It had been a week since Funmi was in the hospital and she was still unconscious, her lack of consciousness greatly worried the doctor but he refused to show it, he kept reassuring her mum, Funmi would be fine. Bayo was at her side all through, anyone who saw him, saw him as a loving and a caring husband. On the seventh day, when he had gone home to bath, Funmi opened her eyes. “Where am I? She asked her mother, “Funmi you are in the hospital”, she tried to move but felt pain then she stiffened, “shhh, don’t move baby”, her mother said.

Funmi then put a hand on her tummy, and frowned her face, “what is it dear? “Mum where’s my baby? Do you know that I’m pregnant? Her mum stiffened, “Funmi your baby is still there, ok? “Ok mum”. Her recovery was pretty fast and since she regained consciousness Funmi refused to see Bayo.

Another seven days had passed, and she was better, but she still had a nagging feeling in her, so she called the doctor, “Dr Alade, please tell me the truth, what happened to my baby”, “Funmi I don’t think you are in the right frame of mind to receive any news”, “doctor trust me I am, whatever it is; just say it”.

“I’m sorry, but you lost your pregnancy”, and then she started crying, rubbing her tummy for what would have been. Immediately Bayo got back, he sneaked into her room, knelt down beside her and was begging, “Baby it would never happen again, please forgive me I don’t know what came over me”, Funmi just started shouting, “get out from my room, somebody help me, you are a monster, get this monster out of here”, she kept on shouting and Bayo was assisted out of the room, as soon as he got out, there were police officers waiting for him. He was handcuffed and taken to the station.

One year later
Shalewa had resigned from her job to set up her own interior decorating business, and to her great surprise; just as Efosa had said, the business was really doing well. Efosa, she thought about him and shook her head, he had tried every possible means to change her mind, he had called severally but she didn’t pick neither did she return his calls, eventually he stopped, but that was a year ago and since then she hadn’t heard anything about him nor spoken to him.

Men had been coming for her hand, but she had turned every one of them down, she wasn’t interested in love or relationships, everyone felt there was something wrong with her, even Orode had gotten married and had a child. But she was content with nurturing her business and making it grow, and it was paying off, she had even won an award in her first year of business, she smiled; she suddenly realised she was happy. The relationship she had with her parents was better and they were beginning to be friends, she had gotten very active in church and was involved in the youth ministry. If anyone had told her, her life would have turned out this way, she would have doubted it greatly. She made a vow to live life to the fullest and was making the most of every day.

“Shalewa mum & dad are calling you, they are in the sitting room”, Foye who had just walked into the room said, bringing her out of her thoughts. “What are they calling me for? “Trust me I have no idea”, Foye replied. She got up and left the room, went to the sitting room and met her parents, “Shalewa sit, I & your father want to talk with you”, “I hope there’s no problem”, “of course not”, her father replied.

“Are you & Efosa still dating? Her mother asked, the question threw Shalewa by surprise, she wasn’t expecting it at all. “Mum, I haven’t spoken to Efosa in over a year”, “why? Her parents both chorused, “I broke off things with him, because Dad refused to give his consent and I can’t get married to someone you guys do not approve of”, her parents exchanged looks; they couldn’t believe it especially her father.

“Shalewa I’m so sorry, I had no idea”, her father said, “it’s ok, it’s gone now, that’s the past, I have put all that behind me, so why did you guys call me? Her parents looked at themselves again, they both wanted to say something but none was willing to be the first to speak, Shalewa looked at them both, her mother nudged her dad to speak, he pretended like he didn’t know, he even shifted, she shifted towards him again, Shalewa just sat smiling watching them like a movie, eventually her dad cleared his throat and spoke, “Shalewa we both called you because we finally wanted to give our consent for you to marry Efosa”, Shalewa couldn’t believe her ears. At first, she was shocked, later it turned to anger, “Dad it took you almost two years to say something; two years? Come on dad”, “Shalewa I am sorry, I didn’t mean to cause you pain honestly, please forgive me”, “forgive us” her mother chipped in.

