The past few days I have been on the quest to find out what people; especially Christians think about premarital sex. To say the least, I have been disappointed at the number of Christians that do not see anything wrong in engaging in premarital sex.

I am emphasizing on Christians because I feel we should know better. It’s so unfortunate that many of the people who are in support of premarital sex are workers in the church, this is not to shame anybody I’m just expressing my surprise.

This afternoon I was speaking to a friend who is about getting married and I asked him what he thought of premarital sex. He said in his opinion it was important that an intending couple should have sex first, before getting married, in order to test the other person’s sexual compatibility.

Funny enough we started our discussion talking about the pregnancy test requirement a lot of churches do before they wed a couple. He was of the opinion that it wasn’t necessary and even if it was it shouldn’t be done too close to the wedding date. He was of the opinion that pregnancy test should be done three months to the date of the wedding. That it was an act of wickedness for a church to cancel a wedding simply because the bride was pregnant.

He said after all people can be sleeping together and a pregnancy may not result or they may take precautions and that at the end of the day, the couple is just deceiving the church.

It was then I told him that the law of not sleeping with someone except that person is your spouse is not a law of the church but a law of God. and if you think you’re deceiving the church, it is yourself you will end up deceiving. No man can deceive God and our actions have consequences.

I told him something I always say if God, the originator of “The Sex” says we shouldn’t have sex until we are married and to our spouse alone, don’t you think He(God) has his reasons? He made it so He alone knows what’s best for us. We can’t outsmart the maker.

The media has sold sex to us as a best-selling thing, music, clothes, shoes cannot be sold except naked women are featured in it, you would be surprised that even to sell a house there must be a woman who’s “well exposed” advertising it.

We’ve bought into this idea that sex is a performance that must be grandiosely performed; so couples are afraid of performing “below standard”.

People say sexual compatibility is their major reason for the advocation “of testing”, but like I told my friend this morning; it is because we are spoilt that’s why we want to “test the product”. It’s because we’ve tasted “every instrument” out there that’s why we are concerned about who will satisfy us. A man would have polluted his mind and soul with pornography and when he gets married, he gets disappointed because his wife cannot satisfy him, but how does he expect her to, when she’s not under the influence neither is she performing for a camera.

Now, this is my belief and this is what I told my friend, both partners in a marriage may first of all meet as inexperienced people, but with time, communication and practice they are able to learn to satisfy each other. The ones who count themselves as pros “under the sheet” did not start out that way, they started as inexperienced learners. So the excuse of “sexual compatibility” doesn’t hold water.

There’s also something I told my friend, that’s it’s important for intending couples to discuss some salient issues before tying the knot, and this, in… my opinion includes sex, finance, house responsibilities etc.

Come to think of it, putting asides spirituality, are we human beings all about sex? Is that all there is to you? Just sex? I’m not married yet, but I know couples do not have sex everyday neither is it the only reason or the most important reason for a marriage to last.

We have abandoned the rules of God and we wonder why things are upside down, I have this to say; this time around let’s try following God’s way. No one has ever lived according to the ways of God and regretted.

So over to you guys, what do y’all think? Yes or Nah to premarital sex and whatever your answer, kindly state your reason. I love to hear from guys please make me happy by leaving a comment. Thank you.

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4 thoughts on “PREMARITAL SEX: YES OR NAH?

  1. Wow it really surprises me to hear Christians say that there is nothing wrong with pre marital sex. It is really amazing cos it is clearly stated in the bible. I don't support premarital sex tho.


  2. I don't think that a true Christian will say God wants them to have premarital sex. I feel that there is a saying that God understands, someone once told me that God hasn't given him the ability to stay celibate just yet and God doesn't love him less.


  3. Lol that your friend is very funny. Regardless of what we do, God will never love us less. You're right, no true Child of God would be comfortable with Premarital sex. May God help us all. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


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