The day had been super busy for Shalewa, she had, had a countless number of meetings, the endless reports scheduled and still much more to be prepared. She hated to admit it but she was tired. As if those weren’t enough, her boss was always summoning her to his office. He always had different reasons why he wanted to see her.

“Shalewa boss is calling you,” Orode told her when she walked in. “Oh not again” Shalewa protested. “If I were you I wouldn’t grumble, there’s one hunk of a guy in his office”. “So because there’s a fine guy in oga’s office, I should start dancing? “Babe I know you wouldn’t agree with me, but it’s been weeks you’ve been on a date. You need a man in your life, time is going oh”. “I hear you, madam relationship advisor,” Shalewa said with disgust in her voice. She just couldn’t understand why Orode was obsessed with relationships.

“Shalewa please sit, I would like you to meet Shawn Adedoyin”. “Good morning, it’s a pleasure meeting you,” Shawn said as he extended his hand to Shalewa. He looked her over and smiled, “Same here”. He was a tall handsome young man; well dressed in a white crispy shirt, black trousers, grey suit and a black tie. Shawn this is Shalewa our project manager. Shalewa, he’s here on behalf of his company, and I would like you to look into his company’s profile and see if we could work with them”. “Ok sir” Shalewa responded. She stood to make her leave, “Come with me please,” she said to Shawn. As she was about to leave the office, she caught a twinkle in her boss eyes. Is he trying to set me up with Shawn? She thought to herself. Well, we’ll see.

“Please sit” she directed Shawn to a seat as soon as they got to her office. “Thank you” he responded. As soon as they were done with the meeting, just when she thought she was through with office wahala, Shawn says “Can I have your number so I could call to find out your company’s decision on working with us”. “Well, you don’t need my number for that when we make a decision we will get in touch with you” Shalewa responded. “I know there’s a possibility of that, but my company really wants this contract and I would like to keep in touch at least so you don’t forget my company’s request”.

Shalewa was getting irritated; she knew he didn’t want her number for official purposes. She noticed throughout their meeting, he kept flirting with her every chance he got. He would purposely drift off the issue at hand and talk about how intelligent she was or how beautiful she looked. On a normal day she would have gladly given out her number, but he’s flirty ways and desperation was a huge turn-off.

She yawned, not only was she tired she was also hungry, she thought of ordering food online but she kicked against the thought. She wanted to leave the office building desperately so going to a restaurant seemed like the better option. She turned to Shawn, “Mr Shawn it was a pleasure meeting you, we would get in touch with your company in due time. This meeting is over”, and with that, she stood and left the office.

Shawn was beyond shocked; he had never been dismissed before; especially not by a woman. The ladies always loved him and he couldn’t understand why Shalewa was been unnecessarily difficult. He quickly recovered from his shock and stood to leave. He turned to Orode, “Nice meeting you have a great day”.

As soon as he left, Shalewa came back to the office. “Babe why were you rude to that fine gentleman na, the guy just wanted your number,” Orode asked her. “I wasn’t rude to him, I’m just not interested in mixing business with pleasure, let him face the reason why he was here”. “Na wa for you oh, you spoke so harshly to that hunk of a man, just like that! “So because he’s fine, I shouldn’t be myself abi?

Abeg free me I’m going to Otres Restaurant I’m hungry and right now I am craving their Dodo, Fries and Fried Fish”. “Shalewa I doubt if you’re really hungry, these items you just mentioned, are you sure it’ll be filling? “Orode asides the fact that I’m hungry I also need a break out of this office; feels like I’m suffocating and please while I’m gone don’t tell Boss where I went”. “Ok dear, no problem. Make sure you bring something for me oh”. “Orode you like free things”, “before nko, oya get going”.

Shalewa had just finished her meal and was about leaving Otres when she saw her phone blinking. Suddenly it hit her, she had put her phone on silent all day, she wanted to drown out noise; she didn’t want to be disturbed. She picked the phone up and saw several missed calls from both Orode her colleague and also from her boss. She started panicking; her boss hated it when his calls were not picked. She didn’t want another episode of nagging from him. She began to think of lies she would tell him. As she was still thinking, she had forgotten that she had earlier put the car in reverse and had accidentally pressed the clutch button when in a matter of seconds the car made a screeching sound and slammed an SUV just right behind her.

Oh my God what sort of day is this? Just when I was beginning to think my day was becoming better; this had to happen she thought in horror. She quickly jumped out of the car to see the extent of the damage. The owner of the SUV she had just hit also came out of the car. “I’m so sorry,” she said to the owner, “it’s ok” the owner replied and just then their eyes met.

She felt like the ground should open let her enter, the owner of the SUV was none other than Shawn Adedoyin. “I’m sorry again; I would call my car servicing agent at the Hodge Auto Centre to come pick your car to their workshop for repairs. I’m so sorry honestly I don’t know how this accident happened, I’ve had a stressful day and this is honestly this is not how I planned on spending my break”. Shalewa said to him.

He just stood there smiling like he had just won a jackpot. “It’s ok Shalewa don’t worry about my car, it’s not much damage, moreover my car is due for servicing, and I’ve being postponing it. Now I guess I don’t have a choice”. Just then Shalewa’s phone started ringing again, it was Orode.