“I haven’t spoken to Efosa in a year, he tried everything possible to change my mind, but I refused because of you guys, I thought you hated him”, “I didn’t, I just wanted to punish you a little for disobeying us”, “Dad, it’s almost two years, what if he has moved on? You punished me for not marrying a wife beater, I hope you both have heard what happened to Bayo? “We heard” they answered together, “or come to think of it, is that why you are giving your consent now; because Bayo turned out to be no good?

“No, no, that’s not it at all, honestly Shalewa it was just to punish you that’s why I refused to give my consent, to be sincere, I like Efosa, I noticed ever since you became friends with him, there was a certain peace about you”, “you changed”, her mother added “and when news about Bayo filtered, it was then we discovered you were right after all, but long before that I had wanted to give my approval, but I was just too proud, I had been a fool, refusing to hear anyone who had come to plead on your behalf, Shalewa I am sorry, if there’s anything I can do, to make amends I will”, her father said.

Shalewa started crying, she couldn’t believe what she was hearing, she still loved Efosa; she knew that too well but she wondered if he would take her back, not after the way I treated him.  Her mum came over to her, “Shalewa we are sorry, please call him and at least find out if he’s still interested”. Shalewa eyed her mother and said nothing. “Will you use my phone? Her father asked, he stretched his phone to her; she refused taking it, instead, she just stood and left the sitting room.

Shalewa ran up the stairs, and discovered Foye had been eavesdropping on the discussion, Foye ran after her and was consoling her, “Shalewa it’s ok, just call him”, “I should just call him; just like that after over a year of no communication, if you were in his shoes, would you listen to me? He’s not some material I can just pick and drop when I like”, “Shalewa you can never tell his reaction until you call”, and Foye picked Shalewa’s phone and started dialling Efosa’s number, and funny enough he’s number was still stored on her phone as Baby.

“Shalewa clean your eyes, the phone is ringing”, “what is wrong with you, did I ask you to call him? “Sshhhh”, Foye replied handing her the phone.


Never a day went by that Efosa did not think of Shalewa, it had been a difficult year and he was finding it hard to move on. He went several times to her office to see her, but at every occasion, he was told she wasn’t in, despite the fact that he could see her car in the parking lot. He had called severally but she wouldn’t pick, he was scared of going to her house for the sake of her father.

Tunde even tried to talk to her, but she remained adamant, the whole thing just confused him, why was she behaving like this? He thought to himself, Tunde had told him, “Guy I think you should move on, Shalewa has made up her mind”, “Tunde how can I just move on, this is someone I want to marry”, “can’t you see there’s no way here? Maybe Tunde is right, how long would I keep waiting?

He had recently met a girl; Vivian, a girl he met on a blind date; which Tunde set up. She seemed like an interesting person, and though he had been reluctant to go for the date, Tunde had prevailed on him and he went. He was really glad he went, she was beautiful, intelligent, a Christian and she also liked him. He enjoyed the date so much, he was going to set up another one, let me call her,

 “Hello? “Shalewa? “Yes, it’s me Shalewa”, “I know, I recognised your voice, what do you want? “Efosa I’m sorry, I dialled your number by mistake, sorry” Foye just kicked her, looking at her in disbelief. She was just about ending the call, “Shalewa wait, were you crying? “No, not at all” she then sat up, “I know you didn’t call me by mistake, I’m sorry I sounded harsh earlier, tell me what is it? “I’m sorry to disturb you, but I just wanted to find out if you will be free so we can see? “When do you want us to see? “When is it convenient for you? She replied, “Shalewa just tell me the day and the time”, “ok, how about today? “Today is fine what time? “It’s 10 am now, can you make it by 12 pm at The Place in Lekki? “I love The place, I will be there”, ‘thank you”, Shalewa said, “you’re welcome”, they both said their byes and ended the call.

This is me that was about calling Vivian and Shalewa showed up, let me go and see what she has to say, and then he headed to the bathroom.

