She turned round and the blood just drained from her face, she was so embarrassed that Bayo found her crying. Bayo walked up to her and drew her into his arms, he put his hands in his pocket and drew out a handkerchief; he used it to lovingly wipe her tears.

“Baby, why are you crying?” He asked a very shy Shalewa who was trying every possible means to wriggle herself out of his arms, without success.

“Shalewa did I make you cry? Because that wasn’t my intention”, “no you didn’t just that I was overwhelmed by everything you did today, I didn’t realize how thoughtful you are. Maybe I misjudged you”. “You certainly did,” Bayo said with a smug on his face, then he continued “If I begin to tell you how terrible I felt for what I did to you, my apology will run into days, I’m just happy you’ve forgiven me” “well I can’t remember ever saying I have” Shalewa replied, slowly turning her eyes away so as not to look into his eyes, he was having an effect on her and she hated it.

Bayo turned her face slowly back to him; he looked at her like he was pairing into her soul. “Why are you looking at me like that?” Shalewa asked, she was so shy, she wished the ground would open so she would enter.  “You’re a very beautiful woman, I know you know that. I also know that you’ve heard it a thousand times or more, but I mean every word. I have never met a woman more beautiful than you, and you should know I have met a lot of women” he said as he drew her closer to himself, wrapped his arms more tightly around her with his eyes settling on her lips. Shalewa’s heart started beating, she was afraid he was going to kiss her, even more, afraid that they would go beyond that.

So without thinking, she immediately withdrew from him and rushed to get her bags. As she approached the door, Bayo grabbed her by the hands, pulled her to him and said into her ears, “Not so fast, woman. Why don’t we have dinner at Radisson Blu Voyage Restaurant? I heard they have a great buffet menu; food you will love”. “Tonight?” Shalewa asked, “Yes tonight, in your new dress”. Shalewa looked at her watch it was 5 pm.

“Don’t worry, we won’t be out long and I would come pick you up at your house. Just make sure you show up in your dress”. “So because you bought the dress, you must dictate when I wear it’?” Shalewa looked at him annoyingly. “You’ve got a very sharp mouth, do you know that? Anyway, that’s one of the things I love about you”.

“Can we go now? It’s getting really late, and I need to make a few stops before getting home”. Shalewa said to Bayo glancing impatiently at her watch. “Where are you going?” Bayo asked. “The supermarket, I need to stock up on groceries”. “That’s ok, we can go together”. “Nah, remember I came with my car?” “Shalewa you have no choice, I would call my driver to drive your car home”. “But it makes no sense, seeing as I would soon be home”, “ok if you insist, but I would still follow you to the supermarket”, “because you have turned to my bodyguard abi? Shalewa looked at him amusingly. “Well consider me as your guardian angel” Bayo replied, taking her bags from her as she made to turn the lights and the power off.

They both drove to the supermarket; Bayo got there first, got out of his car and was waiting for Shalewa. Immediately he saw her turn into the store, he rushed to her side and opened the driver’s door for her. “Thank you,” Shalewa said smiling, “you are welcome my lady, you know I’m a gentleman” he replied. He took her hands in his and they both walked into the store.

“Bayo I won’t keep you long, I just need to get some few groceries,” Shalewa said as soon as they got into the store, “Babe, you think I came here to look around? I also came to get few things”. Shalewa laughed, “So when you were pressuring me that you would come along, you had an agenda of your own? Ok oh, no problem. So where do we meet when we are both done?” “Why don’t we meet at that counter?” Bayo said pointing at the 4th counter just very close to the door. “That sounds like a plan,” Shalewa said.

Efosa had had a very busy day he wished he could skip this grocery shopping, but he knew he had no choice. He didn’t have the energy to cook when he got home, he just wanted something light, buthis stock of provisions had run dry, moreover supplies for his house had run out. He hated shopping, but he knew it was a necessary evil. These are times he wished he had someone who he could send, but he had been living independently for a while and was enjoying his own company.

He was on the aisle for toiletries when he noticed this gorgeousgirl, black ebony beauty, her skin shone, she had hips that could make a man become confused, he stood; now studying her. She had been perambulating the aisle for a while now, obviously confused.

