Hello, my dear blog family. I hope your day is going on great? Happy belated Women’s Day to all the fabulous women in our lives who have made life worth living, your love and sacrifice do not go unnoticed.

I would like to share an interesting story with you guys. So I shared HERE that I wasn’t buying any new dresses and I also shared HOW CHRISTIAN LADIES SHOULD DRESS. Well, something interesting happened like some weeks ago, that I thought I should share.

I bought a halter neck dress (my first ever) which I was practically forced/cajoled to buy and I decided to wear it to work the next day; with a blazer of course. I thought I was looking good until I got to the office.

Well, that was a bad decision. I got to the office and I discovered that men kept looking at my chest, I kept wondering why. It took one of my office best friends to tell me my boobs were on display. I’ve never been so embarrassed.

Throughout that work day, I was so uncomfortable. I kept adjusting the dress and my blazer. You guys needed to see the way guys/men kept looking at me. It was that day I confirmed what I’ve always heard…that men are moved by what they see.

I had never been so embarrassed my whole life, the way I was that day. It was so uncomfortable for me to know that the men who I’ve hidden my body for in my office had a free sight that day.

Due to the way I felt so uncomfortable, I started asking myself how girls who expose their cleavage/body feel in public. Don’t they feel ashamed?
Anyway maybe because we are all different sha, because if not; I don’t think anyone should feel so free exposing any part of their body.

It was even more sad to me when one of my friends told me he thought I exposed my cleavage on purpose. I was beyond shocked. I said to him, “but you know me na, I don’t dress like this. Today was so unintentional; a dress that I bought yesterday and I decided to rock today. Maybe I didn’t spend time in front of the mirror to notice it”. He said he thought I was following fashion, imagine. Anyway, the dude apologized.

So over to you guys, have you ever had any case of wardrobe malfunction that you would love to share? Kindly share your thoughts in the comments section.

Thank you for reading.


  1. I've had a similar embarassing experience also.
    I wore a skirt which was short and went to class. Unfortunately for me I was late for class. One thing about my then school is that it was hilly so before I got to class I had climbed up the hill to get to class and trust the darling skirt it went up further. In the bid not to be further late for class, I was rushing so I wasn't even conscious of how I looked I just walked into the class and lo and behold the eyes everyone gave me was something else. It was so bad that my teacher who saw me as a good girl said that some peole come to school to show off.
    I felt so embarrassed that day.
    One of my very close male friends had to ask me what I was thinking, he even told me of his fellow guys comment that day.


  2. Pele dear. I can't begin to imagine what you must have felt. The incident made me realise people are often too quick to judge someone based on personal appearance.


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