“So what did he say? Foye asked, “he agreed to meet with me”, “you see I told you”, “the fact that he agreed to see me doesn’t mean anything”, “Shalewa you are too negative, come on get up and get dressed”, Foye said pulling her up.


Shalewa got to The place at exactly 12 pm and saw Efosa’s car in the parking lot. Wow, dude is here already. Now that I’m here, I’m nervous, how do I go about this? Lord, what will happen? My will will be done. Immediately she entered the restaurant, she sighted him in the far end, she began to shake; she was nervous. She got to where he was and he stood and gave her a hug, drew out the chair for her when she sat, then he took his seat and was watching her intently.

There were some minutes of silence; with both of them, taking in the presence of each other. At the exact same time, they were both going to say something, when they realised they were both speaking at the same time, they started laughing. The laughter made Shalewa calm down, and she began, “thank you for agreeing to see me”, “come off it babe, there’s no way I could have turned seeing you down, so what’s up? By the way, you look beautiful”,

Shalewa blushed, “thank you”. She then cleared her throat, ‘how have you been? “Shalewa what do you think? He said sadly, “I don’t know”, she replied, “well this one year has been pretty difficult, I won’t lie about that”, he said, “why? Is it your business? “No my business has been going on great, my clients have grown in leaps and bounds, it couldn’t have been better”, “then what is it? “Are you seriously asking me that question? After the way you broke up with me, you refused to see me, refused to pick my calls, Shalewa for crying out loud I haven’t seen you in over a year, but I see life has been good to you’, he said looking her over. You must have a very strong heart, breaking up with me just like that and cutting off communication”, he shook his head.

“Efosa I’m sorry, honestly my apologies would not be enough, I’m so sorry, you honestly deserve better”. “Congratulations on your award, you deserve it”, Efosa said cutting her off, “so you heard? “Of course, I kept tabs on you throughout”, she looked at him in surprise, “I just wanted to feel a connection to you, that’s all”, he continued.

“Are you hungry? He asked her, “very”, she replied, “Should we order? “No let me say why I called you first, is that ok? “Fine by me”, and he sat up and folded his hands.

“I don’t know how to start”, she began looking down at her hands nervously, “this morning my dad called me, apologizing for his stubbornness, and his refusal to give his consent to us”, she looked at him, but his face was expressionless, she continued, “he said he was sorry and that he has finally approved for us to get married”, Efosa was shocked but he was determined not to let it show, “I told him I broke up with you because I thought he would never approve and he said he had no idea we were no longer together”, she kept on looking at him,

“I told him we hadn’t spoken in a year and I don’t know if you had moved on, he said I should call you and find out, that’s why I called”. Efosa’s eyes narrowed as he looked at her. He was speechless, “so you called me here to find out if we can continue from where we stopped, really Shalewa, really? Am I a piece of material you can just drop and pick whenever you like? I don’t believe this”.

“Efosa I am sorry, I thought my father wouldn’t approve and I did not want to waste your time, neither did I want to get married without the full approval of my parents, I am sorry Efosa please forgive me. If you hate me, I understand, and if you are no longer interested, it’s understandable, and you are not a piece of material to be dropped and picked, you are the best person anyone could ever have in their live and if you don’t talk to me again after today, I understand, I just want you to know I will forever be indebted to you, after all, I met Christ through you, I started my business because you believed in me and gave me confidence, and see how far I’ve gone with it. God knows when I won that award, you were the first person I wanted to call, but I felt been just your friend would hurt both of us, Efosa once again I am sorry, but I just needed for you to hear this”, and she took her phone and her bag and was about leaving.

“Shalewa don’t leave, not one day passed without me thinking about you, it was difficult, yes, but I understand your decision to break up with me, the approval of one’s parent is needed before getting married, and honestly I understand that. Just today I was going to call a girl I had just met; I was about dialing her number when I saw your call, and I don’t think that’s a coincidence. It took me a while but I forgave you and Shalewa”, he said as he took her hands, “I am still in love with you, in fact, more in love with you than when I first met you, I love your heart, your soul, your love for God, the time and efforts, you spend impacting the lives of youths at your church, I love your resilience, your stubbornness, your carriage, your beauty, your grace, I love everything about you.

