“Eku le Ma” Shalewa greeted her parents as she stepped into the house. In tow was a dashing young man who prostrated before the Adebambo’s to greet them. Shalewa’s parents were happy; they were elated to see a man with her. Though she had unusually returned home late, they didn’t mind; if the lateness had something to do with the young man. On a normal day, they would have questioned her for coming home late but today they would let it slide.

You see Shalewa had not brought a man home in the last one year. Whenever a guy wanted to visit her at home she always had one excuse or the other. The truth is, she didn’t want to raise the hopes of her parents. She knew that whoever she brought home would be seen as a potential son-in-law and would be grilled to no end.

That was how the last time; Nathan a young man whom she met at the grocery store; whom she had secretly been seeing and chatting with, brought her home after one of their frequent ‘dates’ decided to come in to meet her parents. Shalewa liked him and felt he was someone she could end up dating, so she thought nothing of it when he suggested he say hello to her parents.

She didn’t know what it was, but immediately her mum sighted Nathan, her mum took off to the kitchen ‘to hide’ she didn’t answer any of Nathan’s greetings; rather she spent her time in the kitchen binding, unknown devils. Shalewa could hear her mum repeatedly saying, “Any man that is not meant for my daughter, father separate them”. Her father, on the other hand, was happily chatting with him. If her father didn’t like Nathan, then he did a good job of not showing it. Her Mum didn’t like Nathan and Mrs. Adebambo made sure he knew before he left.

When Nathan was about leaving, Shalewa followed him outside to see him off, and he asked her, “Shalewa do your parents like me?” “Why would you ask such a question, they just met you for crying out loud?” Shalewa responded taking his hands in hers. “Well for one, I don’t think your mother likes me, have you told them anything about me before?” Nathan asked again, this time pleadingly. “Well I haven’t; don’t mind mum, she was just busy in the kitchen”. Shalewa responded.

“Ok if you say so, I would really love them to like me, so they can know how much I adore their daughter”. “Awwww, babe, I adore you too. Don’t worry my parents would love you”. Shalewa replied as she made to hug Nathan. They hugged like two people who were hungry for each other.

“Thank you for coming, Shalewa said to Nathan”. They were still holding hands, each one not ready to let go. As she made to turn to enter her house, Nathan lovingly pulled her back and gave her a peck on the cheeks. And with that, Shalewa turned into her house. Nathan stood outside of her gate, watching her as she closed the gate and entered the house.

Immediately Shalewa got into the house, she was called for a meeting with her parents, Shalewa, who’s that man? Her mum asked. “Mum, he’s just a guy I met”. “What? You mean you brought a stranger, a guy you don’t even know to my house?” Mrs. Adebambo fired angrily. “Mum stop been melodramatic, if I bring a guy home, problem; if I don’t also a problem. What else do you want me to do? After you will say I should marry, how am I supposed to marry, if I don’t have guy friends? and Mum how can you even dislike someone you don’t even know, for crying out loud, you just met him, why not give him a chance and get to know him first, before deciding whether you like him or not?” Shalewa responded.

“Shalewa my spirit is not in tune with him” her mum responded quietly. “Your spirit huh?” “Yes my spirit is not in agreement with him and whenever my spirit is not in agreement with someone or something, it always turns out that it was right. “Here we go again, I honestly can’t believe this”. Shalewa fired back.

“Shalewa that’s enough”, her father said. “Your mum is not comfortable with him that’s all. Shouldn’t you know a guy well, before bringing him home?” “Dad we went out and he offered to drop me at home, when we got to the gate, he thought it wise to greet my parents, thinking it was the right thing to do; it obviously wasn’t. Please, you guys should leave me alone”. And with that Shalewa walked out, this is what she always did whenever there was a disagreement with her parents. She would get angry and walk out because she didn’t want to say anything that she would regret.

After that episode, she promised herself that she wouldn’t bring any guy home again, until…

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