She suddenly started smiling, “Shalewa what are you smiling about?” Her mum asked. “Dad, Mum, I have to go now, there’s someone waiting for me outside, we are going somewhere”. “But you haven’t finished your food”, “tell Sarah to keep the remaining for me” Shalewa replied.

Without waiting for another suggestion or anyone to stop her, Shalewa stood and walked briskly to the door, not missing the surprised look on her parents face and the pained look on Bayo’s face. She quickly ran out and met Efosa standing by his car.

“Shalewa you look so beautiful, more beautiful than the day I first saw you”. “Thank you, you don’t look bad yourself. Please let’s leave here quickly”. “Shouldn’t I greet your parents first? It would be rude of me not to or at least give them the opportunity of meeting the man who’s taking their daughter out”.

“Efosa should we go or not, you will meet them another day”, “alright dear, if you say so”. He opened the car door for her, closing it after she had settled in comfortably. He turned over to the other side and drove off.

“So where are we going?” Shalewa asked him, “I told you it’s a surprise”. “Ok oh, I hope this surprise is worth it”, “I hope so too”, Efosa said with a smile on his face. As they were going, Efosa slid in a musical CD and a Nathaniel Bassey’s song started playing. Efosa was happily singing along, while Shalewa was unusually very quiet. Her phone started ringing; she angrily looked at it and hissed. It was Shawn calling. She silenced the phone immediately.

“Shalewa what is wrong, why are you quiet?” “I don’t understand why you will be ignoring me and just be singing”, Shalewa answered with a deep frown on her face. “Please forgive me, I didn’t mean to. I thought it’s a song you would enjoy; moreover, it’s a fairly popular song. If you don’t want the music, I will just put it off”. Efosa then put off the CD.

“Why did you say we should leave your house in a hurry, earlier? Who were you running away from?” “Well, it’s nothing” Shalewa replied quickly. She was pressing her phone and looked like she wasn’t in the mood to talk. “Are you still angry? I’m sorry. But I thought you were a Christian?” “Yes I am, why?” “Because I don’t believe a Christian should be angry simply because I’m singing along to a gospel track”. Efosa said thoughtfully.

“Well I wouldn’t count myself a Christian; I’m just a church goer; who happens to be in church at my convenience”. “But you don’t look like one?” Efosa said to her turning to look at her again. “So how does a Christian look?” She asked, returning his look. “Well, you look homely and quiet, and good natured”.

“Well maybe, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover”, “Ok, ma. Thank you for the lesson”. Efosa said to her playfully. He was disappointed but he tried not to show it, he wondered in his mind why a beautiful girl like her would be missing out on the most important relationship of all; a relationship with God. He shrugged; well let’s see where this leads.

“Efosa! Anything the matter?” Shalewa asked as she noticed when he shrugged. He turned to look at her, “well there’s nothing”. “Not like I believe you, but I’ll let that pass”. “So are you a serious Christian?” She asked him. “Yes I am, as a matter of fact, I value my relationship with God above anything else”.

“Wow, you truly do not look like one, and this is for real”. She looked at him to take in his dressing, he was really looking good. He was wearing a short-sleeved dark blue jean shirt, a blue jean trouser and an Air Max Maroon Sneakers. “What were you expecting a Christian to look like?” “Ermmmm” Shalewa began saying. “Well let me help you, you were expecting someone in a plain shirt, plain trousers, and slippers? If I had shown up in that and said I’m a Christian, you would believe me right?” “Sorry but yes”, Shalewa answered slowly.

Efosa laughed, “No need to be sorry, honestly. The days when Christians look shabby and poorly dressed are long gone”. At this time they were already in Lekki Phase 1. Shalewa excitedly tapped Efosa, “Is it where I’m thinking, that we’re going?” Efosa smiled, “you can never tell. Tell me where you think we’re going?” Shalewa was just excitedly looking at the road. Her phone started ringing again, Oh God what sort of bad belle is this Shawn, why won’t he leave me alone? She ended the call again immediately.

He turned to the rock drive off Bisola Durosinmi Etti Street and drove into the Filmhouse IMAX Cinema. “Oh my God, I’ve been dreaming of the day I will come to this cinema, I’ve heard so much about it. Thank you”. “You haven’t even entered yet and you’re already thanking me”, “I’ve seen enough of this beauty on TV, to know it’s a place to visit”. Immediately he turned off the car engine, Shalewa wanted to immediately open the car to jump out. “Not so fast my lady”, Efosa told her. “What?”. Without saying a word, Efosa opened the door on his side, got out, turned to Shalewa’s side and opened the door for her. “I always open the door for my lady”, he said looking her directly in the eyes.