At this time Shalewa was already crying, he continued, “when I first got here, alighting from my car, it was then I realised I was wearing the same trouser I wore on the day you broke up with me, that day after you left I put the ring in my pocket and I told myself I would never wear this trouser again, but how I managed to wear it today is beyond me, you wouldn’t believe the ring is still right here in my pocket, so, baby, I would ask again”, he stood and knelt in front of her with the same ring in his hand, “would you marry me?

There were already cheers around, Shalewa was crying and sniffing, Yes, Yes, Yes and he put the ring on her finger, they hugged and they were both crying.

When all the excitement had died down, they ordered for food and headed straight to Shalewa’s house. Her parents were elated to see them together; Shalewa’s father shook Efosa’s hand eagerly smiling from ear to ear. While the men sat to gist, the ladies were busy in the kitchen, preparing dinner.

While at the table, Mr Adebambo turned to Efosa, “my son please forgive me for everything I did to you and for all the foul words I said to you, there’s no better man for my daughter than you”, “there’s no need for the apologies sir”, “so when is the wedding?”, Foye asked and everyone laughed.

“Sharp sharp like that? Shalewa said, “of course what are you waiting for? Her mother said. “Efosa please bring your parents here so we can choose a date”. Shalewa and her sister were giggling excitedly like children, there were abundant of hugs and everyone was admiring the ring. “Mum & Dad, I want a small wedding oh, don’t go and invite the whole of Africa”, “young woman that one is your own, this wedding must be big, it is a glorious celebration” her father answered and they all laughed.

Wedding day finally came, Efosa was already at the altar waiting for his bride, and Shalewa was resplendent in her white Vera Wang mermaid wedding dress walking down the aisle with her parents by her side. When she finally got to him, he whispered in her ear, “you’re breathtakingly beautiful, I love you”. She smiled and said, “I love you too”.

Read Part 21 HERE

I have been writing TAS for the past five (5) months and a half. Not in my wildest imagination did I think I could write a story, much less a love story as interesting as this one (if I may say so myself). When I started, I didn’t know It would be this long or the journey would be this rewarding. I knew what the end point would be, but I didn’t know the process the journey would take.

The response has been mind-blowing right from day one and I appreciate each and every one of you who have taken the time to read, comment and appreciate TAS. Your words of encouragement and delight pushed me to continue writing even when I got tired.

I wrote this story from the depths of my heart and there were times when I would be brought to tears while writing TAS. TAS pushed me, it brought to light some of my imaginations, fantasies, and experiences. I believe in myself more now, because of this series.

For a long time, I had been cooking up (in my mind) different love scenarios and TAS gave me an opportunity to pen down these scenarios.

TAS is filled with a lot of life lessons, relationship wisdom, spiritual lessons and of course common sense. I tried as much as possible to make sure each part had a lesson and I hope and pray you were able to catch it.

If you love me or you loved reading The Adventures of Shalewa then can I plead that you let me know in the comment section the lessons you learned from reading TAS, what you loved about it and what you are taking from this story. If you can, kindly share TAS with others.

God bless you, God loves you and I love you too. I pray that your lives would be enriching, impactful and that your relationships/marriages would be glorifying to God.

Thank you.

The One & Only Great Lady.


  1. Great lady….. Adventures of shalewa is a great read…. So many lessons to learn….i learnt to follow ur heart than riches and affluence…and also not to abide too much on our parents resolve about our decisions rather to continue explaining to them cos most times they don’t agree to ours because of pride.


    • Dear Patsychy, your comment gladdens my heart. I am happy you learnt a lot of lessons from TAS and you found it a great read. Thank you for reading TAS and for taking the time to share your thoughts. May all you’ve learnt from reading TAS continually enrich your life.


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