Bayo & Funmi had just come back from their honeymoon; he had taken her to three countries as he had promised her, Dubai, Seychelles and Bora Bora. They had spent one week in each country, sight-seeing, shopping, lots of adventurous activities before finally coming back to Lagos. It was one hell of a three week holiday which they both enjoyed so much. Funmi still couldn’t believe she had managed to marry Bayo; at last.

They got back to Lagos and settled into marital life, with Bayo taking over the helm of affairs at The Williams Corporation and Funmi back at her job, radiating and glowingly happy. All her friends envied her; she was living the dream, “but babe why are you back at work? One of her colleagues said to her, “I don’t understand what you mean? Funmi replied.

“Babe, you are married into one of the richest families in Lagos and you still want to drag this small job with us”, “if I were you I would mandate Bayo to build or buy a shopping mall for me, where I would have one boutique so I can have the luxury of travelling the world at the same time buying things for my shop” another one put in and they all laughed.

“I know Bayo’s family have money and in as much as I am happy about that, I still want to work and earn my own money. Don’t you know if you depend on a man for everything, he may lose respect for you? “Funmi, I don’t agree with you on that, what if it’s the husband who says you should resign and he would take care of everything, what do you say to that? Marriage is all about agreement and stereotypical thinking like this doesn’t apply for all”, another colleague put in.

“You have a point though”, Funmi said thinking, “well Bayo is not the type of man to tell me to leave work and even if he does, I would refuse”, she said flatly and the other ladies exchanged looks ending the conversation and faced their desk.


Baby, Baby, are you still awake? Bayo called out, he had just come home from work, “I’m here”, Funmi replied, he had gotten home late; again. She was getting tired of his late nights, every time she accosted him he always gave the excuse of work, she didn’t want to seem like a nagging wife moreover she didn’t want to get him angry so these days she just keeps quiet.

“Where are you? He called out again, “I am here”, she was in the second sitting room where she had dossed off watching a movie. He passed the waiting room, the first sitting room and then found her in the second sitting room. “What are doing? “I was waiting for you, but I slept off while watching one uninteresting movie”, she said as she rose, gave him a hug, loosened his tie and was about taking his briefcase upstairs when he called her back.

“Funmi sit there’s something I want to discuss with you”, “what is it, can’t it wait? Won’t you eat first? “Woman why don’t you just sit and hear what I have to say”, “ok”, and she sat down albeit she was worried. “I’ve been thinking”; “thinking about what? He looked into her eyes, “I want you to stop working”, she didn’t even let him finish, “what! What do you mean by that? “You didn’t even allow me to finish”, “look Bayo I won’t stop working, you want to keep me here as what? a piece of furniture? You must be joking”, she continued, shouting breathlessly.

“Funmi shut up and listen to me”, Bayo demanded, as he stood, hovering over her. “I will not shut up and there’s nothing you can do about it”, and before she could finish speaking, a very hot slap landed on her face, “Bayo you slapped me”, she then proceeded to hold him by his shirt, he was taller than her but with her small frame she struggled his shirt, “Funmi you are inviting trouble”, he glared at her with red shot eyes, “do your worse, after all,it’s only to beat a woman that you know”, and he slapped her again and this time the slap threw her across the room.

As she fell, he ran over to her side to check her and she stood and slapped him back, and immediately the look on his face changed, he was too shocked, she quickly regained herself picked up her phone, she was in the process of diallinga number when Bayo pounced on her. As he was beating her, he kept shouting, “you should be happy I married you, stupid woman, didn’t you feel like you had won a jackpot when you married the almighty Bayo, stupid woman, today I will teach you a lesson you will never forget’, and he beat her until he became weak, he kicked and kicked until he could no longer move his legs, he beat her until her cries and screams became quiet.


Ronke was enjoying a quiet night, watching her favourite TV show when she suddenly thought of Funmi, I haven’t even seen that girl since she got married, she thought. Let me call to find out how she’s doing, but just then her phone started ringing. She picked it up and it was Funmi calling, what an irony, to think I was just going to call her, she picked the call, “Hello babe”, but there was no response, instead she heard shouts and screams and Bayo cussing.

Immediately she began to panic but she stilled to hear exactly what Bayo was saying and figure out what was happening, OMG, he’s beating her. Immediately she got up, got her car keys, switched off the TV, raced to her car, shouted at the gateman to open the gate, “but Madamwhere you dey go this night, eh don late oh”, “will you shut up and open the gate”, “sorry ma” and he quickly did his duty.

Oh, My God, I can’t believe Bayo is a wife beater, who should I call? She said to herself, maybe I should call her mum or the police or I should get there first? And their house is far and immediately she increased her speed and drove faster. She was driving like a mad person, wasn’t even waiting for traffic lights, thank God there are no LASTMA officials at night, and the streets are empty.

