Merry Christmas everyone; I wish you all a memorable celebration. As you celebrate, please do not forget the reason for the season; Jesus Christ (the Celebrant). As you mark today, may heaven grant you every desire of your heart.

I have already started my own Christmas; I can’t believe I ate Chicken at 12 am today. You see my duty last night was to boil and fry chicken. As I was frying na, I decided to help myself to what I will call “taste”. I’m just tasting the chicken at intervals to be sure it’s ok (hehe hehe).

Anyway, I’m finally done with that duty, so I’m off to bed now. But I can’t sleep without wishing you all a very Merry Christmas. BTW, what’s your plan for the day? As for me, my plans include seeing a movie with a friend. It’s either the wedding party or 76; anyway, I’d gist you guys what movie I finally see.

Thank you for sharing your 2016 with me, I appreciate everyone who has ever opened this blog to read; God bless you. I love you.

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