Recent happenings in Nigeria has left me afraid and to fear for the future of my unborn children. There are no more rights or wrong things; it’s now “Do you”. Things that were hitherto strange are now getting popular and accepted.

If you doubt it, why is a character like Bobrisky so popular and influential? Even Today’s Woman that I once respected called him for an interview. Media houses, blogs have realized his popularity and want to use the opportunity to cash in.

Homosexuality, cross dressing, transgender and the likes are no more taboos. These topics now form our narratives. Several years ago, it was impossible to read, or “come out”, or even talk about it. But now, these are the things that dominate the media sphere.

Proponents of these beliefs have devoted large amounts of money to make sure these are what form our narratives. You see, the more we talk about it, the more we begin to see nothing wrong with it, and the more it will be accepted.

People now rationalize homosexuality, cross-dressing and other forms of madness. Influential personalities even the churches are forbidden to condemn these acts. It’s worse in the developed world than in Nigeria. In the US for example, to remain politically correct and relevant in whatever field you have chosen, you must not speak against these acts.

I fear for the children my generation would raise. I fear they would be encouraged to do whatever it is they want to do, regardless of whether Heaven is against it; as long as, “they are being themselves”.

There’s this trio of sick individuals led by a man with two ladies following him about; he has them on a leash. Put them in dog chains and they follow him around, like mad people. A popular blog put up the story and in the comment section, a lot of people do not see anything wrong with it.

I keep hearing they are consenting adults, and they are free to do whatever they want to. We do not want people to say we are judging so we say “By all means, just do you”.
My generation does not like the truth, we do not want to be corrected, and we are too quick and too good in “clapping back”.

I am sincerely afraid of the environment my children would grow in. How are they to be corrected when they err if they are to “just do you”.

I don’t even know how to end this, but I just wish things would change. I just wish we wouldn’t criticize those who are courageous enough to say the truth. How I wish celebrities who know God wouldn’t just fold their arms, but would use the platform they have to promote Kingdom principles. I just wish we wouldn’t applaud those who criticize the church, biblical principles, and Men of God. I just wish the church would realize we’re shooting ourselves in the foot when we do not practice what we preach.

Romans 2:24 says For the name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles through you, as it is written; which means that if we as Christians live as God ordained, the name of God would not be ridiculed.

Recently, a popular comedian condemned one loud mouth OAP who attacks anything that has to do with God. I was reading through his comment section and some were telling the comedian that he should stick to his entertaining business and leave what does not concern him. But as he rightly said, his platform is to reecho the truth.

This is the problem with the church, we think Christianity is just attending services, but Christianity is truly representing Christ in the MARKETPLACE. What is the Marketplace? It’s our offices, our schools, our businesses, etc. God did not give us the Holy Spirit to just attend church, or speak in tongues but to truly represent Him EVERYWHERE.

We are to take over every sector of the economy, we are supposed to be in Music, Politics, Entertainment, Agriculture, Finance, ICT, and we are to be His ambassadors in the MARKETPLACE.

I am tired of Christians filling church pews while living ineffective lives. We live as we want Monday – Saturday, but we are back as Christians on Sunday, lifting up “Holy Hands”. After the service is over, we drop God aside and continue “to do us”.

The church is folding its arms and doing nothing while we never fail to attend services, yet there’s moral decadence all around us. I challenge us all today to always speak for what is right, let’s not fold our arms and watch the society break down right before our very eyes.

Photo Credit: DJBOOTH


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