Hello everyone, hope your day is going on well; hope it’s a fruitful and a productive day? So like I stated HERE, I said I am so ready to let go of my signature braids and this past weekend, I was finally able to let them go. I had fallen in love with crochet braids and I was determined to make them, but one thing I wasn’t educated on or aware of, was on how expensive the hair is. I won’t even talk about the amount I spent, let me just focus on the new look.

So at first, I felt wow I look good; I love my hair. I was happy. Then later maybe because I looked totally different (I looked so different that even my brother could not recognize me, lol) I started doubting whether the hair looked good or not.

Then another thing the curls were not as intact as before, and me I like perfection. Well, I’m not taking off the hair, not after the money I’ve spent on it (lol).

Though I like the fact that it’s easy and very fast to do, I also love the fact that it’s light to carry on the head. I feel so strange sha with my whole new look, sometimes I don’t recognize myself. Well, change is good. Routine is boring and spontaneous is sexy.

I really wish I could share pictures of the hair, so at least I could hear you guys’ opinion. Well, when I lose this hair, I’ll be doing something different again. I’m no longer going back to routine.

I wish you all a good-surprises filled week.

Thank you for reading.

Image Source: HairstyleHub

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