In the spirit of our one (1) Anniversary, I would be sharing my best posts. Because this is such a long read, I would share them in two (2) parts. What do I mean by best posts? Well, posts that I wrote myself that I absolutely love. I was reading some of them today and I couldn’t believe I had written them. Without blowing my own trumpet these are posts that I would read somewhere else and I would say wow, the writer is blessed and filled with wisdom.

I would be sharing them in order of the months they were originally written. I would crave your indulgence to please read them; they would bless and change your life and I’m not saying this because I wrote them, but because it is the truth. To read the article, kindly click on the title it will direct you to the post.

So here goes:

MAY 2016:

1. THE PRESSURES OF GETTING MARRIED: That was my first major post. I wrote that post openly. One of the reasons I started this blog was because I needed someone to talk to or should I say I needed an avenue to pour out my heart and ease the tension in my spirit. So the post is as open as you would expect.
2. PREMARITAL SEX PART 1PART 2 and PART 3: these articles were written from a heart of burden, which I am very proud of. I believe it’s a passion God has given me to speak/write about premarital sex and those articles are highly versed and broad and will let you know why you should Say No to Premarital Sex.
3. THE NATURAL HAIR MOVEMENT: I wrote about my feelings and thoughts about the whole Natural Hair movement in Nigeria. It’s an interesting read; please do yourself a favour (and me) by reading it.

JUNE 2016

4. I MADE A MISTAKE, SO?: this post was borne out of a personal experience I had in the office. I had made a very big mistake and people in the office did not let me rest, I was been defined by it and so one day after I had just finished answering a summon by my boss, with hot tears in my office I angrily walked straight to my office, straight to my system and I started typing. I was so happy that post was a blessing to people. It was even featured on writeitloud.com which you can view HERE.
5. HOW TO DEAL WITH LOSS: I had lost two very dear people to my heart; one was my uncle and the other a friend. At the time I wrote the article, it had been more than a year they both passed and within that time I had learnt how to deal with their loss. So I wrote the article based on my own personal experience. If you are finding it hard to deal with the loss of a loved one, this article would be of benefit to you, and even if you haven’t read to learn from my own experience.
6. CHURCH BEHAVIOURS: this article highlights some of my frustrations with how we behave in church.
7. STOP THAT GOSSIP NOW: I had just left a friend’s office and my spirit was beyond troubled. She had as usual dissected someone in my presence and I was feeling guilty as to been part of that conversation. This article was birthed out of that guilt. Needless to say, I stopped going to her office and always changed topic whenever someone’s jist came up.
8. FRIENDS FIRST THEN LOVE: in this article, I share my lifelong belief, lovers should first be friends. You will love this.
9. APOLOGISE TO GAYS? HELL NO!: The Pope had earlier asked the church to apologise to gay people and this article was my response.

JULY 2016

10. TOXIC LOVE: this article shares my experience in a toxic relationship.
11. A LETTER TO YOU: this was my first poem which I wrote from a personal experience. It was an open letter to someone. you will love this letter and it’s a piece I am personally proud of.
12.MARRIAGE IS A LIFE LONG CONTRACT: A certain celebrity was divorcing and the news broke my heart. I wrote this article to share my thoughts on how marriage is a lifetime contract and shouldn’t be taken lightly.


13. TEST DRIVING MARRIAGE: This article debunks the claim that cohabitation is a good way to find out if an intending couple is compatible or not.
14. LESSONS I LEARNT FROM RIO 2016 OLYMPICS: I’m a huge lover of the Olympics, I love watching it. So in this article, I shared some lessons I learnt from that the 2016 RIO Olympics.
15. THE BURDEN OF BEING A ROLE MODEL: what does it mean to be a role model and what is required of a role model. Read this article to find out.
16. THE CASE OF THE BEAUTIFUL BUT USELESS LIFE: Are you just attractive on the outside but empty on the inside? Find out in this article.


17. I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE FIGHT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: honestly it beats my imagination. I can’t fathom why strangers who have never met before will be insulting themselves on social media over senseless issues. If you’re frustrated like me, then this article is a must read for you. This article was published on writeitloud.com which you can view HERE.
18. WHAT IS IT ABOUT SEX?: this article further expresses my opinion with my generation’s obsession with premarital sex.
19. ARE YOU ALONE OR LONELY? This is one of my favourite articles on the blog. If you won’t read any post, you must not miss this one. In this article, you will learn that It is important to be a complete whole individual before saying I DO.
20. WHY DO WE GIVE OFFERINGS?: addresses the notion that offerings are meant for the pastor’s pocket. Read here to find out why we give offerings.


21. DO NOT AWAKEN LOVE UNTIL IT PLEASES: this is one article I am super proud of and it is a must read.
22. SOMETIMES IN LIFE WHAT WE WANT DOESN’T WANT US this article is one of my most widely read articles. You should read it, it will change you.
23. TOMORROW MAY NEVER COME: is an article I wrote about life, why we may never have second chances and why we should value life and people now. This was my first article to be published on Bella Naija, it received a lot of positive responses which you can view HERE.
24. A LADY SHOULD FIGHT OVER A MAN? This is an article I wrote from a personal experience. This article answers the question above and it makes for an interesting and enlightening read.

Watch out for the Part 2 tomorrow.

If you have any post or article that you loved, please share in the comment section. If you’ve read any of these articles, kindly let me know what you thought of it.

Thank you for reading and for being part of my blog journey.

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