She soon got to their house and decided to park outside, she knocked on the gate, and as she was entering the house, she suddenly stopped went back to the gate and asked the gateman to follow her, I need a backup, Bayo is stronger than I. Luckily the gateman followed her with no questions, “Oh My God Bayo what are you doing? Bayo was beyond shocked when he heard the voice; he turned and saw Ronke, “what are you doing here? He barked, she ignored him and ran towards her friend, she began shaking her, “Funmi Funmi but there was no response, Oh My God Bayo I hope you haven’t killed her”,  she beckoned on the gateman to help carry her, the gateman carried her on his shoulders to Ronke’s car.

They took her to Funmi’s family hospital, put her on a stretcher and took her to a room. Luckily their family doctor was around so Ronke proceeded to call him, “Dr Alade, thank God you are here, I brought Funmi”, “what is wrong with her? “Doctor just come and see her first”, he left his office to the room where Funmi was, checked her and then turned to Ronke, “what happened to her? “Sir it’s a case of domestic violence” “what! And blood just drained from his face, “Bayo beat her? “I saw him myself but Sir what’s the situation of things, will she be fine? “She’s unconscious but she will be alright, call her mother”.

Ronke left the room to call Funmi’s mum, but she didn’t tell her why Funmi was in the hospital, she just told her she was needed in the hospital but Funmi was fine.


Immediately Ronke left, Bayo sunk to the ground, hitting his hand into his palm, Oh my God, what have I done? He kept on beating his hand into his palm, what is wrong with me? I never used to be like this, but she caused it, she’s the reason I’m like this. Oh God, how the hell did Ronke get here, who brought her and why now?

Then immediately, like a bell went off in his head, he rushed to the gate and pounced on his gateman, “What is wrong with you? Why did you let that woman in here? Who brought her? He kept on asking so many questions while hitting the gateman, the gateman tried to explain himself but Bayo wouldn’t listen, instead,he continued shouting, “It is late now but first thing tomorrow morning, I want you out of my house”.

At this point, the gateman knelt and started pleading, “oga please it won’t happen again, how will I feed my family, sir please you have been nice to me, please sir where will I live again, you have been nice to me”, he continued begging, “oga the only reason I allowed Sisi Ronke in, is because she’s madam’s friend”, Bayo just hissed and continued walking to his house, the gateman followed begging and crying.


Funmi’s mother got to the hospital and met Ronke frantically pacing the hospital’s corridor, “Ronke tell me what happened to my daughter? “welcome ma, please lets’ just wait for the doctor”, the woman just jacked Ronke, “I’m asking what happened to my daughter and you are saying I should wait for the doctor”, Ronke tried to release herself from the woman’s grip, “Ma, Bayo beat her and she’s right now unconscious”, Funmi’s mum just jumped up, “eh, I knew it, I warned her but she wouldn’t listen, where the hell is that idiot of a husband?

“I think he’s still at home ma, he didn’t come with me”, “what! What sort of a man is this? I warned Funmi, but she let infatuation blind her”, “mum don’t worry, the doctor said she will be fine, please let’s sit down”, Ronke said directing the woman to a seat.

Funmi’s mum just took her phone and started calling Bayo, it rang severally but he didn’t pick. “Do you see? She said turning to Ronke, “the coward wouldn’t pick my calls, let me call his mother”, she proceeded to call his mum, who told her she would come immediately.

Finally, the doctor came and requested to see them all in his office, “doctor how is she? Funmi’s mum asked, “she suffered a broken rib, multiple lacerations, brain injury, and”, then he kept quiet, removed his glasses to wipe his face and hesitated to continue talking, “doctor whatever it is just say it”, Funmi’s mum urged, “she lost her pregnancy” he said flatly. “What? Both Ronke and Bayo’s mum said together, “She was pregnant? Her mum asked in horror, “she was”, “but why didn’t she tell me? Her mum continued, “I don’t think she knew; it was still in its early stages. Right now she’s still unconscious, let’s just pray for a miracle”.

Funmi’s mum jacked her in law, “do you see what that useless son of yours have done to my daughter, do you? You people should just pray Funmi comes out of this alive, with every part of her system working, or else, I will sue your family for what it’s worth”, Bayo’s mum didn’t know what to say, she just kept apologizing and telling her in law Funmi was going to be alright.

“Doctor please let me see her”, her mother said turning to the doctor, “you can’t see her now, she’s still in a terrible state. Tomorrow you will see her, right now I just want you to go home and rest”, “how can I go home when my daughter is in a terrible condition, I will stay here until I see her.

She turned to Ronke, Ronke please go home and rest, tomorrow you are going to work, you need your sleep”, “no ma, I will call the office tomorrow to take an excuse I’m staying here with you”.

Meanwhile, Mrs Williams proceeded to call her son, “Bayo where are you? Your wife is in the hospital and you are nowhere to be found”, “mum I will be there soon, I just want the tension to die down”, “what sort of tension are you talking about? Are you mad? His mother began to shout, “if I gave birth to you and you still have an iota of respect for me, get yourself to this hospital now”, “ok mum send me the address”.

