love 2

This evening, while I was watching back episodes of Ndani TV Skinny girl in transit, if you don’t know that series then you’re living under a rock, literally, lol. Anyway, check out the last episode HERE .

While watching the various love scenes, I was just feeling all mushy mushy, wishing and dreaming when I would have love in my life. The thing is I am a hopeless romantic, a sucker for love any day; anytime.

I kept telling myself 2017 better be the year I meet love, hahaha. While still dreaming about love, a family friend walked into the house with her husband, asides been a friend of the family, she’s also a prophetess. I always dread her visits, because I’m not ready for any of her unsolicited messages from God.

I used to believe in prophets until I discovered the havoc and the wreak they’ve done to my life, especially as my parents love them so much.

Before I continue, let me give you guys a background story, for, like three years now, I have been under intense pressure from my parents to marry a particular guy, mainly because this prophetess says the dude is my God ordained husband.

If I like this guy, then all good and fine; but I don’t even like him to begin with, moreover if God says someone is my husband, then he should tell me too. Long story short, I refused and it’s been a source of contention between my parents and I especially my mum.

Back to the story, prophetess started telling me how God is warning me and giving me the last chance to marry that particular guy or the person I would eventually marry would maltreat me. Prior to this time, I have been super convinced that this dude is not the one for me, but tonight with her words, I became afraid and very confused.

This particular guy is getting married in two(2) months’ time, and the prophetess told me I should still go and meet him telling him I have changed my mind. Imagine. I should go and meet someone who is getting married to another person, that I’m now ready.

In fact in her words, “that I have the key in my hands”. What type of prophet advises someone to break up an engaged couple? One thing is for sure I am never going to do that.

I spoke to my cousin about this and he said I should reject every negative pronouncement the woman made and put my mind at rest.

Why am I writing this? I just need a feel a place to vent, to let out my frustrations, my fears, and my confusion. My cousin said confusion is not from God, that God only brings peace. His word is supposed to bring peace.

Here I was fantasizing and dreaming about love and this woman just came to spoil my mood. I’m even afraid of the love I haven’t even met; afraid I may make a mistake.

What’s your take people? I would appreciate your comments. Thank you.


  1. God will grant your heart desires regarding 'love' this year and just wait on him. Regarding the prophetess, I don't believe God wants you to break up someone's engagement and if he was really meant for you, God would have softened your heart towards him. I understand the fears of parents because they want the best but just try to convince them that God has prepared someone special for you. And maybe you shouldn't appear closed to it, tell them you are open to meeting people…it might help


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