Same Day
The time was 12:12 pm; Shalewa was feeling sleepy and was hungry. She hadn’t slept well the previous night, the anger and the humiliation Bayo put her through kept waking her up intermittently.

As she was dozing, a sharp knock brought her back to consciousness. She wondered why Orode did not answer the door. She looked up from the desk to discover she was the only one in the office. She hissed, “Come in” she shouted.

A fine young man walked in with a package in his hand, “Please I’m asking of Miss Shalewa Adebambo”. “Yes, I’m the one, any problem? “No, ma’am, I’m a konga delivery agent and I have a package here for you” “Who is the package from? “Honestly ma, I can’t say; my job is to deliver it to you. Could you sign here, please?” Handing over a delivery paper for Shalewa to sign; Shalewa did as she was told but totally confused as to who the package is coming from.

She began shaking it to find out what was in it; still with a confused look on her face. She opened the package ever so quietly, and it revealed a box. Her heart started beating; she thought it was an engagement ring. She opened the box and it revealed the most beautiful set of watch she had ever seen. It was a gold and a silver watch, beautifully and creatively weaved together.

As she carefully removed the watch from the box, she wore it on her hand and it fit perfectly. Shalewa loved wristwatches but all the ones she bought never seemed to last and she had been saving up to buy a good quality watch.

“Whoever bought this watch must know I really needed one”, she thought to herself. She kept thinking “who bought this”, she didn’t have to think too hard, she was about throwing the delivery bag away when a small card fell out. It read, “To the most beautiful angel, I have realized that it doesn’t matter how much I care about you until I actually show it. I am Sorry”. She recognized the writing immediately, it was Bayo’s.

Shalewa loved gifts, but she wasn’t going to accept this from Bayo. “If he thinks he will buy me over with gifts, then he is greatly mistaken”, she hissed and carefully placed the watch back in the box. As she wrapping the box with the delivery bag, Orode walked in. “Babe, did you order another dress from Konga?

“Nah babes, it’s from Bayo”. “Omo Shalewa, you’re one hell of a very lucky girl, the most eligible guy in the whole of Lagos is dying for you. By the way, what are you guys doing, are you guys dating or what? Cos if you’re not interested, please pass him”. “Babe he’s yours for the taking, I’m not interested and we are not dating”. “Na wa oh Shalewa, you don’t know what you’re throwing away. Bayo is rich, handsome, most of all he loves you. The money he’s family has can take care of your generation”.

“But Shalewa be serious with me, what is the problem? Why don’t you like him?” “I don’t just like him, must have I a reason?” “Shalewa you are mad, do you want to remain single for the rest of your life?” “So because I want to marry, I should jump at the next available man abi?” “That’s not what I’m saying and you know it. When last did you meet a man? When last did you go on a date? See Shalewa I’m just saying all these for your good.” “Thank you, Saviour Orode”.

1:52 pm, a sudden succession of shrill rings cut the silence; the office telecom was ringing. Orode jumped up startled. Peering toward the phone, she hesitantly picked it up as she was closer to the phone. “Yes sir, she’s here, ok sir, bye sir” and she put down the phone.

“Shalewa, the boss is calling you to see him now in his office”. “Jezzzz, again? What for na?” “How am I supposed to know, he sounds tensed”. “He always sounds tensed” Shalewa responded and they both laughed. “Anyway, I just hope you haven’t done something wrong, anyway go quickly.” “Amen oh, I’m not ready to get on his wrong side today”.

“What’s this on my desk?” Shalewa asked Orode when she came into the office. “Babe it’s a package for you, this time around it’s from the Polo avenue. When the delivery guy came, I signed for you since you weren’t around. I hope that’s ok?” “Of course”, Shalewa responded. “What’s in it?” Shalewa asked her. “I didn’t open it oh”.

Shalewa opened the package carefully, “I hope it’s not a bomb in there” she said to Orode. “How can it be a bomb? Who did you offend? Anyway, I can bet its Bayo”. “Bayo? But why?” “Babes I should be asking you, abeg open it sharp, sharp.”

Shalewa opened the delivery bag, and it revealed a carton. She opened the carton and in there was the most exquisite set of shoes she had ever seen. They were a pair of strapped 4-inch heel iconic Cruel Summer Giuseppe Zanotti shoe in pink, pink metal leaves climbed each foot looking like a mask. They were exquisitely beautiful with intricate details all over.

“Oh my God, Bayo has tastes oh,” Orode said to Shalewa as she took the shoes from her to look at them more closely. “Babe see this” Orode said handing over a small card which she found in the package to Shalewa. It read, “The beauty of this Cruel Summer heels has got nothing on you baby. Kindly accept it as a peace offering; I am sorry for being so insensitive. Please forgive me, Love, Bayo”.

