Efosa had had a really frustrating day, the scheduled appointments he had with clients were either not successful or were cancelled last minute. Tunde had borrowed his car earlier in the day and he had to go around Lagos with a Cab. He didn’t mind it actually; at least he was free from the stress of driving that day and he needed to rest. He used the opportunity to get some work done while in traffic, so the cab day wasn’t that bad. Or so he thought, until…

“Drive small small na, abi do you want to kill me eh”, Efosa said to the driver “oga no be today I start to drive abi you wan teach me my job?” The driver replied him. Efosa’s anger was beginning to rise. Just when he thought cab day wasn’t so bad, he had fallen into the hands of this driver who was driving very ruthlessly.

“Driver I said drive gently or you drop me and I wouldn’t pay you”, “oga who you be, I go park this car now and you must pay me”, the driver just hissed. All these children who think they can talk to people anyhow, he then shook his head.

Efosa was just praying Lord just help me get home safely; deliver me from this ruthless guy peacefully.  They got to a bump and instead of oga driver to slow down, with full speed he bounced right into the gallop and both Efosa and the papers he was holding bounced up in the air with the papers flying everywhere.

“What the hell is wrong with you? Didn’t I tell you to slow down, stop this car right now!” “Oga if I stop here you must still pay me my money oh, na because of this small thing you dey shout for me like this? Abeg calm down oh”. “Driver if you don’t stop this car you I will get you arrested”, “oya sorry sir, we go soon reach where you dey go”. The driver then slowed down.

Efosa just hissed he was seriously angry; maybe I shouldn’t have given Tunde my car, why is my day just going bad from to worse. Clients I thought would do business today were not forthcoming, Lord what is happening?

Then suddenly he remembered Shalewa and his heart started beating very fast, so fast he felt his heart would jump right out of his chest. Why did he feel such a burden for her, I hope all is well with her.

“Sir, are you talking to me?” Efosa didn’t even answer him. I think I should go to her house and check her, but I still saw her two days ago why this sudden burden to visit her. I will get home first, drop my things then go check her. I can’t risk my life with this driver.  But then his heart started beating more seriously than ever before.

Lord, what will you have me do? Efosa tell the driver to turn the car around and go to Shalewa’s house. The Lord said to him. “Driver I’m not going to Lekki again, turn around we are going to No 180 Bamgbose Street Lagos Island”, “ha oga your money has tripled oh”, “don’t worry about the money; just don’t drive carelessly”, “yes sir”.

He started calling her, but it wasn’t connecting. He tried again this time it rang, thank God but unfortunately, she wasn’t picking. He called all her lines severally but there was no answer. He started getting afraid, Lord what is happening? He called her friend Orode and she picked on the first ring, “Hello? “Orode what’s up its Efosa”, “Oh hi Efosa I’m doing great, to what do I owe the pleasure of your call”; “Orode have you spoken with Shalewa today? “No I haven’t, why? “I just feel this sudden urge to see her and I’ve been calling her but she isn’t picking”, “which is very unlike her” Orode added, “exactly, which is why I am worried. Anyway, I am on my way to her house now, when I get there I will let you know the situation of things”, “ok dear I will call her too, but I’m sure it’s nothing to be worried about, Shalewa is fine”. “If you say so, bye for now” and with that, he ended the call.

See she will be fine, he thought to himself, but then the tightness in his chest felt heavier. To calm himself, he began to listen to music on his phone but unfortunately, he still wasn’t calm, he turned off the music and asked the driver to turn on the radio. When the radio came up, he suddenly started sweating; Lord I don’t know what’s going on with Shalewa but please make her alright.

He checked the time; it was 8 pm, still an early day. He started thinking about Shalewa, I have loved her from the first day I set my eyes on her, she has a great personality, very loving, intelligent and beautiful. But her lack of faith started making Efosa change his mind about her, he had made up his mind to just make her a friend and nothing more so he was surprised with this sudden burden to see her “Oga we don reach oh”, the driver said bringing him out of his thoughts. Ha, thank God, at last. He quickly paid for the fare and jumped out of the vehicle.

He raced to her gate and started knocking ferociously. “Who be that? The gateman angrily shouted, “I’m a friend of Shalewa, I’m here to see her”, “Oh Oga Bayo I dey come”. The gateman with a smile spread across his face, quickly rushed to the gate, his smile soon disappeared the same way it came. “Eh, how can I help you, shey you say you be Shalewa friend, how come I no know you? “I have been here before but I didn’t enter the house, please I need to see Shalewa now”, “what is your name? “My name is Efosa”. He replied with all the calmness he could manage.

