Hello everyone, I hope your day is going on well? I don’t know how many of you are film lovers? Well I am, and today I have another movie I would like to talk about. No matter how busy you are, there should always be a time for relaxation aka Movies (hahahaha).

Yesterday I wrote on the 5 LESSONS I LEARNT FROM THE MOVIE HIDDEN FIGURES. Today I would share my thoughts on another movie; the much talked about movie; FENCES. As I earlier stated in that post, I love to watch movies that have a lot of buzz; because I love great movies.

I had such great excitement and pleasure when I was to see the movie. I was literally excited. The beginning of the movie dragged on for too long, Denzel Washington just kept on talking and talking and talking, leaving little or no space for others to shine. I was getting impatient, and for the most part, it was difficult making out what he was saying.

It was also getting boring; and I thought that he and Viola Davis had no chemistry, especially at the beginning. It was like Viola was been forced to be there. I’m sorry but FENCES did nothing for me. It was just one hell of a boring and an annoying movie.

I think the only part that to me was the high point was when Denzel and Viola were arguing. Denzel had just told his wife(Viola) that he had fathered a child outside and he had no intention of leaving the mother of the child as he had become bored in his marriage(imagine). Their argument was a high point for me; maybe because Viola was finally been stretched to give her best.

The other part that would have been a great climax was the “fight”between father (Denzel) and his son, but no they failed to deliver. I was really expecting the son to maximize that opportunity, but alas his father had the upper hand. I believe if Denzel was the one on the floor, it would have made a great scene.

I kept asking myself what FENCES is trying to communicate or to teach us, I honestly do not know; though I could relate with some of the experiences in the movie. Like the tensed Father and Son relationship which is similar to the relationship my brother and my dad have. They have such a frosty relationship, which I know shouldn’t be the case.

Sometimes, the father is trying to prevent the son from making the same mistakes he made but because he doesn’t know how to do it well or maybe he doesn’t know how to show love in the language the son understands there’s disagreement.

The funny thing is, such men are supposed to be great buddies with their sons as this is the only way you can better impact the son’s life. But no, they see them as enemies, like the second version of themselves. So they do all they can to frustrate that image and end up hurting the child.

This movie really pissed me honestly, imagine a man saying he’s illegitimate child is the one he loves, not the son which he had with his wife. I was really angry, not just for that but also the fact that he felt no remorse for cheating. He felt he was justified simply because he was bored (like he’s the only one that was bored in the marriage).

This movie just goes to show the selflessness of a woman who doesn’t mind losing herself just for her family I wrote HERE about that. I think that’s one thing the movie got right. But unfortunately, they were unable to deliver on the solution; solution to the disequilibrium in the home. A man steps out on his wife, brings a child home, and is expecting to still be pampered on the back. But a woman would never dare do such because even society would lash out at her.

Also, I don’t even understand the essence of Gabriel Maxson in the movie who acted as Denzel’s brother; his role did not make sense to me.

It was a surprise to me to learn that Viola won an Oscar for her role in this movie, I’m sorry to say but in my opinion, she doesn’t deserve it. It pained me that Denzel did not win any award for his role; he did a great job of interpreting his character. On a whole, I believe the movie FENCES is highly overrated.

This piece is just my personal opinion of the movie; it doesn’t mean you don’t have to see it. If you have any thoughts on this movie or if you seen it, please do share your thoughts.


  1. Whattttttt???? I read all of this in disbelief. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. She totally deserved that Oscar.. Maybe you didnt really understand what the movie was saying.


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