Yesterday morning in church, a certain man walked into the church and was directed to sit in the congregation with his wife. He then told the usher that he’s a Pastor and should be directed to the Pastors seat (mind you, he is a stranger and a first timer) the usher directed him to a certain row of seats which was opposite the altar.

I am an usher in church so when this incident happened, I asked a fellow usher why the man was taken to that seat. Then she said, the man categorically told them he’s a Pastor and needs to be taken to the seat for pastors. Honestly speaking I laughed because we have never seen that man in church before and the seats for Pastors in my church are for only Pastors of the church (they were already filled as a matter of fact).

We were discussing the issue after service and I marveled. So because you’re a Pastor it has become a crime to seat in the congregation with others? The funny thing is this I recognized this Pastor as one of those who use to preach in the motor park.

 As an usher in church, this is not the first time I’ve seen something like this. During church programs, a stranger would walk into the church and demand to be taken to Pastor’s seat because “he is a Pastor”.

There’s even a particular one that just comes in and ushers himself to our Pastors seat and you dare not stop him. In fact, he wouldn’t even answer you; he will just go straight to the seat.

As a minister of God in another congregation where no one knows you, should you be demanding for a special seat because “you are a Pastor?”.

I often ask myself what is the big deal on sitting on a “special seat”? Is there a law that says when you become a Pastor you cannot seat among the congregation in another ministry?

Demanding for this special seat, isn’t it pride?

I heard the story of a young Pastor who during the Pastor’s meeting, asked the GO when they (Pastors) would start seating on the altar. He believed the seat reserved for them wasn’t as special and important as the one on the altar. I began to ask myself is that what is important? Aren’t there any pressing issues about the church to be discussed than seat? Come on we can do better than this.

Where you sit in my opinion doesn’t matter just keep doing the master’s business, you don’t even have to fight for your reward, it would come. 1 Peter 5:6 (NKJV),Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time”.

Humility is easier said than done and I get it, especially when people begin to give you accolades, tell you how awesome you are, and let you know how much you’ve changed their lives. If you aren’t careful, you begin to take glory that isn’t meant for you.

It doesn’t help that sometimes church people can set up their pastors innocently. Some even begin to place the Pastor above God in their lives or begin worshipping these men unknowingly. We should respect men of God; I know that but let’s not set them up for pride and arrogance.

I believe there’s a thin line between pride and humility. If you are not careful, you who were once humble begin to entertain prideful thoughts. This is where the Holy Spirit comes in, every day we should submit ourselves to Him so we do not miss it.

While writing this, I wasn’t sure whether I should post it. but this morning I felt a strong urge to. Humility is very dear to the heart of God and He wants each and every one of us to walk in humility. May God help us all.

I wish you all a memorable and a prosperous week. I pray we spend this week wisely and make it count.

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