It had been days since Roshana and Bayo had gone out on a date and she couldn’t be happier. While they were out at Ember Creek, someone had taken photos of them secretly and the photos were published on Linda Ikeji’s blog; with the sensational headline: LAGOS MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELOR IN HOT ROMANCE WITH TV NEW GIRL.

Bayo was livid, he wondered how the photographs were taken and she couldn’t understand why he was so angry. She, on the other hand, was happy the photos leaked; at least even if he didn’t intend to be serious with her now the media would force him to.

Ever since the photos were published, her phone had been ringing non-stop, from gossip bloggers who wanted an exclusive, friends who envied her and family members who were elated things were finally looking up between her and Bayo.

“Do all you can to hold him well”, her mother had told her. “Mum you don’t have to tell me, Bayo ain’t going anywhere”. One part of her was extremely happy, the other part was apprehensive. Ever since the photos were published, Bayo had slowly started to be his old self.

She had after their date expected him to be calling her non-stop but so far, she was the one calling him and his responses were always short and straight to the point. Maybe she had misread him but at their date, he had taken her hand in his, looked straight into her eyes and told her, “Roshana I think I love you. I’m sorry for all the stress I put you through”.

Maybe she should have asked him outrightly what he wanted from her, one of her colleague in the office had told her, “When a man meets a woman, he always wants something”.

She had called him non-stop throughout the night, but he didn’t pick his calls. She was so worried; she thought maybe something had happened to him so she called his friend, Emeka. “Emeka I have been calling Bayo all to no avail but he didn’t pick any of his calls, is something wrong with him? “Roshana why don’t you sleep, cos it’s obvious Bayo is doing the same, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with him, do you hear me?

Roshana was angry, so she ended the call and kept calling Bayo until his phone was eventually switched off. The first thing the next morning, just before she went for her shift, she called him again and this time around he picked, “Bayo”, “Yes”, “Is that how you should answer me, I have been calling your lines all through yesterday but you didn’t pick, why?

“Roshana shouldn’t you have been sleeping at that time? Don’t you think I was sleeping at the time? “Even if you were sleeping, didn’t you see my missed calls when you woke up and moreover, your phone was switched off after a while”, “Roshana I switched off the phone because I felt the caller wouldn’t let me rest”. “Bayo why are you treating me like this”? And she started crying.

Oh God, I can’t deal with this now? Bayo thought. “Roshana it’s not like that, ok I’m sorry. Can you stop crying”? Roshana continued crying. “Ok, Roshana let’s see today, after work”. “Bayo that’s exactly what you said last week, but you cancelled at the last minute”, “but you have to understand I’m busy in the office”.

That was their last conversation yesterday, and as usual, he cancelled again. She was supposed to be in the office but she had begged her colleague who off to cover in for her.

“Guy why you no pick Roshana’s calls now, she called me last night. She was afraid something had happened to you. You know that babe loves you, why you dey behave anyhow? Emeka said to Bayo when they saw the next day. “Roshana is a pest”, Emeka looked at him with a shocked expression on his face. “Yes she’s a pest, she’s always calling me every day non-stop, ever since the date we had at Ember Creek and ever since our photos were leaked to the public she just had this feeling we are dating”.

“But she has every reason to, guy you led her on”, “but how? By taking her out? Come on, she should be more intelligent than that. Simply because a guy takes you out, does not mean he likes you and wants a relationship with you, honestly she’s too needy. Anyone who sees her would think she’s a secured, intelligent woman; that’s why I like Shalewa. Shalewa is beautiful, intelligent and a woman of her own mind, I like her”.

“Bayo I think the problem is, you are comparing Shalewa to Roshana, they are two different people. They both have their different strengths and weakness. By the way, do you really love these women or just what they represent?

“Emeka look at me” and Bayo stood to really show himself. “I’m handsome, rich, and good-natured; I’m every woman’s dream. I represent a certain class so my woman must be beautiful enough to be an arm candy or of the same pedigree with me. For crying out loud I am Lagos Most eligible bachelor, everyone is anxious to see who I end up with, I can’t afford to fall hand”.

“So you don’t love any of them? “Who cares about love? Look guy”, Bayo said tapping Emeka, “I just want a wife, a woman who can cook, who is beautiful, and sexy”, “basically you just want a trophy wife,” Emeka said cutting him short. “Well if you put it like that”, Bayo replied with a nonchalant look on his face. “It’s a pity, Roshana really loves you and she doesn’t deserve to be treated this way, as for Shalewa, you can’t even handle that one and she knows what is good for her; of which she knows you aren’t”.

“That’s Shalewa’s business, I just want to marry, if one door closes another one will open”, and he busted out laughing. “So since you don’t like Roshana and she’s on your neck and the whole of Lagos feels you guys are dating, what are you going to do about her? “Emeka are you seriously asking that question, this is me oh Bayo. I can handle her don’t worry about that”.