Shalewa couldn’t stand the look in his eyes; she turned her eyes away shyly. “Thank you”, “my pleasure”. As she got down from the car, he took her hands in his and began walking towards the entrance. As soon as they got to the reception, “Oh my God, this place is beautiful” Shalewa said to no one in particular. “Sir, we’ve been waiting for you, this way please”. A customer representative led them to a cinema hall which Shalewa later found out to be the Signature Screen. It was a private screen for only exclusive guests.

She sat down excitedly, but then her phone started ringing again and this time Shawn kept on calling nonstop. Shalewa simply ignored the calls. “These chairs are comfortable, I love this place”. She hadn’t even been seated for so long when a staff brought appetizers. “Are we supposed to start eating abi no be cinema be this?” She whispered to Efosa in his ears. He laughed, “Shalewa this is just the beginning, you haven’t seen anything yet when the food menu is still coming”. “Thank you’ he said to the staff as he collected both their appetizers and the staff disappeared.

“So which movie did you book for us? “I hope you don’t mind watching the Fate of the furious?” “No I don’t, I love the franchise”. “You would enjoy the movie here, the screen is big and it’s in 3D”. As the movie was about to start, the staff returned with their appetizer. Before the movie went half way, popcorn and drinks were brought.

“Are we here to eat, abi na film we come watch?” Shalewa said and laughed. Efosa just looked at her and smiled. He was enjoying himself and enjoying her company. He loved her down to earth nature. Immediately they finished the popcorn, the staff came back again with a food menu. “Ha, I’m not eating again oh; I’m full, before my stomach bursts”. “Me! I am hungry!” Efosa ordered food from the menu, Shalewa not wanting to be left out, did the same. As the staff turned to leave, Shalewa called him back, “please when returning, kindly come with water”. “Ok, ma”.

About two hours later, the movie was done, but neither of them wanted to leave. “Efosa let’s take a tour of this cinema”, “I second that motion,” he said. So with hands interlocked, they took a tour of the cinema finally resting in the lounge.

They sat across from each other, her phone started ringing again, she tried to ignore it but the phone wouldn’t stop ringing. “Shalewa you’ve been rejecting that call right from the time I picked you at your house, why don’t you pick it, it could be an important call”, Shalewa was embarrassed. Shawn kept calling; Shalewa stood, walked away and picked the call.

“What do you want?” “Hello Shalewa, long time. How are you doing?” “Shawn I am not playing with you, why have you been calling me non-stop? Do you want to run my battery down?” “Shalewa stop yelling. You & I know you owe me a date”. “Ah ah, I don’t owe you anything, I offered to pay for the repairs on your car but you refused. You won’t force me to go on a date with you, it is my prerogative to decide whether to go or not”.

“Ok ma, I have heard you. But you gave me your word”. “No, I didn’t, you manipulated a yes from me, you know what? I can’t talk about this right now; I’m in the middle of something. I will call you when I’m free”, and with that, Shalewa put an end to the call. She returned back to the table, seriously fuming and angry. Efosa had seen this before, he had witnessed her walk away from her friend at the supermarket, and it was a fiery anger. He didn’t want a transfer of aggression, so he would just let her calm down.

“Efosa I’m sorry, I hope I don’t ruin this date for you?” “No not at all, I completely understand”. Shalewa turned off her phone so as not to get any more calls from Shawn. “So Efosa, you have my full attention now, by the way, how did you know I’ve been avoiding that call all day?” “Well, I notice everything,” he said with a smile on his face.

“Wow, you notice everything? “Yes I do”, “then I should be afraid of you”. “Afraid of me? No please, don’t be; honestly. So tell me what’s the meaning of your name?” “Well, the literal meaning of Omoshalewa is a child that chooses its house”. “Wow, I love that. That means you’re a special child that carefully chooses which family you’ll be a member of?” Shalewa found that funny and they both laughed.

“So what’s the meaning of yours?” “Efosa means God’s wealth, and I’m from Benin City”, “well I’m from Ondo State”, Shalewa said. “So Efosa, from our little conversation in the car on our way here, I gather that you’re a serious Christian”, “yes I am. I take my relationship with God very important”. “Tell me why you’re just a church goer?” “Well I’ve never really had a need for God, moreover while growing up, my parents were never serious Christians. It’s just now that they’re older that they’re getting serious with God. They’re trying to force I & Foye now to go to church and stuff, but it’s too late. We’re grown now and religion should be up to us to decide”.

