Howdy, everyone? I hope your weekend was as splendid as mine? I had a memorable weekend, but before I begin to make you guys jealous, let me delve into the reason for today’s post. If you have not been living under a rock(like my sister) then you should have seen/heard/known about Isoken; the Movie.I can’t remember exactly when I first saw the promo shots for Isoken I think it was last year or thereabout. Anyway, when I saw the shots though they were beautiful I didn’t pay much attention to it. I didn’t even know it was for a movie, I thought the shots were for a play.

Well all that changed, when I watched the trailer on BN and honestly I was blown away. It was funny, especially that scene when a woman was speaking in tongues because her niece was bringing an oyinbo(foreign man) home. I made a mental note to watch it when it’s showing in the Cinema. As at then, it was still several months before it starts showing in the Cinema, and I was seriously counting down.

Finally, the movie opened in the Nigerian cinema and I was super excited. I practically dragged a friend of mine so we could watch it together. He was complaining of how he doesn’t watch Nigerian movies at the cinema, blah blah blah, but I said this one oh you must watch it.

Off we went to Silverbird Cinema at Jabi Lake Mall yesterday being the 17th. To digress a little, if you live in Abuja and you haven’t been to Jabi Lake then I wonder where you go. The lake is a beautiful place to visit. Yesterday as I was staring at the lake, I saw the beauty and the wonder of God.


Back to my story, we got to the cinema rather early and that’s how our tour of the place began. My friend was hungry so we walked into an eatery (located inside the mall). There were different arrays of food and one stood out. It looked like Jollof Rice and it was really looking good. The waiter asked what we wanted to eat and I just pointed to that Rice. Thank God I asked the waiter how much it cost before letting her serve us.

You guys wouldn’t believe what I’m about to type. The Waiter said a spoon of that rice cost One Thousand Naira(1k). I thought I didn’t hear well and she repeated herself that a spoon cost N1,000. My friend asked her what sort of rice was that and she said its Caribbean Rice(LMAO), and we jejely walked out. My friend was like we never finish eating Nigerian Rice na Caribbean. Anyway, after like an hour roaming, it was eventually time for our movie.

Let me break my review down:

The Cast: the movie has a stellar cast. Dakore, Joseph Benjamin, Marc Rhys, Funke Akindele and Tina Mba gave a stellar performance. In fairness to the rest of the cast, the above mentioned five were the only ones allowed to shine in the movie; the rest were barely seen. In fact, I wouldn’t even call their roles waka pass. Bolanle, Abimbola Craig, Timini Egbuson, Ayoola and the rest were kinda invisible and I just thought it wasn’t fair. A movie should have full roles for their supporting cast so at least no one feels left out. One surprising performance for me though was Akah Nanni, dude did excellently; even though he was just seen twice.

Costume: I noticed that the costume almost throughout the movie was Ankara. Dakore’s costume was fabulous, from her hair, her makeup, she looked beautiful throughout the movie. She was indeed the star of this movie. In all costume for the movie was good.

Set: the set of the movie too was good. The soundtrack, the music was also gooddddddddd.

Isoken has a story line that I believe we can all relate to. The truth is I have been in that type of situation where you make a choice to live life to please other people or yourself, remembering that you’re to be happy first and foremost. One major thing I love about Isoken: the movie, is the fact that, it highlights major issues single ladies face in Nigeria and it reminds you that you should marry someone you’re totally in sync with, someone you can be free with and not someone who family and society have decided for us. I  made this known in FRIENDS FIRST THEN LOVE

What I didn’t Like about the Movie:

I didn’t like the fact that the movie was too predictable. From the moment you begin watching the movie you already know the end. I believe that a good movie should fill you with suspense and keep you at the edge of your seat.

I didn’t like how the movie in an effort to encourage Older Unmarried Single ladies they painted marriage like it was impossible to be happy in it. The scene that brings this to life was right after Isoken had called off her wedding and her sister (who was married) was trying to console Isoken was now telling Isoken how unhappy and overwhelmed she was in her marriage. Whether we like it or not there are still great marriages, homes were the couple are happy. In as much as there are Happily Single Ladies, there are also Happily Married people. We should not in an effort to console or encourage single ladies downplay marriage or Happily married people. People may fail at marriage but others will win in it; the choice is yours.

I didn’t like the fact that premarital was spoken of like it is a normal thing between people who are dating. Maybe it’s just me but the scene where Isoken’s friends were telling her to shave and wax her Vijay before her date with Osaze was cringing to me. I kept telling my friend are there no romantic Christian movies that are made with this sort of standard where there won’t be premarital sex? Honestly, it really bothers me, how movies have brainwashed us to feel like there’s nothing wrong with sleeping with someone you aren’t married to.

But Isoken is a decent effort. Though I will like to watch it again, not because I love it but because I want to feel good again; Isoken is a feel good movie  (my opinion) or rather I want those dead butterflies in my stomach to be awakened. Hehehehehe.

My friend who doesn’t like Nollywood movies was impressed with Isoken though I left the Cinema feeling somewhat underwhelmed.

Overall I would give it a 3/5. If you have seen Isoken, please leave a comment sharing your thoughts about the movie and if you haven’t seen it yet, don’t forget to come back to this post and share your thoughts when you finally see it.

I wish you all a week of pleasant surprises. Thank you for reading.

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