Howdy, everyone? I hope you all had a memorable week? Well, mine was kinda memorable; for different reasons. First, I cut my hair and I’ve been rocking it low cut for the past week. If I was once told that I would willingly; with my own hand cut my hair or go natural, I would have said it’s impossible. Now I’m proudly rocking a low cut; though sometimes I ask myself if I made the right decision cos sometimes I wonder if I still look good. But my sister (bless her heart) says I look absolutely amazing.

Secondly, which is the main reason why I’m writing this post. The weather has been beyond terrible. It’s been incredibly hot… hot to the extent that we don’t close our house main door when we sleep. Then to make matters worse, the light has also been bad, so bad that it couldn’t even carry a fan. So that’s how I slept in the parlour this week.

I don’t know where you stay, but in the part of Abuja where I live the heat is so intense, it feels like your skin is burning; the sun is like you are dancing in a fire. I kept telling my sister that the sun is not for human beings, lol.  To cope with the heat na, I loosed my crochet braids, I wrote about it HERE, and cut my hair. Not only did I cut my hair, the heat has kinda discoloured my face, rashes have taken a residence on my once smooth face; so sad.

The heat has been so intense and the rains refused to come that I & my sister began wondering what my area did to the heavens that the rains refused to come.

Well to our utmost surprise and delight, the rains came down angrily yesterday. We were so shocked that we made a video to commemorate the occasion. The weather suddenly became very cold that I even used a duvet to sleep. The weather was so unbearable but God saw our plight and brought the rain to rescue us. Anyway, this is our first rain in my area, I pray it continues.

I’ve been saying to myself that if heat is this intense in Abuja, how much more it will be in Northern states in Nigeria. May God deliver us this year. The way this heat is bad eh, no one must go to hell fire oh. Ordinary heat we wan die, if na hell nko? (the heat wants to kill us, how much more hell fire).

My great men and women please let us live in accordance with the laws of God so we don’t go to hell. This heat is just a preamble to what the real hell would be like. I think this is a good time to share with you guys a song a friend of mine sang about hell. It is titled HELL-IS-NOT-AN-OPTION.

So my people, especially those in Nigeria, what is the weather situation in your locality?

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