school, I said goodbye to them.

To be continued tomorrow.

Thank you for reading. Don’t forget to share your experiences/story. If you would like to share, kindly send it as an email to

I can’t wait to hear from you.

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