Howdy, everyone? I’m so excited (I’m always excited speaking to you guys). I know howdy is my favourite word now, forgive me abeg. I’ll look for another one soon, lol. Anyway, I hope your week is going on smoothly? By the way, Happy New Month guys, like play like play this year don dey finish oh. I hope this year is as you wanted it to be? And if not, then you still have seven (7) months to make it count. I pray you guys have a memorable month ahead and may all your dreams come to pass.

Now to our love song for the week Heaven by Banky W. I know there’s been a lot of hype over this song and trust me guys, it’s all worth it. The first time I listened to this song, I kept it on repeat for as long as possible. It’s so beautiful, so pure, so romantic and so loving. You can tell with all these words, that I love this song.

This song is a perfect song for a couple’s first dance, or for a romantic proposal, in short, perfect for anything love. Heaven would make you fall in love over and over and over.

Download and enjoy it HERE

Don’t forget, to share with me your thoughts on the song.


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