“Hi, are you looking for something? He asked her, “Yes, I am” the lady replied. “What’s that? “You think you have a better experience with products than I?” “What? Because you’re a lady does not mean you know how to shop more than I” he said with a smile on his face. He was beginning to feel less tired. “Well I’m looking for a particular brand of wipes that will be safe for my lips, I bought it here the last time and I can’t find it now”, the lady replied.

“Well let me see” he moved over to her side, briefly glancing through the aisle and he pulled an item out, “look at this” he handed the item to her. She looked at it and a smile spreads across her face, “thank you” she said to him. “It’s my pleasure,” he replied extending his hand; she shook his hands now looking him over. He was handsome, fair and he was well dressed. “So did I pass the test?” He asked her, “What test?” “Well I can see you looking me over; he said with an amusement in his eyes, she laughed. “You caught me” she answered.

He still had her hands in his; he was reluctant to let go, “my name is Efosa, what’s yours?” He asked, “I’m Shalewa”. “Wow, you have a very beautiful name,” he said to her. “Thank you” she was blushing. Embarrassed she quickly went back to the aisle to finish the rest of her shopping; she didn’t want to keep Bayo waiting. Efosa not willing to let the conversation die, continued, “So when you are done with this aisle, are you done shopping?” “No, I still have few things to pick” Shalewa answered, “same here,” he said. Looking at him again, she said, “It’s so rare seeing a man all by himself shopping with a list”, “is that a woman’s thing?” He asked, “I’m just surprised that’s all”. “Let’s just say, I am very domesticated, I was brought up this way by my mum, I personally do not believe, there’s no man or woman’s job he said”. “Hmmm, nice; I quite agree with you,” Shalewa said she was impressed.

From then, they both went to the beverage section; Shalewa picked low-fatmilk “are you watching your weight?” Efosa asked in surprise. “No, I try as much as possible to stay off fatty things as much as possible. Why do you seem surprised?” She asked him. “Low-fat milk is not sweet, I know that for sure; I take it sometimes and I know women love sweet things”. “Of course, who doesn’t,” she said and they both laughed.
They shopped together, seeking each other’s opinion on products, even on cosmetics. Shalewa was really enjoying his company and she had spent more time than she would normally have. When they were both done, as they were approaching a counter, Efosa stopped suddenly and turned to face Shalewa, “before you go, can I get your number?” “Sure” she replied, and they exchanged numbers. “Oh my God, I was to meet someone at the checkout counter 4, I completely forgot,” Shalewa said, she had completely forgotten about Bayo. “Well, that’s no problem, let’s go there” Efosa replied.

Bayo was smouldering, he had been pacing up and down the store looking for Shalewa; he had also called her severally, but no answer. He was still in his angry state when he cited her, she was laughing, acting very carefree, worst of it all she was with a handsome stranger. As she approached him, “where the hell have you been, I have been looking everywhere for you, is it because of this boy that you refused picking my calls?” He yelled, obviously livid. Shalewa ignored him, “Bayo I would like you to meet Efosa, he helped me out today, Efosa this is Bayo, my work colleague turned friend”. Efosa extended his hand, but Bayo wouldn’t take it, instead, he flared up all the more.

“Shalewa it was a pleasure meeting you I will talk to you later,” Efosa said to her, as he made to leave, “same here” she replied. “Where did you know him from?” Bayo asked her, “you have no right whatsoever to question who I talk to and who I don’t talk to, in fact,I’m leaving.” Shalewa then pushed her cart to another counter at the far end of the store. she turned to make sure he wasn’t following her.

Bayo waited for her at the car park, immediately he cited her, he rushed to help her offload her groceries, she refused. “Shalewa I am sorry, please can we still have dinner at Radisson’s? I have already made reservations.”

“Bayo is that your problem? Don’t worry I will be there”. “Can I come pick you?” He asked her, “no I’ll get myself there” and with that, she entered into her car and drove off.

Read Part 8 HERE.


  1. Bayo will ruin his chance with Shalewa with his attitude.
    It's getting more interesting.
    Nice job great lady.


  2. Thank you dear Anonymous. Funny thing is Bayo thinks he's got Shalewa already. It warms my heart that you find the story interesting, thank you for sharing your thoughts.


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