Prior to now, I never knew there were different categories of single ladies and I’m not talking about the classification based on their love life and how they approach love, nah. I am talking about the classification invented by not so ‘little’ sister.

She had read The Single Lady’s Misconceptions and when she was through, I asked for her opinion and she said she can’t relate because she’s not a single lady.

I found it very strange and at the same time very funny; because even though she’s not yet married she’s saying she can’t identify as a single lady.

I believe the reason I found it strange is because the amount of expectation and burden society heaps on a single lady is overwhelming and you can’t help just feel it.

Society has already drawn out the map for your life which you must follow strictly or else something is said to be wrong with you, secondary School – University – Marriage.  Forget the fact that, in school, you are not supposed to be in a relationship, so “you will not be distracted” for lack of a better description.

If after graduating University and you aren’t dating, forget to further, before you will be termed too ambitious, just have a stable relationship and get married.

Peradventure you deviate from this plan; woe unto you. Family, the church, aunties and uncles, colleagues would start calling you for meetings or holding one on your behalf, taking you for deliverance or matchmaking you with any Tom, Dick, and Harry.

Our society is obsessed with marriage, read blogs and you would see that the articles with the most comments are those on marriage, relationship, love, feminism and the likes.

I remember one twitter user (I think last year) wrote on her timeline, that she’s searching for a boyfriend and that tweet got thousands of retweet, meanwhile she also tweeted about her career and no one noticed.

Anyway, I kinda agree with my sister, she’s still in school so she’s not yet a single lady, but babe just wait till you graduate. One Aunt would start asking you if you’re seeing anyone.

If you happen to be in your late twenties and you’re still single, one advice from a big sister; whatever you do make sure you do not live with your parents or in a familiar environment.

To you, my fellow readers, does the unmarried state of a person automatically make the person single? Or does the educational level of a person determine the person’s singleness? What’s your take, kindly write a comment and let me know what you think.

I wish you all a prosperous week. Do your best to make this week count.

2 thoughts on “I AM NOT A SINGLE LADY

  1. Lol…another talk on relationships, I like it sha..not complaining. Anyway to me as far as you are unmarried you are single, whether you are 19 or 26, there are differences though..A 19 year old might not feel the pressure to get married but there is a possibility of her meeting someone she will marry and get married. There are definitely grades to this single thing though, I hear there's mature single lady and young single girl


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