Howdy dear great people? I hope your day was favourably memorable? Lol. Please don’t mind my English. Mine was stressful, busy and at the same time fulfilling. I was able to achieve all I set out to do and the best part; I just had the most amazing dinner. Can you guess? I know you can’t guess.

I had Eforiro and Jollof Rice with Fried Fish. I know the combo sounds funny but it tasted like a meal out of Heaven. It was made by my fabulous mother, as I was eating the food I was praying for her, hehe hehe.

Anyway back to the reason for this post, last week as I was playing music on my phone (one of my favourite past times) something just clicked in my mind (what I’m going to share now).

I have some great love songs which I love listening to and every timeI’m listening to it, I would be like, “this is the song I would walk down the aisle to”  then another one comes on, and then I would be like, “no this is the one I would use” then I would go again, “ok I would use this song for the couple’s dance”, and then it clicked why don’t I be sharing this on the blog so it can be of benefit to couples.

So every Thursday I would be sharing mind-blowing love songs that can be used to either walk down the aisle or for a couple’s first dance. I know some of you may be surprised that I’m saying a couple can walk down the aisle to a love song, well I’m not a traditional girl that’s interested in walking down the aisle to a hymn; the same way our fathers did it, Nah. I believe there are other people like me, even if you can’t walk down the aisle to a love song, at least you will get an inspiration for your couple dance.

Without further ado, I present to you Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur. I don’t care if you are die-hard romantic or so unemotional, this song will blow your mind. It will set you in the mood for love. So enjoy.

Download HERE.


  1. I like this song a lot. And yeah that food combo is so weird but if you say it tasted good then I guess we have to believe you .
    I like this your nontraditional views, just know that will not happen in a typical Nigerian church eg rccg, maybe during the reception you can do what you want


  2. Hahahaha your comment made me laugh. The song always makes my day. As for my food, it tasted like something out of heaven. Hehehehe. My dear even my church sef I will pray for favour, so I can be allowed to carry out my non traditional views.
    Thank you dear for commenting, I love you.


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