Meanwhile back at home

Shalewa’s mum had run after her when she left. The mother came back looking dejected, “did you get her?” Mr Adebambo asked his wife, “No she had gone already”. Bayo just sat there looking so confused and so unhappy. “Bayo I’m so sorry, I don’t know why Shalewa had to leave like that”. “It’s ok sir”, he replied.

But the gist was dragging too long and he was getting tired, though the Adebambo’s were a perfect host, he couldn’t get out of his mind, the fact that Shalewa had left him. That was really rude and low of her, am I that bad? He kept on thinking. After about an hour, he felt he had enough, he told her parents he was leaving. “Thank you Bayo for a wonderful lunch date”, Shalewa’s mum said, “It’s my pleasure ma. Thank you for having me”, he replied. Shalewa’s parents both saw him off when he was leaving.

“I thought you said you had a plan? Mr Adebambo turned to his wife when Bayo left and they were back in their sitting room. “Of course I did, but how was I supposed to know she was going to leave impromptu? How? And please don’t blame me for her behaviour, you’re her father and you could have stopped her when she was leaving, but you didn’t. So don’t put this all on me”. “Iya Lewa, o ti to. I’m sorry. Forgive me, please. Did you by any chance see the guy she went out with?” “How did you know it was a guy she went out with?” “Who else?” And they both laughed.

“Let’s ask Foye, she should know who Shalewa went out with”, her mum suggested. “Sarah, Sarah”, “Sir?” “Call Foye for me in her room”, “ok sir”. Sarah ran upstairs to Foye’s room, she knocked. “Who is it? “Foye na me, you father is calling you”. “Ok, I’m coming”. Foye hissed, she was having her usual Sunday siesta and hated been disturbed, I wonder what the old man wants from me. 

“Yes dad, I’m here”. “Come and sit down”, she sat eagerly waiting for what her father wanted to say. “Please tell us who Shalewa went out with today”, her father asked. “Dad I have no idea” she replied. “But you helped her dress, I saw you”, her mother chipped in. “There’s no way Shalewa didn’t tell you where she was going”, “mum I did ask her and she said she was going to the movies with some friends”, Foye answered.

Her parents looked at her in doubt, they didn’t know whether she was lying or not. “When you went out, didn’t you see who it was that came to pick her? Mr Adebambo asked his wife. “I didn’t, I only saw the back of the car”, “and did you note the plate number?” He continued. “Why should I, is Shalewa a child?” Mrs Adebambo answered, obviously irritated. “Dad aren’t you taking this matter too much?” “Foye, you can go to your room, you’re been dismissed”.

Foye just stood looked at her parents and went to her room. “Daddy Shalewa, you are taking this matter too serious oh”, ignoring what his wife just said Mr Adebambo just stood and was about going out, when he suddenly turned back and said to his wife, “immediately that girl comes back we need to speak some sense into her”, and with that he went out of the house to the car park, entered one of his cars and drove out of the compound.

Back at Bogobiri

Immediately a scuffle ensued between all three, Efosa, Shawn and Tunde. Shawn kept shouting, “How dare you slap me?” Shawn wanted to return the slap when other guys around and even the security men at the gate, rushed in to separate them. All this while, Shalewa was crying, she didn’t like the fact that the men were fighting over her, she tried to separate them and appeal to them to stop but her strength and her voice were no matches for the men.

Immediately the men were separated, she seized the opportunity to grab Efosa by the hand and led him away from the scene. People were already gathering and she didn’t want and unnecessary social media attention. Tunde was still arguing with Shawn when Shalewa came back and dragged him away from bogobiri. “Shalewa don’t worry about me, I’m fine”, he said to her. “I know that, but I want you to leave this place now, I don’t want any attention and moreover this whole thing started because of me”. “No but that guy needed to be taught a lesson”, “I know he was been rude and I believe he has learnt enough lesson for today, please enter your car and go. I’m also grateful for standing up for me”, “she said as she gave him a hug.

She watched him drive off and she quickly dashed to Efosa’s car. “Efosa lets leave here now”, she said to him as she got in. “Shalewa I’m sorry about the fight, I wanted today to be memorable for you, but this wasn’t my plan at all”. Shalewa smiled knowingly, “today is sure memorable, and it’ll surely go down in my Guinness book of memorable dates”. Efosa managed to smile. “I’m sorry Shalewa, but at the same time, I’m also not sorry for wanting to punch that idiot called Shawn, how will he treat a woman in that manner. Not just a woman, but my date”, he hissed and shook his head.

