Hello, everyone? I hope your week has been splendid so far? As some of you may know (i.e. if you have been following the hallelujah challenge) that yesterday the 28th of June was the Night of Festival, A Feast and a Fiesta.

Ever since Pastor Nathaniel had been announcing the Hallelujah Festival, I kept asking myself how I was going to be a part of it. I honestly wished I could go to Lagos to attend the event, but since I couldn’t I was still wondering how I would be a part of it.

It wasn’t until yesterday morning when I & my sister (bless her) were talking and she suggested I go for the live streaming in Abuja. I was kinda reluctant to go for the Live streaming, but my spirit said to me, “if you can fly to Lagos for the event, why don’t you go for the Live streaming in Abuja, which is easier? Then I thought, why not. My case is just like Naaman, that was told go and wash & dude was complaining, he preferred to do a more difficult thing.

Anyway, I decided I was going to go and when I closed from work, I told my parents and proceeded to pack my bag. I decided on a school bag so it would contain all the things I wanted to carry. I took my mum’s tambourine, a jeans jacket (for cold), purse (of course), and my phones.

The live streaming was taking place in RCCG Jesus House, Silverbird Galleria, and I got there at 7 pm. I got to the cinema hall that would be used for the event and the place was empty, so I then decided to take a tour of the Galleria (even though I have been there several times before).

My first point of call was Shoprite, I needed to buy a journal. Remember Pastor Nath had told everyone to have a journal where you write your requests. At first, I didn’t see the essence of the journal, but now I do. If you write down prayer requests (with dates) and record when God answered, it will be easier for you to be grateful. There are sometimes it seems heaven doesn’t hear your prayers or you forget the things God has done before, but if you keep a record of all the requests God has answered in time past, you will remember the Faithfulness of God.

Unfortunately, Shoprite did not have great options of journals to choose from, and I had a hard time picking one. Anyway, I got my journal and continued my tour. My next point of call was for Ice Cream, I have been craving Ice Creams for a while now, so I went to get one. Funny enough before I had the Ice Cream, I wasn’t hungry and I planned not to buy any food, but immediately I finished the Ice Cream, hunger appeared in full force from nowhere.

That’s how I rushed back to Shoprite for some food; Fried Rice, Fries and Chicken. The food now even became too much, lol; but I ate my thing well. Unfortunately for me, I took so long a time to tour and eat that by the time I went back to the hall, it was filled to capacity. There were no more seats! You guys needed to see the shock on my face, I was surprised. Even the branded T-shirts on sale were almost out stock (especially in my size).

The ushers were directing me somewhere else (furthermost back), but I refused (cos I wanted to seat in front); I told them, let me look for a seat myself first if I don’t get, then fine. As God would have it, I found a seat in a choice location in front (this is why you shouldn’t give up).

After I had secured a seat, I then went back outside to buy a shirt, and luckily for me, I was able to get my size (yayyyyyyy).


Now to the event, it was slated for 10 pm but we weren’t able to connect until about 11 pm but I had a splendid time despite the fact that network kept interrupting especially towards the end. I’ve never been so excited, never jumped, the way I did last night. It was also mind-blowing, to see the number of people who turned up yesterday, the crowd was something else. When I saw the number of people that came, I know that there’s hope for God/Christianity in Nigeria. There’s much hunger for Christ in the land and I’m happy that a man answered the call to obey.

We officially finished the event at 1 am, but as usual, there was an after party, where I got to see another side of Pastor Nath. He is so funny, honestly, I was surprised. You know listening to his music, one would think he will be a very serious/boring person (I’m not saying his music is boring oh, he just seems like someone who would be quiet) but dude is jovial and he used the opportunity to introduce and “yab” his friends, lol.

When he saw that people were refusing to leave, he decided to stop talking and bade us goodnight, so officially everything ended at 2 am. I then slept at 2:30 am right there in the cinema, using my bag as a pillow and woke up 5:26 am. When I woke up I was shocked it was already 5, I quickly jumped and proceeded to leave. When I got outside the Galleria I was shocked to see it was still kinda dark and there were no cabs.

As God would have it, he sent an Angel in the form of a lady who graciously dropped me at the park free of charge, where I boarded a bus back home.

Did I tell you guys that someone stole a phone at the event? Imagine under that type of anointing, someone came to steal. Well, needless to say, the thief was caught; Hallelujah.

The Hallelujah Challenge has been an awesome and a sweet time in God’s presence and I am forever grateful to God for the opportunity and the privilege to Worship Him. But it’s not over yet, tonight is the last day and our people say that na bottom soup dey sweet pass. All you have to do is follow Nathaniel Bassey on Instagram @nathanielblow and connect to the live video at 12 am.

May God bless Nathaniel Bassey, his team, Bless RCCG Jesus House for live streaming the event and may God bless you and Bless Nigeria.

Did you attend the Festival of Praise? Or were you at any of the live streaming centres? If you fit into any of these categories, kindly share what went down at your place.

Thank you for reading.


  1. How will you come for such a program and come and steal…..soe people eh
    Anyway, that night where we did ours, it was wonderful .
    We pray of more of such and even greater programs to the Glory of God


  2. My sister stealing during that type of programme beats my imagination. Anyway, even in the bible when the Sons of God gathered before God; even the devil came among them.
    To your prayer, I say a very big Amen. Thank you for reading & sharing your thoughts.


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