“Hey, Bayo are you here?” Shalewa asked tapping him lightly on the shoulder. He looked lost, “Shalewa I’m sorry I was lost in thought”. “I’m sorry for shouting at you earlier today; I think I was just transferring my hunger and tiredness at you”. “It’s ok, Shalewa I understand. I just wish you will date me, then I can call you all the sweet names I have in store”. Taking her hand again, “Shalewa Adebambo, would you please be my girlfriend?”

Before she could answer, just at the time she opened her mouth, his phone rang, he didn’t want to pick it, but the phone stubbornly kept ringing, “Bayo please pick your call” Shalewa told him. He knew who was calling, but he still didn’t want to pick. It rang a third time and

“What the hell are you doing at the Reals with that low-class colleague of yours? I thought you said you both were just friends, but from what I’m seeing this is not where and how “just friends” have dinner”. Roshana screamed into the phone. “What! Are you now following me?” Bayo fired angrily? “Following you ke, Nah; a friend of mine saw you both, took pictures and sent them to me”. “So you still haven’t answered my question, Mr. Smooth Talker” and with that Bayo ended the call and put off the phone.

“Bayo who was that? You look kind of ruffled; in fact, you look pissed”, “it’s nothing to worry your pretty head over” Bayo answered taking up the menu for the umpteenth time that night. “What a hell of a day,” he said as he thought to himself.

“So Shalewa what would you like to order?” “Hmm, let me see. Seeing that I am hungry, I would like White Rice and Eforiro complete with roundabout and water” Shalewa said turning to the waiter and handing over the menu. “Shalewa, I thought you don’t eat heavy at night?” Bayo asked. “Yeah I don’t, but tonight is an exception. I am really hungry.”

“So Mr. Bayo, what about you?” Shalewa said sarcastically. “Well I will have; Seafood Fried Rice and Shrimps with Orange juice”, handing over the menu to the standing waiter while thanking him. “Hmmm, interesting choice,” Shalewa said while pressing her phone. “Well I love my Seafood, so don’t blame me”.
As they were done eating, “thank you for a great meal Bayo, I had a pleasant time”, Shalewa said while putting her things together, ready to leave. “Not so fast babe, let’s pay a visit to the night club na, at least just for a few drinks, before heading home”. “What, No! I’m not going there, it’s getting late, I need to be heading home,” Shalewa grimaced.

“Come on it will just be for a few minutes, please?” Bayo begged, looking at her like a child begging for sweet. “Ok, fine! You always know how to get what you want”. “I wish” he responded murmuring.

And with that, they headed to the Reals Night Club. It was a vibrant and an energetic place with flashing lights, loud music and free spirited people enjoying themselves on the dance floor. It was often crowded during weekends, but on a Wednesday it wasn’t full. It was a perfect atmosphere for Shalewa, she hated crowds and often avoided the club on weekends, and Wednesday was free for ladies.

They headed straight for the VIP section, where a server was already waiting to take their orders. The VIP bar consisted of different ranges of wines and cocktails. The VIP section was a beautiful well thought section; with purple sofas, a soft purple light and decorated with natural flowers. “Sir and Ma what would you like to order?” The waiter asked both Bayo and Shalewa. “I would have a margarita” Shalewa said to the waiter “and I would have a mojito,” Bayo said to the waiter.

“Shalewa you always order the same thing”, he said hitting her playfully in the arm, “and you too” she responded as she playfully hit him in the leg. They both laughed, throwing their heads backward. Just then, like they were both hit by a cupid’s arrow, they met each other face. And as Bayo was about leaning in for a kiss, “Sir, here are your orders” the handsome looking waiter said interrupting what would have been a perfect moment.

“What the F..k,” Bayo cussed under his breath, “Jeez like dude, is this the perfect moment to bring in our orders? What the hell is wrong with you?” Bayo said shouting furiously at the waiter, who stood there looking confused, as to what the problem is. “I’m sorry sir, I didn’t mean to intrude. I didn’t want to keep you guys further waiting, I’m so sorry”.

“It’s ok dear”, Shalewa told the waiter, “just drop the drinks”. Shalewa was happy about the interruption. “Thank you ma”, and with that, the waiter looking relieved returned to his stand. “I think you were too harsh on the guy, he was only doing his job,” Shalewa said to Bayo, looking him in the eye.

“I think so too” he responded. “I would give him a tip on our way out”. “Without apologizing? Come on Bayo.” “Shalewa please, I’m not ready for an argument right now, ok. Can we just have a good time here and leave?” “I’m sorry for pushing it”. And with that, she faced her drink and took a sip.

“What an asshole,” Bayo thought, thinking again of the waiter’s interruption. “Dude just had to ruin a perfect moment; this would have been my time”. With a furrow on his face, he was still angry at the waiter.

“Can I have another glass please”, Shalewa called to the waiter who had earlier served them. He so happened to be passing by, at just the time she wanted another drink. “Ok ma” he responded as he threw a fearful glance in Bayo’s direction.

“Shalewa do you want to get drunk?” Bayo said turning to her. “Well, the second glass of margarita shouldn’t make one drunk?” She replied, taking off her shoes as she responded. “Well for your information, due to your small frame and figure, you can easily get drunk on a margarita,” he said; looking at her like a parent would a scolding child. “Thank you Mr for the information, Shalewa said sarcastically.

“Here ma is your drink”, the waiter returned with Shalewa’s glass on a platter. As he turned to leave, Shalewa withheld his hand and told him to get her another drink.

“What! Shalewa you want to get drunk on my watch, do you want to misbehave here, what is wrong with you?” Bayo said angrily making a way to grab the drink from her hand. “Well Bayo, it’s none of your business what I do, moreover you aren’t my father”. And with that, she downed the whole glass.

At this time, the waiter returned with Shalewa’s third drink, and as he dropped the glass on the table, Bayo called him back, shouting at him and demanding to know why he wanted to waste his girl, before the waiter could respond, Bayo emptied the contents of the glass on the waiter and grabbed Shalewa by the hand, forcing her to stand and dragging her out of the club in the full glare of everyone.

“Bayo let go of me, have you gone nuts” Shalewa trying to get free of Bayo’s strong hands. “Well I’m taking you home right now, and I won’t drop you at your parents place drunk, so you better behave”. Shalewa resigned to fate and let Bayo hold her, but she was mad. Mad at him behaving like he could control her, mad at him for embarrassing her in public. She wouldn’t speak to him again after today, she thought to herself.

They got to the car; Bayo opened it, turned to the passenger’s door, opened the door and practically threw Shalewa in. He turned over to the driver’s side, got in and drove off like someone was literally chasing him.

Read Part 4 HERE

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