Always trusts your instincts; especially if you are a child of God. Nothing bad will ever happen to you, without a warning from the Holy Spirit. When you meet someone new that you are not supposed to be with, there’s this unrest you feel in your spirit. Whenever you talk with that person, think about the person or see the fellow your spirit is troubled, take heed to it and don’t throw it away.

I always tell people that God will not allow you to marry/be with someone who will treat you wrongly. If you are sensitive, you will discover you have no peace, he will show you signs explicitly that this is the wrong person.Also, you will notice anomalies in their character. Don’t be fooled by feelings or infatuations, if people show you who they really are, make no excuses for them; that is who they are. Sometimes also, God will allow someone to mess up just so you can see the light.

Recently, I was chatting with someone on Instagram and the person was very impatient and inconsiderate to my feelings. If I marry someone like that now and he starts beating me, I will be saying but he was once a gentleman, madam no you refused to take into consideration his impatience.

The bible says Love is patient if someone truly loves you he/she will treat you with patience, be considerate to how you feel and respect your opinions.

No matter how someone pretends there will always be subtle signs as to who they are, don’t ignore it. If these are things you can live with, by all means,go ahead but if you are sure they are things you CANNOT live with, then withdraw.The steps of the Righteous are ordered by the Lord, He will not lead you into a wrong path.

I will say it again; always trust your instincts.


  1. This can never be over emphasized.
    But sometimes I find it hard differentiating my own voice and that of God.


  2. For you to clearly differentiate between your voice and that of God, you must constantly feed your spirit. Feed daily on the Word of God, pray, speak in tongues; all these will train your spirit man. Another thing is, what is the voice saying? The voice of God will always speak the Word of God. Cross check on what the voice is saying and align it with the Word of God. If it is contrary to the Word of God, then that is definitely not God speaking. In addition, God sometimes speaks to us through our conscience. In summary, if you train your spirit well by feeding it; hearing God would not be an issue.


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