Efosa was really bothered but he tried his hardest not to show it, he honestly didn’t want to pursue religion with her, so he decided to change the topic. “Shalewa today’s the day for adventure, we have somewhere else to go, come,” he said taking her hands in his. “Where are we going?” “It’s a surprise baby”.

Shalewa checked the time; it was already 7:30 pm. “Don’t worry we won’t be out too long”. They both got into the car and as he was driving, she noticed he was driving towards Ikoyi. “We’re going to Taruwa at Bogobiri in Ikoyi, have you heard about Taruwa before?” “I haven’t, but I know I’ve heard of Bogobiri before. I’m excited Efosa, I can’t wait’.

As soon as they got to Taruwa, Efosa greeted a guy at the gate, “my man so who’s the beautiful lady with you?” “This is the incredible Omoshalewa Adebambo, my date, Shalewa this is Tunde my day 1 G”, “Nice to meet you”, Shalewa made to shake his hand; Tunde instead gave her a hug. “Shalewa I’ve heard so many things about you, there’s no day that goes by that Efosa doesn’t talk about you”, “I hope they’re nice things?” “Of course, else you wouldn’t see me smiling like this. It’s nice to finally put a face to the name, you’re more beautiful than Efosa has ever described”. Tunde said, not without giving Efosa a twinkle. “Thank you Tunde, you flatter me”, “trust me I’m not”.

“Efosa you guys are late”, Tunde said turning to Efosa “I know, we had so much fun at IMAX, we didn’t know when time flew by”. “With this beautiful lady by your side, it’s understandable”. “So what did we miss? “Well not much, there’s still life music and spoken word is up next”. “Tunde this is Shalewa’s first time here, so please make her stay memorable”, “wow, trust me Shalewa you’ll have a memorable time here”.

He led her to a seat, where they were all seated comfortably. “Shalewa would you care for some Suya?” “Yes please, I love Suya and some fries”, “now you’re eating Thank God”, Efosa whispered into her ear, Shalewa just laughed.

Tunde came back with Suya and fries for all of them, for the next hour and a half, they enjoyed life music, spoken word, and poetry. When the event was done, as people were leaving, Shalewa lingered. “Shalewa are you not ready to go? she stood reluctantly and faced an already standing Efosa, “thank you for a wonderful and a memorable day, this is by far the best date I’ve been on in years”, he took her hands in his, “it’s been my pleasure Shalewa. I’m just happy you had a great day”. “Yes, I did”.

There was something about that moment, Shalewa’s heart started beating faster, and she didn’t know what to do. Neither of them wanted to move, but then, “Shalewa so this guy is the reason why you were not picking my calls eh?” Not today satan, not today Shalewa kept repeating to herself. Suddenly the magical moment just disappeared; she turned to see Shawn looking at her.

“Efosa I would like you to meet Shawn, and Shawn meet Efosa”, “Hi”, “Hello” they greeted themselves. “I don’t believe that’s the answer to my question Shalewa, I asked if he’s the reason why you’ve not been picking my calls?” “Shawn if the lady doesn’t want to answer you, courtesy demands that you leave her alone”. “I wasn’t talking to you, lover boy, just keep it moving”. Efosa just held Shalewa’s hands and was walking towards the car park, Shawn without thinking, aggressively turned Shalewa towards him, “I’m talking to you, you don’t walk out on me”, Efosa was about giving Shawn a blow, when Tunde who had been watching the exchange slapped Shawn in the face.

Read Part 13 HERE.

Guys please forgive me for posting this week’s episode late; it will never happen again.


  1. This Shawn bobo is just not a nice person. In fact shalewa should have put off her phone at the beginning of the date.
    Great work great lady


  2. I kept checking throughout yesterday, apology accepted. Lol

    Bayo, Shawn, now Efosa all on Shalewa wow! She must be feeling like a beauty queen. Shalewa needs to make up on her mind on who she wants so as to save herself some stress and free the other guys too.

    Thumbs up great lady.



  3. As in eh, I wonder why the babe left her phone on. Maybe she likes the disturbance. Anyway, thank you for appreciating the story and for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate it.


  4. As in eh, Shalewa must by somewhere right now, feeling like a G. It's not easy to be a fine girl, you know na, hahahaha. Anyway, you're right, Shalewa should make up her mind, but it's the guys that are disturbing her na.
    I'm so sorry Tolu the episode came late. But i'm happy you found this episode interesting. As always, I appreciate you for sharing your thoughts.


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