Shalewa was really angry, she wished she could put off going to Radisson’s but she had given Bayo her word. She was driving really fast almost hitting another car, just then it dawned on her, why do his actions have such effect on me, nah no more anger and suddenly she calmed down and there and then it occurred to her what to do.

She drove into her father’s compound and met Foye sitting outside. “Shalewa welcome, I see you went shopping, I hope you got something for me? “Nah, Bayo bought them”. “Oh! The Mr. Mysterious? “Yes, the Mr Mysterious”. “I thought you said you didn’t like him, why are you collecting gifts from him? “Am I supposed to return them, after all, he bought them to apologise for his behaviour the other night”. “I see,” Foye said thoughtfully.

“Come help me inside, before you kill me with your questions,” Shalewa said handing over some of the packages to her sister. Immediately they got into the room, Foye began opening all the gifts. “My God Bayo has taste, if he got all this just to say sorry, then I wonder what he will buy just to say I love you” they both laughed. “And they are all designers oh, I wonder how much he spent” Foye continued, she turned but no reply. “Foye don’t wear my dress oh, I’m wearing it out now” Shalewa called from the bathroom. “Ok oh,”.

“Shalewa so where are you going tonight? Foye asked Shalewa as soon as she was out from the bathroom. “I and Bayo have a date at Radisson”. “If I didn’t know better, I would say tonight is the night where you guys make it official” Foye said with a twinkle in her eyes. “Shalewa Olaotan Williams,” Foye said out loud. “What are you doing? Shalewa asked her, “well I’m reading out, your soon to be; new name, it fit so well. We will soon be the in-laws to the almighty Olaotan Williams family, I can’t wait”.

“Foye if this wedding happens, who will be happier, I or you? Because the way you’re carrying this thing, one would think you’re the bride” that made them both laugh. ”Abegi leave me, is it a small thing to be an in-law to one of the old Lagos money bags? “Why not wait first for that time to come, before you start getting excited? Shalewa told her. “Well it will happen, isn’t it? It’s not like you have a choice sef, how can you refuse Bayo Olaotan Williams?

“Madam Foye before you become Bayo’s advocate, come help me with my zip”. Shalewa turned her back to Foye who excitedly did the zip. “How do you think I should style my hair?” Shalewa asked Foye. Foye was the fashion enthusiast; she loved all things fashion. She was a makeup artist and a budding stylist. Shalewa trusted her opinion whenever it came to the issues of beauty and fashion.

“I think you should let your hair down”. Foye said studying her sister closely. “Now sit let me do your makeup”.”Foye, I want something light, also soft pink lips should do and be fast about it. I don’t intend showing up late for the dinner”. “Shalewa I’m so excited, mum is telling whoever cares to listen that her daughter is marrying an Olaotan Williams”. Shalewa laughed, “Your mother is a funny woman”.

Foye was done with the makeup; she was helping Shalewa put the Zanotti heels on. When she was finally done, “Shalewa stand up” she commanded. “You look beautiful,” she said. “Thank you, dear”. “Wait I need to take a picture, Foye said rushing for her phone. “Why? Shalewa asked. “So I can show you off as one of my clients”.

“So is he coming to pick you? Foye asked. “No, though he offered to, but I refused. I will get there by Uber”. “Ok, oh. I wonder why you like stress. You should have just agreed. Shalewa you need to let a man take care of you. “So I am incapable of taking care of myself, abi? “I know you are Miss Independent, but where has that got you? Are you not still single?

“Foye thank you, I have to go now”. Shalewa said. She had earlier requested for an uber taxi. “My driver is here”. “Bye, enjoy your night and greet the Mr. Mysterious for me” Foye called after her.

Shalewa got into Radisson at the exact time, 7:00 pm not a minute late and not a minute earlier. She stood at the entrance and was just about to call Bayo when she saw him walking towards her. He was so handsome, her heart skipped, he was looking dashing in a black tuxedo, a white shirt a black bow tie. She couldn’t take her eyes off him; he too was looking at her intently and was smiling. She felt like she was in a movie, she had never seen him so handsome. He walked up to her, without saying a word gave her a peck on the cheek, entwined his arms with hers and walked her to their table. When they got to the table, he drew out a seat for her, waited for her to sit first, before sitting. They sat by one of the seats close to the water. The view, the atmosphere was beyond amazing. Shalewa felt like a queen.