Emeka just shook his head and faced his work.

“Bayo are we still seeing today” Roshana called Bayo for the umpteenth time that day. “Roshana but you know I have work to do”, “I know that, when I asked that question, I meant when you closed from work”, “ok I will think about it”. “You will think about a date that we’re supposed to have today? Bayo were you not the one that postponed our date? “Roshana I will call you later, okay? Bye for now”.

Roshana started crying, why is Bayo behaving like this? She had already dreamt about the life she would have with Bayo but he was behaving like a douchebag. Her friends thought she was with Bayo and she decided to keep it that way, no matter what He does, he has no choice. He must be mine she said to herself.

Back at Shalewa’s room

Efosa rushed to Shalewa’s side as she lay on the floor. “Shalewa what have you done? He said as he saw the empty bottle of Sniper beside her and the suicide note he picked it up and put it in his pocket. “Shalewa did you drink it”?  He said shaking her, “I didn’t ok, I didn’t”, though I wanted to”, she shouted.

“It’s ok Shalewa, I have to take you away from here now”, he said as he began dialling a number on his phone, after few minutes of conversing on his phone, he carried her in his arms. “I can’t follow you anywhere”, she protested, “you will and you must”. This time he was almost at the door. He carried her all the way downstairs.

He met the sitting room empty; he pushed the sitting room door open with his side and was heading straight to his car. “Oga where you dey carry her go”? The gate man asked him, more out of curiosity than concern. Efosa just ignored him and headed for his car.

He got to his car, and Tunde hurriedly got out and opened the back seat and Efosa laid Shalewa there, Tunde then got into the driver’s seat and Efosa sat beside him, “Dude I don’t know where to take her”? Efosa said to Tunde. “Take her to your place maybe for this night, then tomorrow take her to Orode’s place, but have you thought about her parents?

“Not yet, but let’s get her stable first”, Efosa said as he turned back to look at Shalewa who was lying crumpled at the back. “Efosa”! Tunde said tapping him, she will be fine. The God that made you meet her before it was late, will watch over her, let’s go”.

As Tunde began driving, Efosa’s mind was in turmoil, why will Shalewa want to kill herself, why? Why? Thank you, Lord I got there on time. What if I hadn’t gotten there early enough, will Shalewa had killed herself? He kept asking questions he couldn’t answer, he turned and realised Shalewa was sleeping. Thank God.

Shalewa’s parents got back immediately Efosa left and the gateman hurriedly went to them after opening the gate, “Oga one man come here come carry Aunty Shalewa, I asked him where he dey carry her go, he no answer me”. Shalewa’s parents then exchanged looks.

“Stanley, was it Bayo”? Shalewa’s dad asked, “No be Bayo sir”, “ok you can go”. Shalewa’s father dismissed him. “Sarah”! Mr Adebambo called out, when they entered the sitting room, “Sir”, she answered. “Sarah who came to the house while we were away”? “Sir na Aunty Shalewa’s friend, he said he wanted to see her so I directed him to her room”, “are you mad? How can you direct a stranger to Shalewa’s room? Mrs Adebambo said.

“I’m sorry ma, but Oga said I shouldn’t go to Aunty Shalewa’s room again, so I directed the friend to her room”. “What is the name of this her friend? Mr Adebambo asked, “Sir I forgot to ask his name”, and unexpectedly Mrs Adebambo gave Sarah a very hot slap. “Don’t you see how stupid you are, you let a stranger into our home, and into our daughter’s room and now she has been kidnapped”, Mrs Adebambo said angrily.

Sarah’s eyes widened in surprise, “Ma the man wey come here no fit kidnap Aunty Shalewa oh”, “you must be mad, if you don’t get out of this place now, I will deal with you”, and Sarah hurriedly left the place.

Shalewa’s parents began calling all her lines, but they were switched off, they checked her room and met it empty, and they began panicking. Her father called his friends and neighbours and soon enough the house was full. Everyone that came was blaming the gateman and Sarah; in all of the confusion the police was called.

The police came and took statements and told the Adebambo’s to calm down and be at peace and wait for the “kidnappers” to establish communication.

That night, no one in the Adebambo’s household could sleep, everyone was apprehensive. Her Father kept muttering, “She may be a stubborn child but I still want her alive and well”.

Meanwhile, her mum had called all the pastors and the prophets she knew, and they soon stormed the house; going into intense vigil and anointing Shalewa’s things with oil. The prophets all prayed till daybreak, but maybe they forgot or they did not “see” well to know Shalewa was not kidnapped.

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  1. I really like this episode…..
    This Roshana girl can just to cry abeg….
    The part of the prophets, made me laugh real well


  2. Please free Roshana abeg, the girl is in love, LMAO. When I wrote about the prophets my intention was for it to be funny; I am happy it made you laugh. Thank you for loving this episode and for sharing your thoughts.


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