“Shalewa what are you up to this weekend? “Erhmmmm” “Shalewa don’t bring up another excuse, that’s what you did the last time. Don’t you want to hang out with this funny guy? Shalewa laughed. She definitely wanted to sit across a table from him, but she didn’t want to appear cheap. “I love the sound of your laughter” “what? “I’m serious. I love the way you laugh”. “Efosa ok, ok I would go on a date with you, but it has to be on Sunday”.

“Yayyyy that’s great, Sunday is fine”. “So what’s the plan for this date oh? Shalewa asked him. “Isn’t that supposed to be a surprise? “Surprise! Why? Efosa chuckled. “Well because I love to surprise people”. “Hmmmmm, I will keep that in mind. So since the itinerary for this date is a surprise, how should I dress? “Shalewa just dress casual but I trust you; whatever you wear you will look great in it. I will come pick you at your house on Sunday, just send me the address”, “ok sir,” Shalewa said amusingly.

“So tell me how went your day? Efosa asked her. Shalewa went on rapping about her day when a sudden knock on her door brought her back to reality. She wondered, who on earth could that be? She ignored it at first or she thought she could, she kept on talking with Efosa until the knocks became louder. That would be mum, only mum knocks that way. I wonder what she wants this time.

“Esosa sorry I have to go now, I think my mum’s at my door”, “Oh ok that’s sad to hear, anyway you should go. I will talk to you tomorrow”. “Goodnight Efosa”, “Goodnight Shalewa”.

Shalewa ended the call and went to the door to unlock it. “Sorry mum, I was on a call”; “That’s ok dear,” her mum said with a smile and made for the bed which she sat on. Shalewa noticed her mum was excited and she began to worry, she didn’t have to worry long. “Shalewa dear how was your day? “My day was awesome mum”. “That was quick, are you looking to get rid of me? “Mum I’m just waiting for you to say what’s on your mind”, “How do you know there’s something on my mind? “Because I know you, you don’t come to my room except you want something. So mum get on with it?

“Well I ran into Bayo today at the Bank” while she was still speaking, Shalewa cut her off. “Mum, did you say you meet Bayo today? “Yes, I did any problem? “Nah Mum just continue”. “Ok, then. As I was saying, I ran into Adebayo Williams at the Bank today. He tried avoiding me but before he could run, I already caught up with him. I reminded him of the lunch date he promised us, which he hasn’t fulfilled yet”.

At this time Shalewa was already fuming, she wanted to explode. She kept tapping her feet trying so hard to be calm. Her mum noticed her feet but kept on talking. “Well, I made him promise that he would be here on Sunday, I just came to inform you so you would get ready. I don’t know what went wrong between you two, but whatever it is, lay it aside and be on your best behaviour; and also look your best”.

Shalewa stood up and began pacing the room, she turned to her mother. “Mum you shouldn’t have invited Bayo over without asking me first”. Her mum laughed, “Young lady if I may, why? Her mum didn’t wait for a response, instead, she continued “This is my house and I can invite whoever I please”, “I know that Mum, but you meet him through me” “and so? Look here as I said earlier, I don’t care what went wrong between the both of you, whether you like it or not you must be present during lunch on Sunday. And with that, Mum walked out and banged the door behind her.

Shalewa was so angry; she banged her fists on the bed and screamed into her pillow. She could not believe it. She picked her phone to call Foye so she could pour put her mind, but Foye wasn’t picking up. Frustrated she frantically searched for her car keys raced down the stairs to her car and drove out of the compound. Her father who was in the parlour had to follow her outside, he didn’t understand what was pushing her.

He went back to the parlour and asked his wife, “What is wrong with her? He said pointing outside. His wife answered nonchalantly, “don’t mind her she’s overreacting”, “Overreacting to what? “Well, I told her that Bayo was coming over for lunch on Sunday”. Her dad just hissed, “Is that why she’s behaving like that? If I didn’t know better, I would say she’s spoilt”. “Is she not your daughter? Her mum said and laughed.

Her father looking thoughtfully said, “Let’s not push this Bayo’s issue too far oh; you know what’s happened with the other guys we’ve tried to force on her”. “Just leave that issue, this one is under my tight control. In this case, Shalewa has no choice”. Her husband looked at her and smiled. His business was failing and if Shalewa could marry Bayo, he knew that his business woes were over. He felt guilty just thinking that. He loved Shalewa or he thought he did and he knew her happiness was the most important thing; well it wouldn’t be bad if her happiness came with wealth, he thought.

Read Part HERE.


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