Yesterday afternoon I had closed from work and was waiting for a colleague who promised to drop me at home. As I was trying to cross the road, I noticed a man on a bike; he was riding forward but he kept looking backward. Not once, not twice did he look backward, he kept looking back meanwhile he was riding forward.

Dude would have hit me, if not for God’s grace. I kept asking myself, how do you keep looking backward when you’re driving? As I was still pondering over this, something struck me. How do you move forward, when you keep looking backward?

If you are going to make progress in life, you have to forget what’s in the past. The motorcycle man would have hit me, simply because he wasn’t looking at where he was going. How can you be going forward and then be looking backward?

I know you think you must have made mistakes, but your future is at risk of been jeopardized if you focus on the past and refuse to let it go. Sometimes living in the past is not just dwelling on past mistakes but also it can be focusing on past glory. Nothing hinders the present and the future like when we live in the past.

You know what? We all make mistakes but successful people are those who don’t allow their past to weigh them down but learn from it and move on. Failures are people who dwell on their past, focusing so much on it that they refuse to see the blessing and the gift of today.

The past is gone and there’s nothing you can do about it than to learn from it. I believe you can never be successful if you have never failed before, and the experiences of yesterday remind us where we are coming from, and equip us on how to better handle today.

I don’t care what your past must have been like, I don’t care if you think you made a mess of your life, I don’t care if you wish you could rewrite yesterday’s story, you know what I care about; today.

One tricky thing about living in the past is, it brings with it a certain fear of the future. You can’t be living in the past if you are not afraid of the future. Fear is one of the most dangerous things you can allow to rule you. Fear would hinder you from fulfilling your full potential. It would cage you, and make you see the world from a myopic view.

You know what? You would be fine. Don’t be afraid of the future. Don’t dwell on past glory, there are still more successes to attain. Don’t dwell on past mistakes; we make mistakes because we are human.

Life is too short to live it in regrets, live is too short to keep wishing you can rewrite yesterday, what is most important is that, you have today to rewrite your tomorrow.

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