“Babe kindly tell me what Bayo did that he’s buying all these just to apologise, cos I remember you saying you both were going to the Reals; what then happened?” Orode asked Shalewa. “Well at the Nightclub, after I ordered a third glass of margarita, Bayo felt I had already had too much to drink, and you won’t believe he dragged me in the full glare of everyone out of the club, that he didn’t want me to disgrace him; after pouring the drink on the waiter’s face. Just Imagine. Then after that, he drove me home, entered our house, and announced to my parents that he brought me home because he felt I had drunk too much. Worse of all, my parents especially my mum loves him. You know how I feel about taking guys to my parent’s place, I don’t want them to start thinking I and the guy have something together”.

“Hmm, Babe I understand how you feel, but I think Bayo has learned his mistake, please forgive him and let it go. Also, I believe you should seriously start considering dating him, a man that can recognize his faults and apologize this way is not a man you should throw away”.

“Orode, the relationship counselor, I have heard you. Don’t you think a man that apologizes by buying expensive things is a man that should be avoided? Well, I’m keeping this shoe”, Shalewa said as she was fitting the shoes on her feet. That made Orode laugh, “So you don’t like the buyer of the shoe, but you’re keeping the shoe?” “Of course, how can I say no to this shoes?” “So what about the wristwatch?” “Well since I’m keeping the shoes, it only makes logical sense to keep the watch also”. “Babes, you’re a 419,” Orode said to Shalewa and they both laughed.

3:00 pm: “Babes lest I forget, how about that report Oga asked you to prepare?” Orode asked Shalewa. “Babe I’m still on it oh, I think I’ll be working extra hours today, I won’t be able to finish it before closing hours”. “Then you’re on your own today, I will have to leave you. I have a hot date with Eric tonight”. “Babe, Babe nice one”. “Yes oh, some of us are ready to marry before the end of this year, unlike some other people that are not tired of visiting the singles market”. “Hahaha”. Shalewa laughed. “Anyway, na you sabi, greet the handsome Eric for me. “It’s not closing time yet now”. “I know, let me give the greeting before I forget”. As they were still speaking, the telecom rang and Orode picked.

“Hello” “Miss Orode is Miss Shalewa in the office? The security officer asked. “Yes, she is”. “Ok, kindly put me onto her”. “Shalewa your call” Orode handed the receiver to her. “Hello, Miss Shalewa good afternoon”. “Good afternoon Mr. Prince, how may I help you? “Ma, there’s a delivery man here from Jumia, he said he has a package for you”. “A package?” “Yes, ma” “Ok kindly send him down to my office”. “Ok ma”. “Thank you” and with that Shalewa placed the receiver on the phone.

“Orode you wouldn’t believe there’s a delivery guy from Jumia with a package”. “Omo, Bayo is ready to dazzle you with gifts all around, I’m jealous oh”. “Orode no be small thing”. “Bayo is the type of man that should keep on offending,” Shalewa said and they both laughed.

There was a knock on the door interrupting their rancorous laughter. “Do come in” Orode said excitedly. The delivery man came in gave Shalewa the delivery form to sign, dropped the package and left. Shalewa took the package and was shaking it. “Babe open it na,” Orode said to Shalewa. “I can’t wait to see what Bayo bought this time”, She continued. “How do you know it’s from Bayo? “Babes you and I know there’s no other guy in your life asides Bayo” Orode replied.

Shalewa opened the package and it revealed a sparkling pink clutch. It had glittering pink stones all over it. The handle and the base of the clutch were in fiery pure gold. In the package, was a hand written note which read, “I know that I don’t look handsome when I wear anger on my face. Sorry for looking so ugly the other day. I love you”.

4:40 pm, Shalewa’a colleague Orode had already closed for the day and Shalewa was alone. There was a knock on the door and another delivery guy walked in. She signed for the package, opened it and she gasped. It was a stunning floor-length dress in white. It had an off the shoulder neckline with a beautifully draped ruffle that falls as a cape at the back.

Shalewa stared at the dress it was incredibly beautiful, she stared at it so much that she didn’t know when she had started crying. In as much as she had reservations about Bayo, she began to think he was really sweet, “maybe I should give him a chance” she thought.

She stood up, placed the dress in front of her to see how it would look on her and just then, the door opened and in walked Bayo.

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God bless you all and have a splendid week.


  1. Haha haha, babe so you don't like suspense? Well I think I will keep when it will end close to my heart, so that you'll keep on checking. Lol
    I'm sorry I've not reviewed any new movie. I had no idea my reviews made sense, 😅.
    But this week unfallingly I would review two blockbusters. Thank you dear for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate you.


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