Yesterday, I was watching an episode of She’s in Charge; a programme on TLC where POOH (the Host) knocks common sense into you humorously. On this particular episode, a lady called POOH to rescue her friend who treats her dog like a human being and eats dog food. This friend practically turned her house into a dog’s house, doesn’t hang out with human beings (if she must, she takes her dog along with her), wakes up every 2hours at night to feed her dog. Jeez, at first I thought she was crazy. Later, I started feeling sorry for her; because I felt she was lonely and she had been disappointed or betrayed by humans.

This morning I was watching an episode of How do I Look? (you can tell I love watching TV) A makeover show on E! On this particular episode, the lady who needed a makeover dresses like a prostitute despite having nine (9) kids. She can wear bikini irrespective of the place or event. Her kids hate the way their mum dressed and all efforts to make her change proved abortive so they brought her to the show. When I first started watching the episode, initially I was angry I kept thinking of what kind of mother dresses this way? But as the show progressed and I continued watching, I became less angry and was rather sympathetic to the lady. She told the Host that largely, she loves the attention she gets when people look at her and then it occurred to me that she’s suffering from a low self-esteem and attention deficiency.

For the purpose of this article, I would define attention deficiency is a situation where someone does anything just for the purpose of receiving attention.

Some ladies because they can’t get love at home or with themselves, they turn to men; who unfortunately recognise their battered self-esteem, use them, batter them the more and then dump them.

The irony is, these two stories are about women. Why is it that women are the most affected by self-esteem and attention deficiency? I have once been affected by a low self-esteem, that I forced myself on guys who cared little or nothing about me but until I learned to love myself the cycle continued. But I couldn’t get to the point of loving myself until I first repaired my relationship with God and began doing things that made me proud of who I am.

Putting these two stories together one thing struck me, a lot of people are seeking for attention; seeking is a small word, I will say they are crying for attention. And they exhibit these wants in different ways, and will just about do anything to express this cry. Man (men or women), animals or things can NEVER give you, “needed” attention; only a relationship with God can fill the void in our lives.

Ladies no man can give you the attention you so crave, no matter what you do to keep him if you don’t love yourself enough no one will. Don’t let a bad relationship turn you into a monster, a wreck or a shadow of who you are.

You are precious, you are loved, you are beautiful and uniquely fabulous. Heaven deposited the best of gifts in you and you mustn’t dare look down on yourself.

This age of social media has made a lot of us to seek validation from strangers, and sometimes we do the utmost to get it. Please you don’t need the validation of social media to survive. You have got to love yourself and be comfortable in your own skin. Don’t live life for the public, you are more than that.

Please if you’ve got an issue with your self-esteem, steer clear of relationships (especially with the opposite sex), fix your relationship with God, do things that you love, things that make you proud of yourself. If you love to write; then write. Just do things that will make you proud. Keep saying to yourself how fabulous and unique you are.

When you begin to love yourself, you will attract great things, you will attract great people, you will do great things and people who will move Heaven and Earth just to be with you.
I’m rooting for you.

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