“Ka bo” her parents answered. “Who’s the young man with you?” her mumasked. “My name is Adebayo Olaotan Williams, the son of Mr & Mrs. Jaxx Olaotan Williams, chairman of The Williams Corporation”. Before Shalewa could utter a word to introduce Bayo, he had, as usual, done himself the honors. That was one thing she disliked about him, he was a Lilbit cocky, but he would never agree with that judgement. He liked to shout it loud to whoever cared to listen, his parent’s position. Despite the fact that, he had refused to work in his father’s company; that was the condition he gave his parents when he returned home, he still made it a point of duty to let everyone know who his father was.

“Oh my God, you mean the famous Williams corporation, her mother interjected interrupting Shalewa’s thoughts taking a good look at him, she was impressed with what she saw. “Yes ma, I’m their only child” Bayo responded smiling from ear to ear. He was enjoying this attention and he would do whatever it takes to keep it that way.

“Come and have a seat, Bayo”. Mr. Adebambo said to him; who had been closely watching him, shaking his hands in the process. “Thank you, sir, Bayo responded. “Shalewa quick, go get Bayo something to eat” her mum ordered. “No ma, we just had something to eat where we went. Moreover ma, it’s late” Bayo said. “Oh come on, Bayo I want you to feel at home, look take this place as your second home, you hear me? Mrs. Adebambo said to him. “Ok ma” Bayo replied.

“You just said, you both had something to eat, you went somewhere together?” her mum asked Bayo this time looking at Shalewa, who was smoldering where she sat. “Yes ma we did, we are just coming from the Reals and we had a great time Ma; if I might add”. “Oh that is good, I love this, but come to think of it, Shalewa has never mentioned you before, her mum said.

“Are you the one who always drops her from the office in that 2017 Genesis G90?” Her father who had otherwise been quiet asked. “Yes, sir I’m the one”. Bayo answered. “But why have you never come in to greet us?” her mum asked. “Ma, Shalewa would not let me in, she always has one excuse or the other”, Bayo replied looking at Shalewa in the eye. He was enjoying this. “Today I had to come in to make sure she came in safe, she had a little too much to drink at the bar”, He added.

Shalewa just hissed, picked her bag and her shoes and went upstairs to her room, not forgetting to bolt the door after her. “The nerve, who does he think he is,” she thought, “Such an arrogant human being”. She said shaking her head in disgust.

As Shalewa left, her dad and her mum exchanged looks. Bayo feeling a little bit uncomfortable practically announced that he was leaving. He stood like he was making a speech, “Sir and Ma, I’m sorry I brought your daughter home late, but it was a pleasure meeting you. I would like to take my leave now”.

“Oh dear that was short, Shalewa’s mum responded. “You should definitely come by soon and have lunch with us” Mrs Adebambo continued. “It would be a pleasure ma”. “How does Sunday sound?” she asked throwing a glance at her husband. “Yes you should have lunch with us; Mr Adebambo pitched in trying to sound enthusiastic.

“Sunday is great Sir and Ma. It would be an honour”. Good night then. “No Shalewa must see you off, let me fetch her. And with that Mrs Adebambo ran up the stairs with the strength her body could carry her.

“Shalewa open this door” her mum called out to her as she impatiently knocked on the door. “Shalewa I say open this door, I know you can hear me” her mother kept saying as she continued knocking impatiently.

Shalewa was in the bathroom, as she was about tying her towel her, she heard a frantic knock on her door. “Who’s that one again, I hope it’s not Foye who has come for her usual gossip? I’m so not in the mood right now” she thought to herself.

“Shalewa open this door now, I say” her mum continued knocking, this time angrily.

“Jezzz its mum” Shalewa said to herself. “I wonder what she wants now”. “I bet she’s here to grill me about Bayo”. She hissed as she thought of him.

“Mum give me a minute, I just left the bathroom” Shalewa said shouting. “Shalewa just open this door” her mother said.

“Yes mum, what is it now?” Shalewa looking exasperated at her mum. “Don’t give me that look; I want you to see Bayo off to his car”.

“What! You mean you almost broke down my door just so I can see Bayo off? really mum, really? “Shalewa courtesy demands that you see him off, he’s your visitor” her mum answered, handing her clothes to wear.

“Now wear this, and go see Bayo off, and it’s a command not a request”. Shalewa took the dress, wore it, grumbling as she went downstairs.

“Oh there you are, you look more beautiful than I have ever seen you” Bayo said to her, looking her over. I came down stairs to see you off, so let’s start going” Shalewa said dismissively.

“Shalewa are you angry? Did I do something wrong? Bayo asked when they were outside. “Look Bayo I am not in the mood for any of your mind games, just walk straight to your car”. “Shalewa but I’m talking to you, why don’t you answer me?” he probed further. “Ok I know, I was an ass, I’m sorry. I had to drag you from the club so you don’t make a nuisance of yourself”. “So humiliating me in public was for my own good?” Shalewa asked bayo looking him in the eye. Before Bayo could answer, “you know what? It’s not even worth it, good night” and with that Shalewa sharply turned back into the house.

“Shalewa who is that guy and why are you so upset?” Foye, Shalewa’a younger sister who liked to be in the know of every and anything asked. “Foye I’m seriously not in the mood, please another time”. “Shalewa now, please tell me” Foye probed further. “He’s a work colleague” Shalewa answered. “He’s just a colleague? Girl what you waiting for, you’ve been waiting for prince charming, and if Mr mysterious is not the prince charming, then I wonder who is?”. “So you like him?” Shalewa asked Foye. “Of course, he looks like a cool guy, he looks rich and he’s very handsome”. Foye replied.

“Foye I don’t like him”. “But why?” “Because he is not my type” “What does that even mean? Foye asked Shalewa, looking at her quizzically.

“Foye I beg you with God I’m so not in the mood for this interview, can I just sleep?” “Not until you promise to give me the full gist tomorrow? “I promise”. “Ok; good night big sis and dream of Mr Mysterious” Foye said with a mischievous grin on her face.

Shalewa just shook her head, turned her face into her pillow and slept off.

Read Part 5 HERE.

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