Good day, Great Ladies & Gentlemen. I hope you all had a great weekend? Well, mine was quite eventful. On Saturday was my neighbour’s engagement and as a member of the community na, I went to their house to help out in any way I could. When I got there, I discovered virtually the whole neighbourhood was there, cooking, chopping, peeling, community cooking sha. I was kinda surprised; I didn’t know such things still happened.

Anyway, from there, I went to my gym class (I attend gym three times a week). I know I didn’t tell you guys I started a gym class; even though everyone around me thinks I’m crazy for attending the gym. You see, I’m slim and ordinarily, people just feel I don’t need the gym. But that’s not me; I’m kinda addicted to fitness and physical exercises. It’s an essential part of me and even though I used to attend gym like 2years back, I stopped, but now I’m back fully. I’ve realized that it doesn’t matter whether you are slim or fat; we all need some form of exercises in our lives. You hear someone just slumped and died without any prior warning or illness, it could be due to high cholesterol which is not written on the face and moreover, for our cardiac health, exercise is welcomed. The bible says For bodily exercise profiteth little” 1 Timothy 4:8 but that little profit is something.

After gym class I had to race to church for a seminar, I got to church, tired, hungry and extremely weak. I didn’t eat before attending the seminar cos I was already late. Anyway, my Pastor is a nice guy so he bought all attendees snacks (at least it was enough to hold my tummy before I ate real food).

After the seminar, I attended my neighbour’s engagement and it was colourful. I was able to witness another tribe’s marriage rites. At the end of the marriage rites, it was time to party. Unfortunately, yours truly was having an extremely bad headache and hunger threatened to tear my stomach walls apart. So I left to go home to sleep and eat. While enjoying my beautiful hot afternoon siesta, I was rudely awakened by an incessant caller. Anyway,I thank God for the interruption, cos if not for that, I would have missed the later part of the party. I love to dance and the traditional gbagi music (the bride is gbagi) was enticing. I joined the party late but I still had a splendid time. I learnedgbagi dance from my secondary school so my skills came in handy (lol).

On Sunday I was looking extremely fabulous (if I may say so myself). Anyway, during the weekend I had Bantu knots done which I didn’t lose still Sunday morning. I really wish I could share a pic but I still want to remain anonymous (lol).

After church, I & my family went visiting our cousins and it was a beautiful reunion.

Then I rounded up the great weekend, by watching the BBN finale live. Though there was no light, our generator which had not been used for days, finally came to life yesterday (thank God) and I was able to watch BBN finale. While watching the finale, I was so nervous as to who would win, but I’m happy Efe won. Though I was TeamBisola but I’m also happy for Efe; he deserved to win.

So that’s how my weekend went, don’t be selfish. Why don’t you guys share your weekend stories? I’m very sure it would all make our day.

Now, It’s another Monday, the month is passing by and the year is gradually running out, please don’t take the blessing for another day for granted. Every day we live is another opportunity to rewrite our legacy. Please let’s work towards our goals, live our dreams and live purposely. You don’t have to take big steps, small consistent steps would take you to your finish line, don’t lose sight of your focus, keep at it and success is guaranteed.

I pray that all our dreams will come to pass; I pray that our ideas and our skills would be a blessing to us and to the world in general.

Thank you for reading.

Have a memorable week ahead. I love you all.

Hugs, The Great Lady.


  1. Interesting. My weekend was uneventful cos I was down with malaria. BTW, when will the next season of Skinny Girl in Transit begin.


  2. So sorry you were ill. I hope you feel better now. I have no idea when SGIT will be back, but I know they're cooking something up. Thank you dear Anonymous for sharing your thoughts.


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