Hello everyone, I would like to share a short story I wrote last week. This is very new for me, I have once tried to write a novel but it proved difficult, but last week I was able to write a very short story. I’m sharing it here because I want to know what you guys think.  Does it make sense? Should I continue writing or stop? Please read and let me know your thoughts.

I had just come back “from the abroad” in 2013 single and not searching. My parents were kinda disappointed I didn’t come with a better half, and in a bid to see that I got married that year; my parents forced me to attend a cooking class. They felt my inability to cook was a major reason I was still single.

I did all I could to refuse to attend the class, but I was given an ultimatum, either I attend the class or I will be denied all of my privileges.

The first day of class I came in late, throwing tantrums everywhere I even broke one of the instruments they used… which I had to pay for. I sulked throughout the duration of the class.

I didn’t understand what cooking had to do with relationships or even marriage. I have always had one philosophy; whoever cannot stand “my non cooking skills” is free to go.

Anyway at the end of the class, while waiting for my driver to show up, a guy who I noticed was staring at me during class walked up to me. The conversation went thus:

Guy: hey beautiful.
Me: WHAT do you want?
Guy: I know you are waiting for your driver but I could drop you off.
Me: NO thanks, I’m fine.
Guy: a heavy storm is brewing, your driver is nowhere to be found, let me drop you off at home.
I looked up, there was a cloud gathering, I called my driver; dude somehow got the car tyres busted and was at the mechanic.
Guy: this makes no sense; come on, let me take you home.
Me: OK! (Sigh)

That began our several trips to and fro cooking school. Guy wanted to be a chef and he made me fall in love with food. I began looking forward to cooking class because it was another opportunity to see guy.

Towards the end of the course, we were to make a meal and give it to any member of the class, we choose.

On the day of the presentation, I was the last person to present. I made three different things, the first was snacks which I gave to the class rep, the second a special continental drink which I gave to my favorite tutor and the third a three-course meal.

I walked up to guy, told him how much I valued his friendship, how much he made me fall in love with food and how much I ended up falling in love with Him, and what better way to show my love than preparing his favorite three-course meal,

Plantain Salad with Pineapple Glazed Turkey Wings as starters
Curry Salmon & Steamed Rice as the main course
And Milo Chocolate Cake for desserts.


Needless to say, he drew closer, leaned towards me and gave me my first kiss EVER.

At the end of the meal, he knelt in front of the whole class and asked me to be HIS WIFE.

Maybe my parents were right after all.

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