Forget the title, just follow me closely. Yesterday my cousin dropped by the house to visit. We hadn’t seen him since the holidays and he had just come back from visiting his parents. When he entered my room and sighted the heap of books on my mirror he said, “If a man sees these number of books in your room, he will be intimidated and feel like you will be too knowledgeable to handle”. I was like really? He said yes. 

He then went on to say in the medical field (he’s a doctor) the higher a female doctor rises in medicine the more, men would be afraid to approach her. He said the number of “toasters” would decrease once she leaves medical school, as she goes on for youth service, the number keeps on decreasing, until eventually, they become a handful. He then said that is the reason lots of female doctors marry their colleagues. That even the male colleagues are more often than not afraid to approach a fellow female doctor.

As I was pondering over this in my mind, I remembered a certain time, a very close friend of mine was telling me about his relationship. At the time he said he was unsure whether he should continue in it or not. I asked him what the problem was and he said his babe wanted to do a Master’s program and I asked him how that was a problem, and he said the girl is too stubborn that if she does Masters, it would make her difficult, heady and more stubborn. That don’t I know too much knowledge is not good for a heady woman?

I couldn’t help but wonder how a well-educated man could say such. If it were an illiterate that said such, I wouldn’t be surprised. Coincidentally this friend of mine is a doctor and an accomplished one at that.

So it has become wrong for a woman to be well read or be intelligent or further her education as that would make her “more stubborn” or difficult to control”.

While doing a research on this topic, I found an interesting fact, “Psychology found evidence that men automatically interpret a woman’s success as their own failures”. Interesting isn’t? Another fact: “with big brains come big bucks, which lead men to feel emasculated”.

It’s funny how in this 21st century some men still expect women not to be too knowledgeable or well read. In this generation that the gender/sex of a child doesn’t determine the amount of success he/she can attain in life.

Chocolate-chip cookies, Circular saw, Dishwasher, Disposable diaper, Electric hot water heater, Elevated railway, Globes, Ironing board, Kevlar, a steel-like fiber used in radial tires, crash helmets, and bulletproof vests, Locomotive chimney, Medical syringe, Paper-bag-making machine, Street-cleaning machine, Submarine lamp and telescope, Windshield wiper and even Computers were all invented by women. Imagine if the women who invented these great things, were told: “madam please shift, you are not capable of anything”.

I make no apologies to say that I love reading and I read a lot, in fact, one of my hobbies is reading. Though I haven’t been too faithful about it, but this year, one of my goals is to read at least one book every week.

There are many reasons why we should read
1.      It expands your imagination.
2.    Improves your memory.
3.    Books can give us an opportunity to have experiences that we haven’t had the opportunity to, and still allow us to learn the life skills they entail.
4.    It improves your knowledge and conversation skills.
5.     Reading makes you smarter.
6.    Reading develops your verbal abilities.
If in this 21st century, a man is intimidated by a smart intelligent woman I dare say that he is insecure, lacks confidence and a boy that needs serious growing up. Only weak, passive and lackadaisical men are intimidated by well-rounded educated girls.

So ladies, who are intellectual visionaries, don’t be deterred. I believe not all men are intimidated by a well-read woman; there are sapiosexuals, in which case, your intelligence is sexy to them.

So yes, “A Well-Read Woman is a Dangerous Woman”.

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  1. “he said his babe wanted to do a Master’s program and I asked him how that was a problem, and he said the girl is too stubborn that if she does Masters, it would make her difficult, heady and more stubborn. That don’t I know too much knowledge is not good for a heady woman”
    OMG, what an insecure and childish man….mtchewww

    Anyways pertaining to what you said about female doctors not having a lot of toasters, I remember one of my lecturers telling us in class that as medical students (females in particular) we should better start looking for our other half in school cus after school it might not be too easy to get a husband….lol

    I love this right-up, I think we can even start a motion to make women even read more….. hehehe #smiles #shinesteeth


  2. As a woman, you should run away from men who feel intimidated by your growth and success and who want to trap you down. If you love reading and want to get a truck load of educational qualifications, then please go ahead and do so. Don't live your life for anyone, live for yourself.


  3. My sister he's a very very insecured and childish man. I agree with you, women should be encouraged to read more. When you educate a woman you educate a nation. Thank you for reading.


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