“Shawn I’m so sorry, I’m not this messy honestly”. Then he burst out laughing while she rambled on. “Forgive me for laughing, but I’m honestly enjoying seeing the big madam Shalewa stutter”. She was highly embarrassed, why did it have to be Shawn’s car I will hit?

“Shawn the agent is on his way, I really have to go now. I’m sorry I won’t be able to wait till he arrives”. She really would have loved to stay till the agent arrived, but she knew she had to leave immediately. She knew her boss wanted her and whatever it was; must be very urgent.

 “That’s no problem, I would wait”. “Are you such a gentleman? She asked him. “Well, it depends. But you and I know you owe me one. For damaging my car, you must go out on a date with me” he said with a smile. “Time and place would be picked by me. Now can I have your number Miss? He said mischievously. He was obviously enjoying himself.

Shalewa had no choice but to give him. Meanwhile, she was smouldering, she was so angry, but she knew better to drive well this time around. She got to the office still in that state of fiery anger when Orode bumped into her. “Shalewa boss has been looking for you, I just hope you are not in any form of trouble? “Even if I was, what’s the worse he can do? Shalewa responded. “Sorry oh, I was just trying to warn you” Orode answered calmly. “Just go and see him and hear what he has to say” she added.

“Sir, I learnt you’ve been looking for me? “Where the hell did you go? “Well I went on a break, I used the opportunity to have lunch, and unfortunately for me, as I was about leaving the restaurant I hit someone’s car”. “Oh, that’s so sad but why didn’t you take permission from me before leaving the office? I’m sorry sir; I just thought it would be a quick run”. “It’s ok Shalewa. So what did you think of Shawn? “Sir, do you mean what I think of Shawn or what his company can offer us? “You heard me correctly; I asked what did you think of Shawn? “Well, I just met him so it’ll take some time for me to form an opinion about him”.

Her boss smiled, he knew she was trying to play smart with him. “I know you Shalewa, but what I don’t understand is why you shy away from the opposite sex? I heard some few rumours about you and Bayo, and I thought, at last, you would get married, but with the way I’ve been seeing Bayo these past few weeks I don’t think things ended well with you guys. Though your personal life is not my business, but I think either Bayo or Shawn would be good for you. You’re young, yes, but you’re a lady and a woman’s time is fleeting”.

“Sir did you by any chance try to set I & Shawn up? “Yes, I’ve known Shawn for quite some time and he’s a good man. I told him to show up today in our office to meet someone I feel would be good for him”. At this point, the anger Shalewa felt which she had been trying unsuccessfully to hide was threatening to consume her and then explode. She turned to her boss, “Sir I do not appreciate any meddling in my personal life. While I appreciate your concern, I would really love it if this never happens again. If that would be all sir, I will take my leave now” and with that, she stood, without waiting for a response from her boss she left the office; but not before noticing the shocked expression on his face.

She was fuming by the time she got to her office. “Shalewa what’s wrong? I can perceive you are not in a good mood. What did boss say to you? In an attempt to respond Shalewa just kept hissing. “Babe calm down and talk to me,” Orode said as she moved closer to her.

“Babe, can you imagine that boss set me up with Shawn, that guy that came in here this morning? “Honestly I’m not surprised. But how did you know? “He just told me now, not forgetting to remind me that my time is going. Imagine. What is the boss business with my love life? “Babe just calm down please, these things are expected. You know the marriage-obsessed society we live in now”, as if today was meant to be bad”.

“Did anything happen when you went out for lunch? “Hmmm, as I was leaving Otres, I accidentally hit an SUV, which turns out to be Shawn’s car. And the idiot was smiling as if he had just won a lottery”. “What? So what did you now do? “Honestly I felt like the ground should open let me enter, it was so embarrassing. After opening eye for him here in my office, it was now my turn to be at his mercy”. Orode burst out laughing, “you see why you should always be nice to people, I keep telling you. You may just meet your husband one day”. “Here we go again, with this your marriage talk. Don’t you ever get tired? “No! Orode responded laughing.

“Anyway, I hope the damage is not too bad on your car and his”. “Well, it’s not something that HAC cannot fix. Shawn refused to allow me to take the responsibility for the damage on his. Instead, he said the only way I can pay him back is my going on a date with him”. Hahahahaha Orode burst out laughing, “Babe I am loving this Shawn guy, he’s maximising his opportunity well. That serves you right”.

Shalewa just hissed and faced her system. “By the way, I haven’t seen Bayo around lately, where did your former boo disappear to? “Well, ever since the day I rejected his proposal, he stopped speaking to me. He avoids me every chance he gets, Dude has made me his sworn enemy”. “Hmmm, but can you blame him? “No I don’t, but I refusing his proposal should not make us enemies. In fact, right now I doubt if he truly loved me”. “Why do you say so? Because love does not insist on its own way.

“Well at least there’s Shawn to make you forget all about Bayo” Orode said. “Shawn ke? “Yes, of course, you think your meeting him twice on the same day is accidental? Baba God is on your case. Maybe you and Shawn are meant to be together”. “Oshey, Pastor Orode. Marriage has suddenly made you spiritual” and they both laughed.

Read Part 10 HERE.

PS: I’m sorry for posting this late, I’ve been ill. Thank you for reading, your thoughts would be appreciated. Next episode would be on Monday next week.


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