Good day Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope your weekend is going on great? (Well where I am it’s a Saturday and my weekend is as calm as usual). Today I have a story to share with you guys.

On Thursday when I got home, I wanted to use my flash, I checked the usual location but I didn’t see it. I was looking for my 32 GB flash drive which I earlier thought was in my bag. I searched everywhere but couldn’t find it so I just concluded that it was in the office, maybe I forgot it there.

On getting to the office on Friday, (yesterday) I checked everywhere but still couldn’t find it. Then I asked one of the cleaners assigned to clean the office if she had seen it.

To my greatest surprise, this lady said she saw the flash drive but foolishly swept it away saying she didn’t know what it was, that her mind told her it is not useful (who in this our generation doesn’t know what a flash drive is abeg?).

I asked her where they normally empty the dustbin and she described the place to me. At this point, I wasn’t even angry and was just praying to God to help me find it (because I knew it would take a miracle for me to find it).

We went to the refuse dump to check for the flash (since the dustbin had already been emptied) but we didn’t find it. I then asked her why she would throw something as valuable as that if she didn’t know what it was at least she would keep it till we come.

The normal thing that this lady would have done was to apologise and simply say I’m sorry, but no, my madam decided to become a motivational speaker and tell me to accept it as an act of God; really an act of God?

I was so angry with her for her very insensitive statement (mind you that flash contains a lot of important things). She didn’t realize how angry I was she kept on talking, she then started speaking her language to insult me (unknown to her I understand the language).

I held my peace until I got to her supervisor’s place and related the issue to the supervisor. She was summoned and then she began to beg. I told her supervisor that I was ready to take the matter to any length just for her to get penalized for her very stupid and callous attitude. The thing is I was even ready to let the issue go until I saw her stinking attitude. She insulted me and said I’m too small to talk to her. Funny thing is, prior to that time she was a cleaner I respected a lot, we were very friendly and I could not imagine why she would behave in that manner.

This incidence reminded me something I have noticed with us Africans especially we Nigerians we like to use religion to cover up our failures and stupid acts. Instead of us to look for a way out of our mess, we say it is an act of God, we say it is the will of God or the classic one “that’s how God wants it”.

I wasn’t even angry before the lady made her unfortunate statement, but immediately she said those stupid words, I became so angry in fact I can’t remember when last I was that angry in my life. I was so angry that my hands were shaking, how can you blame God for your foolishness and mistake?

That is why a woman will remain with a man who beats her because probably the church or her family members have told her that it is the will of God and she is to remain calm because she is the one God is going to use to redeem the man. A man will commit fraud in the office; he will be sacked and then be consoling himself that it’s the will of God. A husband will impregnate another woman and his family will tell his wife “that’s the will of God”.

I have always heard this statement; Religion is the curse of Africa, but I refused to agree with it, until now. I have realized why we are still backward in this part of the world. We use religion to cover up our mistakes and failures. Someone who is not moving forward in his life, you will ask such a one what are you doing with your life? And the person will tell you I’m passing through trying times.

While I agree that some situations are God ordained, but most a times, we are backward because we have refused to take steps forward. When you make a move, there will always be progress.

I remember one message I was privileged to listen to last year and the preacher said, the reason why a lot of Christians are poor is because most Christians spend a lot of time praying instead of working hard or thinking on how to succeed. You will now ask such a one what efforts he/she is making and you will hear “I’m waiting on God”.

I personally believe Nigeria would be a better place if we all do the right things and stop using religion to cover up for foolishness. If you make a mistake and do something wrong, accept your mistakes, apologize or accept your faults on the issue. Better still put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Even the same Christianity that we use to cover our sin speaks against such, Proverbs 28:13 GNB says “You will never succeed in life if you try to hide your sins. Confess them and give them up; then God will show mercy to you”.

As for my flash, I have gotten it out of my mind, despite the fact that it contained very important documents. One lesson I have learned in this whole issue is “I should never put all my documents in one place, a flash should just be a temporary location for a document, transfer documents from flash to computer or hard drive.

Thank you for guys for reading; I believe you must have learned a thing or two. If you have had a similar experience to share, kindly let us know in the comment section. Also, I would appreciate if you can share your thoughts about this issue.

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  1. Sorry about your flash. I could feel your anger as I was reading. Yeah thing I do is I keep stuff on my computer then back up on a flash, these days I use google drive and Dropbox because it is safer and you can have at least 100Gb of space.
    And concerning using religion as an excuse, it is very rampant. Hopefully as Christians we do better , own up and take responsibility for stuff


  2. I will certainly take your advice about Dropbox & Google drive. I didn't even know so much about them until recently.
    We Christians give excuses too much, but hopefully we will begin to take responsibility for our actions.
    Thank you dear for sharing your thoughts.


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