Hello, everyone. I hope we all had a memorable week? Today I would like to share a life-changing event that happened to me recently. Two days ago during lunch hour, I decided to get myself some food. I hardly eat out, but on this particular day, I didn’t eat at home. So babe did the logical thing; get food to eat from my favorite food vendor.

When I got there, I met somewhat of a queue and the normal thing is to wait, so I was waiting for my turn.

But as usual, Nigerians are very impatient people; a man just walked up to the vendor demanding to be served immediately with two plates in hand. Funny enough he was served, when people saw he was served, everyone was now struggling to get their order heard.

To cut the long story short, when the chaos was over and it was finally my turn to be served. A lady walked up to the joint and impatiently started asking to be served.

In my mind I was like, “but you just came and you met others here, why don’t you just wait for your turn?” I was really pissed. Funny thing was when the food vendor was serving others (who had come before her) she started getting angry. She kept saying things like, “madam the food is for my son”.

As I watched this drama unfold before me, it then struck me how impatient we are. I would like to call my generation; this “The Indomie Generation”. These are the days of fast networks, fast food, shorter marriages, shorter tempers; we live in a fast-paced life. Everyone is now in the fast lane; we are always busy yet achieving little or nothing. The essence of patience has slowly been eroded. Young people are no longer willing to put the work, the wait, the work and the efforts for success, we want riches overnight.

What is patience? Patience is the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.

Impatience shows up in almost every way of life. Drivers impatiently honking in traffic, impatience at a slow network, the grumbling in a slow moving line; we can’t even bear to stand (wait) in a queue. We prefer to microwave food instead of boiling it, waiting for a web page to load seems like it’s forever. Another example, when we are faced with an issue that seems prolonged and challenging, we tend to lose faith and give up.

As I’m writing this article, I am also talking to myself. I’m not a very patient person, and it’s something I have been struggling with.

I titled this article in my language; which is the Yoruba Language from Nigeria. “Surulere” means “Patience is rewarding”.
Why is patience-rewarding?
1.      It would prolong your life. When you’re patient, you are happier, you think less, you are not depressed; what else is needed for a happier life?
2.    It would make you much more friendly and accommodating towards others. You can’t be friendly/nice or helpful with others if you’re not a patient person. You will discover that the impatient person is the one whose personal relationship with people is nonexistent or its suffering Click to Tweet If you’re a patient person you will find out that people are free to open up to you or confide in you. There’s trust in been patient.
3.    Patience helps us achieve our goals. The road to success; In fact, the journey to achieving anything in life is by patience and hard work. Whenever you are doing something great or worthwhile, you will definitely be met by frustrations, you will be tempted to give up, you will face situations that tend to question your faith, but it’s only patience; the wisdom to know that “nothing great in life comes easy”  will keep you. If you’re the type of person who wants to see results immediately, you will be easily frustrated. Click to Tweet If you don’t have patience, you will become very discouraged; discouragement and success cannot go hand in hand. Please don’t confuse impatience with laziness and having a lackadaisical attitude. Patience is simply knowing that “I may not get the results I want immediately, but I will eventually get it”.

How do we practice patience in “our world of instant gratification?”
1.      Practice the act of gratitude. If we’re thankful for what we have today, then we won’t be desperate for more stuff or better circumstances immediately. For example, instead of complaining about not having food, why not be thankful that you are alive and well.
2.    Learn to reappraise the situation. Before lashing out at someone impatiently; maybe for something they didn’t do right, why not put yourself in their shoes. Would you have done better? Maybe they don’t know the right way to do it? If someone is delaying in showing up for a prearranged meeting, why not use that opportunity of a delay to get some work done or improve yourself more?
3.    Practice self-control. No matter how you shout, fume or fuss, some situations will forever be beyond your control and wisdom is knowing that there’s nothing you can do about it.
4.    Be more considerate of others. An impatient person is a selfish and an arrogant person. The major reason why you’re acting impatiently is because you’re thinking more highly of yourself. “Why would a whole me be delayed?” Be a little humble and be more considerate of others.

After reading this article, I desire that there would be an attitude change. Let us try in our everyday life to practice patience, in our dealings with people, please be considerate and patient with them.

You may not be a patient person today, but hope is not lost, know that there is still time to learn. Developing this virtue may have more benefits than you could imagine.

Thank you for reading. Kindly share your thoughts; what you think patience is and situations in which you’ve acted impatiently or patiently.

God bless you. I wish you all a prosperous weekend.

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