Good morning great men and women. I hope you all had a fabulous and a memorable weekend? My weekend was mind-blowing; it is a weekend I would remember for a longggg time. Let me fill you guys in. On Saturday, I went for a programme, it’s called School of Impact (SOI); A Purpose Training School. I have written about SOI before, you can check it out HERE
I hadn’t been there for quite some time, but that day I knew I had to be. Glowreeyah Braimah was gonna be around; even though the devil tried to stop me from going. I had a dream Friday night, that I was kidnapped, so when I woke up Saturday morning, I told myself I’m not going again; cos I was afraid. What if I am truly kidnapped? Anyway, I discussed it with a friend and he was like, you must go oh, just pray and confess God’s word of safety. 
After I had prayed, confessed His Word and gotten an express word from God saying, Go, do not be afraid, I decided to go, and I am happy I went. When I got there, I was like will she really come? And guys she was there life and direct. 
Glowreeyah Braimah is a very beautiful woman, beautiful in every way. She was well dressed and she is loadeddddd with the Word. I initially thought she was going to minister in songs but it was announced she was going to be speaking to us. When I heard that, I was a little disappointed, but when she began to speak I was like wowww. She first started talking about her life story and I was beyond shocked. Looking at her; her smiles, her bright nature, one would never imagine what she has been through. Glowreeyah Braimah has been through a lot, and what she has seen has only moulded her into the minister she is today. 
She said something very profound that day that nothing can stop what God has destined to do in your life. Also, the situations and challenges we face are only instruments to make us who God wants us to be. 
Asides singing in my opinion, she is also a prophetess. She prayed and ministered to every lady present that day and gave us each a word from God. When I was in the meeting, I was like no wonder the devil did now want me to come.
The power and the unction of God was heavy. God’s presence was so evident and I’m so glad I did not miss out. Glowreeyah Braimah poured out herself, to us and it was indeed a blessing.
The only snag was, I wasn’t able to take a picture with her as I had to leave before the programme ended. Did I mention we watched a video of one of her first songs; Turn Around and I love the video. It is beautiful, creative and I found it hard to believe she made that video since 2009. You guys need to watch it, so I’m posting the video here for you all to watch and be blessed. 

I wish you all a week full of pleasant surprises.

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