After they were done eating, Bayo began, “Shalewa you look breathtakingly beautiful, I wish I could marry you right now. Thank you for wearing the things I bought. I see they all fit perfectly and thank you for honouring my dinner invitation. I was afraid you wouldn’t show up”. “Why? Shalewa asked. “I gave you my word, and I must keep it,” she said. “That’s one of the things I love about you. “What are the other reasons you love me? “You’re beautiful, you’re intelligent, and I feel you’re the missing piece that will make my life complete” he replied.

I called you here so we can make our relationship official, I would like to go public with you, introduce you to my parents as my fiancé, plan our wedding, start a family, you know. “I did not know we already had a relationship,” Shalewa said. “I know we don’t yet, but I assumed we had something going on and I want us to make it official. He replied. “What made you assume that? “Well, I like you and I know you like me too even though you try your hardest to hide it, we are always together, moreover we have an amazing chemistry.

“Bayo I’m sorry but I can’t be in a relationship with you; at least not for now”. Shalewa what are you saying? “I’m sorry, but your actions this evening proved me right all along”. A relationship with you will be chaotic and emotionally draining. We haven’t even started dating and you already get angry when you see me with a guy. I’m scared of what my future with you will be. Imagine the way you dragged me in the full glare of the public at the club if you can do that when we are just friends, what will happen when we get married.

Bayo was in a state of shock, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “Then what are you doing here? He asked. “I shouldn’t have come? “I’m just surprised you would come here all dressed up to say no to me. What have I done? I truly love you and everything I did and do is because of that. I know how precious you are and I didn’t want to lose you to someone else that’s why. I guess my emotions got the better of me. Shalewa please I’m sorry, don’t do this, please. I’ve already boasted to my friends, how we’re making our relationship official tonight, to think I was already assuming we were dating”.

“Bayo I haven’t known you for so long, let’s keep been friends. If I see a change then we can date, but until then we are friends”.

“Shalewa not after everything I have done, you are even wearing a dress I bought. Please Shalewa, don’t say no to me. I have never begged any woman in my life neither have I loved any woman the way I love you. Just turn around and see how people are looking at us, we are perfect together, we have amazing chemistry and we have the best of times, please don’t say no to me”.

“Bayo if you truly love me; you will accept my position. Love wants what is best for the other person, not what you insist. If my collecting these items on me now, meant to you that I have/had agreed to a relationship with you, then I am sorry for the misrepresentation. If you are that pained then I would return the cash equivalent to you. I would like to take my leave now”.

“Shalewa I don’t want your money, all I want is you,” Bayo said obviously irritated. He shook his head in disgust; he wondered how he was going to tell his friends that Shalewa refused to date him. He was going to look for a cover-up.

“Bayo I’m sorry once again” and she stood up gathered her things and was already requesting an uber cab. She walked to the car park, and luckily her driver had just arrived.

As soon as she got home, she met her mum in the sitting room. “Shalewa welcome how was your date with Bayo? Did he propose? “Mum don’t be ridiculous, who is Bayo proposing to? “You of course”, “Oh I see”. “Well if you must know, I turned his request for a relationship down”. “Why? “I need to be very sure before making a commitment to anyone”. Her mum was about saying something, but before she could speak any further, “Mum please, say no more I’m tired and I want to sleep. Good night”.

Immediately she went straight to her room and she met Foye anxiously waiting for her. “Foye I know what you want but I’m not in the mood for any questions”. “Just tell me what happened, and I won’t disturb you. I promise”. “Well, I told Bayo I’m not interested in a relationship with him”. “What! Why? “I thought you promised me no interrogations, we will talk tomorrow”.

Foye was looking at Shalewa astonishingly, she was surprised and she couldn’t fathom why Shalewa would be throwing such a good man away. “Whatever rocks your boat Shalewa”.

Shalewa was undressing and getting ready for bed, she went to the bathroom to brush her teeth. “Shalewa your phone is ringing” Foye called out. “Who is it please? “I don’t know oh, it’s just a number no name”. “Ok leave it; I will call the person back when I’m done.

As soon as she was done, her phone started ringing again. She picked it at the second ring, “Hello? “Hello, Shalewa this is Efosa.

Read part 9 HERE




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