Every human success was first visualised before they became realities. They are not discovered accidentally but because people set goals.

A goal is an objective or purpose, it is more than a dream. It’s a dream been act upon which is clearly stated.

Watch out intensely, check out successful people, they all have one common belt around their waist of success; they are all goal oriented. They know what they want and are focused on achieving it, come rain, come shine.

A Goal is that positive energy or oil needed for you to ride smoothly and with focus as well. Without goals, you simply become a drifter that is to say your movement is like someone with no sense of direction, I often call such people ABF (Anywhere “Belle” Face).

Brian Tracy has this to say one of the rules for success is this; It doesn’t matter where you are coming from, all that matters is where you’re going. And where you’re going is solely determined by yourself and your thoughts.

If goals are so important, the question now is Why do only a few people set goals?. Only a few people have a clear, written, measurable, time-bounded goals (note: these are essentials of a goal) that they work towards each day.

     There are four reasons why people don’t set goals:
1. They think goals aren’t important.
2. They don’t know how.
3. They have the fear of failure.
4. They have the fear of rejection.
  (these will be considered extensively as topics in my next post).

In conclusion, goals are essential to success as air is to life. No one lives without air as no one ever achieves success without goals.

This article was written by my good friend Onesimus John, the CEO of LETSON enterprise. A man who believes in the power of purpose, vision and in the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. He can be reached on Facebook HERE

Photo Credit: lifehacker.com


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