I will be writing on the importance of goals. Last week we pointed out that one of the reasons why people don’t set goals is because they think goals aren’t important.

I believe we are all in agreement that goals are a major ingredient needed to be successful. If this is true then goals are as important as any step we intend to take. The following are reasons why I feel making goals is important.

1. Goals keep the mind focused. If you don’t want to lose focus and get distracted then set goals. With goals, you tend to hit your target accurately. Most people start life aimlessly through an unmapped and uncharted world, they want things just to happen by chance. This is dangerous because most times they end up not achieving anything through life. Having a focused mind is key and only goals can keep your mind focused.

2. Goals allow you to measure your level of progress. Measurement of progress is possible if only you can set goals. The person that knows where he or she is going is the one that knows if he or she is on the right track or not. Not only will you measure progress, it also guarantees speed. A driver who knows the route to where he/she is going moves faster compared to the one who does not.

3. Goals give you motivation. I remember setting my goals for 2017, every day Ilook at it and each time I do, I am actually motivated to pursue my dreams. If goals are the air needed for success, then it is also the motivation we need to pursue our dreams.

Set those goals today, it could be you want to lose weight, you want to make more money, you want to go back to school, etc. Be true and faithful to it, then you will realise how magical it is. Goals are important for you to be successful. Until next time, list those areas of your life that need a change, set goals towards it and take action (no matter how little) and you will be surprised at the level of success you will command.

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This article was written by my good friend Onesimus John, the CEO of LETSON enterprise. A man who believes in the power of purpose, vision and in the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. He can be reached on Facebook HERE


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