Are you always hungry? Are you always looking for something to eat? Are you always bored and food is the next great option? Well, if yes is the answer to any of these questions; this post is for you.If you are always hungry or always looking for something to eat, regardless of whether you are hungry or not; it is a sign that you are performing below your capacity. Your spirit is saying to you, I AM MADE FOR SO MUCH MORE.

There’s a yearning in your spirit, that you’ve made a lot of efforts to fill, a restlessness in you,  but instead of it going away, it has taken a new form; HUNGER.

Unfortunately, this type of hunger doesn’t go away, you eat all the snacks and junk food you can find, you spend money buying stuff you ordinarily wouldn’t buy, you search the whole house every time you are idle looking for food to eat, yet you are still not satisfied.

For your information, Food CANNOT fill this hunger, only purpose can. Man CANNOT fill this hunger, only purpose can, Sex CANNOT fill this hunger, ONLY PURPOSE can.

You are made for so much more than this. This hunger tells me, you have been blessed with so many potentials but because you are UNDERPERFORMING, you are hungry.

Dear reader are you hungry? Look within yourself, what have you been called to do? Are you walking in it? Are you walking in purpose? Are you optimising every stream of potential you’ve been blessed with? The truth is until you optimise every stream of potential you have, you will FOREVER remain hungry.

How do you discover your purpose? Talk to the one who made you, the Maker of Heaven and Earth, He will reveal to you what your purpose is. He will put it in your heart what you are supposed to be doing. Don’t waste your time chasing shadows.

Get up and do something about your potentials today, don’t let it/them waste. I’m rooting for you.


4 thoughts on “ARE YOU HUNGRY?

  1. Hmmm……. Great lady, this particular post is for me. I fill under utilised where I currently work because it's not even what I'm supposed to be doing. I need to pick up my pen&start working on those ideas I got.

    Thanks for the re awakening.



  2. For the past one to two week nows I've had that hunger for something, anything at all. I might not be hungry per say but I'm hungry (I don't know if you understand). Like you said we should ask our creator, this is what I've been doing for sometime now and it seems like I never get any response or rather what I get are way to big right now for me to accomplish. I know I'm made for more than this and I want to actually do more than this but I really don't know how.
    This afternoon before I slept this is exactly what I was telling myself, “Madam you can do more than this, you are better than where you at right now”. I really believe this but it has got to take more than believing


  3. I clearly understand what you mean. You know what I have always believed if your dreams are not bigger than you; then it is not from God. You must have dreams, but like you said; it takes much more than dreams. That is why you must take baby steps now. A little step every day will get you to your goal. Do you want to own a business, taking little steps could mean, registering the business name or registering your company, getting the required skills to run & manage it, writing a business plan, researching on the business, training etc. Don't just hope and dream, take baby steps.


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