The gateman looked him over, trying to figure out who he is. “Please I need to see Shalewa now, it is urgent”. The gateman finally opened the gate, Efosa ran up the steps and strangely the door was open. He got in and met no one in the sitting room. He went back out, closed the door and this time around he knocked. A dark little lady came to answer the door, he looked her over; with her dressing, this must be the help.

“Good evening sir, how may I help you? “Good evening my name is Efosa and I am here to see Shalewa, is she in? “Yes she’s around, come in”. She opened the door, and he entered the sitting room. “Please, can I see her, its very urgent? “Of course, I would have called her for you but I’m not allowed to talk to her, so I will just direct you to her room. Take the stairs, the first room by your left is hers; just knock on the door”.

“Thank you so much”, he was about racing the stairs when he suddenly turned back, “please where are her parents, are they home? So I can greet them. “No Mr & Mrs Adebambo just went out; I do not think they will be out long”. “Ok what about Foye? “She’s in school sir”. “Ok thank you”.

Back at Shalewa’s room

As Shalewa was staring at the milky liquid in her hands, she started crying. She had thought about committing suicide for a while now and beside her was a suicide note, it read,

 Dear Mum & Dad, all my life I have obeyed every instruction you gave me but right now I can no longer continue like this, I thought I could fight this battle but right now I give up, you have won, you should pat yourself on the back for finally breaking me. I cannot marry Bayo, I just know I cannot. I do not love him and life with him would be miserable, but it’s so unfortunate that you do not understand. I had always thought that you loved me, but you have made it clear to me how I’m just a piece of material to be exchanged. I’m ending my life because I cannot do what you ask of me, and it breaks my heart to make you two disappointed, but it is better I go so you two can finally have peace.

Dear Foye, you are the only reason why I haven’t done this a long time ago, I always wonder how you will go on without me, but please don’t let this action of mine deter you from making something out of life. Make sure your dreams and aspirations do not die, pursue it with all that you’ve got. I don’t have a lot of friends but having had you in my life was enough. I love you so much; but please you have to forgive me, and lastly, Foye, please tell Efosa I love him, bye.

She smelled the liquid, it smells awful, but Google said it is very effective for killing. As she took the liquid up to her mouth, her phone started ringing; she hissed and wanted to ignore it when it continued ringing nonstop. She put the liquid down and took up her phone it was Efosa. She started crying, Efosa was easy to love, she liked him, in fact, everything about him; even though she hadn’t known him long. But he was sweet, thoughtful and kind. The only thing she found weird was his love for Christ, how can a fine man like that be a spiricoco.

She began crying again, even though she liked him she knew her parents would object to the union, he is Edo and mum has made it clear I’m to marry only a Yoruba guy. Even if I do not kill myself I still won’t be able to be with him, there’s no point and she started crying again. She took the liquid again and just then she heard a whisper, Shalewa don’t do this. She turned around, the voice was so clear and sharp it sounded like the person who spoke was around her. She looked around but saw no one. It’s not worth it; she turned around again but saw no one.

“Who the hell are you? She screamed with every strength she could muster, no one answered. Shalewa I have a plan for you, don’t do this. She hissed, “What plan eh, what plan?” I have made you for so much more, trust me, she heard that voice again; the still small voice. She started crying again, she took the liquid again and was looking at it, but just then her phone started ringing again, it was Efosa. She angrily threw the liquid away and started crying.

With a sudden jerk like something was pushing her, a sudden strength and force, she heard a voice, you better pick that bottle  and drink the contents, you will die peacefully without pain and nobody would even miss you, Shalewa drink it. You’re worthless and without value, all your parents want you for is just money, can’t you see they don’t love you? The voice said impatiently. But I love you Shalewa and I died on the cross of Calvary for your sake the still small voice said again.

So it is God that has been speaking to me since, so God you exist? She shouted, I have asked you for years to reveal yourself to me but you never responded, why now? Why now? She thundered. I will never leave you nor forsake you, I have never left and will never leave, the still small voice said.

She hissed, picked up the liquid again and was just about pouring it in her throat, when suddenly

“Shalewa, Shalewa open the door, I know you are in there”, she recognised the voice immediately, it was Efosa. She stilled thinking he would leave, but he continued knocking. Efosa knew the time was short because the tightness in his chest was threatening to choke him, he broke open the door, looked round the room he didn’t see her, he then entered the bathroom and met Shalewa on the floor.

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  1. Wow! This episode kept me at the edge of the chair. Shalewa will be fine, thanks to the Holy Spirit.

    Well done great lady.



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