“By the way where did you meet such a guy from?” “Well I met him from my boss, my boss wanted to match make us together, Efosa it’s such a long story. He was the one that kept on calling me when we were at the cinema”. “I guessed as much, Shalewa I promise to make today up to you”. He said looking her in eye while taking her hand. “Trust me Efosa, its ok. I had the most splendid date ever and I thank you for defending me today”. She said returning his look.

Oh, my God, I am loving this guy. She said smiling sheepishly to herself. “Can you share with me what’s making you smile?” Babe get yourself together, Efosa mustn’t know this, and immediately she straightened her top and her face. “Me smiling ke, abeg not me oh” and she laughed. They soon got to her house, “Thank you for a memorable day” Shalewa said turning to Efosa. “It’s my pleasure babes”, he was reluctant to let her go. “I had a pleasurable day as well, your company and your laughter is a joy to be around. Can we do this more often?” “Do what?” “Dates na”, Efosa said and laughed.

He got down from the car, turned over to her side, opened the door for her as she got down, he gave her a hug. A hug that lasted minutes, Shalewa had to gentle nudge him so he will let her go, and immediately he let her go. “I’m sorry”, “sorry for the hug? Shalewa asked him surprisingly. “Yes”, “it’s ok. Goodnight”. “Goodnight OmoShalewa”. Shalewa just shook her head and smiled. “Nice one,” she said to him as she walked away.

Efosa watched her go until she disappeared; he entered into his car and drove off.  Shalewa walked into the house and met her parents watching TV in the sitting room. She wanted to just quietly greet them and go to her room, “Eku le Sir, “Eku le Ma” she greeted her parents. As she was about leaving for her room upstairs, “come back here” her father commanded. “Where do you think you’re running to?” “My room, dad”. “Come here and sit”, he said pointing to a chair.

“Why did you run off away like that this afternoon? Leaving your guest and us alone, without saying a word?” “Dad, first of all, he wasn’t my guest, he was mum’s guest. Mum was the one that invited him over. I had already made plans for the day and I wasn’t about to cancel it because Bayo was around”.

“But you should have at least not left abruptly”, her father continued. “I’m sorry dad”, Shalewa answered. “It’s ok, but you have to tell us who you went out with. I had earlier asked your sister and she gave us a funny story that you went to the movies with friends”. Shalewa smiled, “well dad she was partly right, I did go out to the movies; though now with friends but with a male friend of mine. He’s name is Efosa, and we sure had a great time”.

“Is there anything going on between this Efosa guy and you?” Her mum asked. “No mum, we are just friends; at least for now. If anything changes, I would let you know. So Dad & Mum any more questions for me, I’m tired and I need to rest”. “Shalewa I hope you know that no matter who you date now, you are still going to marry Bayo.” Her mum said. “And why is that?” Shalewa asked.

“Because we your parents”, she said pointing to both she and her husband “have decided it. We have watched him and we’ve come to the conclusion that he’ll be the best husband for you”. “I want to believe this is a joke, right dad?” She said facing her dad. Her father shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

“You’ve met Bayo only twice and you already know he’s the best for me, abi? Shalewa asked both parents. Well, the decision on who I should marry is not going to be made by any of you. When I get married, I will be the one leaving with him not any of you, so I will be the one to decide on whom to marry”.

“If you do not shut up I will shut it up for you” her father threatened as veins were popping up on his face. “How dare you speak to your parents in that manner? By the way what do you know about marriage? I’m talking to you; you spoilt thing”. Shalewa started grumbling, uttering words they couldn’t hear. “If you say one more word, you will see another side of me tonight, because men are following you about, you think you have arrived. No one has bothered telling you, you are old. You are old and you better hurry up before the few men left are divorced or old like you”.

“But dad, how can you say such a thing? Her father stood and made to slap her, but he was stopped by her mum. “Daddy Shalewa, o ti to” she kept on saying. Shalewa just stood at a corner grumbling. “Daddy I will marry who I want and I don’t care what you have to say about it” and with that Shalewa stomped to her room.

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  1. What is it with Shalewa's parent? They just need to calm down, they need to sit Shalewa down and have a heart-to-heart talk.

    Thank you great lady unveiled.



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