As soon as Mrs Williams got back into the office, the doctor said, “In this hospital, issues of domestic violence are taken very seriously, Ma your son has a case to answer”, he said looking at Mrs Williams, “as soon as he gets here, he will be picked up by the police”, “Ha”, “don’t ha anything here, my daughter is the one battling for her life and your son is responsible, you better pray nothing happens to my daughter, or else I will sue your family, useless people”.

“Doctor how about we just focus on Funmi’s health now, when she’s alright then Bayo can be arrested, please”, Mrs Williams said, the doctor looked at Funmi’s mum, she shrugged, “ok, then no problem”.

Immediately Funmi’s mum sighted Bayo she began to shout, “Wife beater, shameless man, if anything happens to my daughter, you will regret the day you were born”, she was shouting so much she had to be taken away.


Immediately Efosa drove off, Shalewa ran back to the house; to her room crying, she sent him a text, “baby I am sorry for my father’s reaction”, he replied her, “it’s ok babe, no offence taken, does our date still stands? “Of course”, Shalewa replied. She wiped her eyes, smiled faintly and went down stairs to see her father.

She met her mum, “mum please help me prevail on dad, I really love him and I know in my heart, he is the one”, “your mother cannot do anything in this matter and my decision is final”, he said as he walked away. Shalewa began crying her mother came to her side, put her head on her chest and was consoling her, “don’t worry your father would come around”, she kept on saying.

Several months had passed and her father was still adamant, she had been to every living relative he respected, every friend of his she knew, practically everyone her father ever listens to, she and Efosa had prayed and fasted but he still stood his ground, “my daughter would not marry an Edo man”, was all he kept saying.


“Hello? “Baby how are you? “I’m fine, are you home? “Yes I’m home, anything the matter? Efosa asked her, “there’s no problem I just want us to talk”, Efosa heart started pounding, “are you sure there’s no problem? “I’ve told you there’s no issue”, she began to raise her voice, “ok I’m sorry”, he said and then she continued, “I will be on my way”, and the phone line went dead.

Efosa started thinking, what could be the issue? We saw just yesterday and it didn’t seem like, there was any problem, well whatever it is I will hear it soon. Not too long after, Shalewa drove into his compound, immediately he heard the sound of her car, he walked to the door to welcome her.

She came in looking as elegant as ever, in a loose fitting white top, blue jeans and light brown wedge sandals, with her Peruvian weave swept to the side and red lipstick. He looked her over, and immediately all his earlier worries disappeared, I had no reason to be worried sef, he thought as he hugged her and collected the basket in her hand.

“Baby you look beautiful”, “as always” she smiled and replied. What’s in this? He asked pointing to the basket, “I stopped by Johnny Rocket for some fries and chicken, you care for? She answered as she collected the basket back and laid the food on the dining, “See this woman; of course”, he said as he went to bring plates, and they both proceeded to dive into the food.

As they were done eating, he looked at her hand, “Shalewa where’s your ring?  She said nothing and continued clearing the table, he left the dining and followed her to the kitchen, and they washed the dishes together, he asked again but she changed the topic and they talked about something else. When they were done in the kitchen, he asked her again, and this time she tried changing the topic.

“Shalewa I noticed you are avoiding answering my question? Why are you not wearing your ring? “I think we should sit down”, Shalewa replied and they both sat in the sitting room facing each other. “That is why I wanted to see you, it’s being seven months now and my father has still refused to give his consent for us to get married, I don’t know how long this is going to continue and I think I am getting tired of begging, pleading and fighting him”. All this time Efosa just kept quiet, watching her, she continued, “In as much as I & my parents have had our disagreements, I am not going to marry anyone without their full approval and from the look of things, it seems we are not going to get it”.

“So what are you saying? Efosa asked her, “I have come to return your ring to you”, “what! “Efosa I’m sorry, but I think it’s better if we break up and go our separate ways”, “Shalewa I don’t understand you, I thought you loved me”, “I love you”, “no you don’t, so you came here to break up with me looking this good, Shalewa you are wicked, to think you even brought food”. Shalewa stood and sat on the same seat with him, she took his hands, “Efosa I really love you, and I will always do, but can’t you see this is going nowhere, how long have we been praying, fasting, begging him to change his mind, I don’t want to waste your time”.

“What do you mean by that? “I mean, what if my father never agrees, you shouldn’t waste your time with me waiting for an approval that may never come”, Efosa withdrew his hands from her, and with tears in his eyes, “Shalewa you don’t love me, if you love me you would wait, love is patient, and it suffers long and if indeed you had an assurance in your spirit that I am the one for you like you told me, you would wait”.

Shalewa just shook her head and tears started dropping little by little, “Efosa please move on, I don’t want you to keep waiting, we don’t know how long it’s going to take”, and she reached for her bag, brought out the ring box and dropped it on the table and walked out. And for the first time since he could remember, Efosa cried.

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Last week I said today’s episode would be the finale, but I’m sorry guys that would have to be next week. When I was writing, I discovered I couldn’t end it today, so watch out for the final episode next week, it would blow your mind; literally. Thank you for your patience and for reading. If you love this series (and me), kindly share on social media. God bless you.


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