This morning I grudgingly woke up from sleep, grudgingly had my bath, grudgingly dressed up for work. You see yesterday I had a bad day at work, so I wasn’t in any mood to have a repeat; moreover my eyes were still heavy with sleep. I kept saying to myself; I wish I don’t have to go to work today, but since I gat no option I had to come.

Needless to say, I was late to work and you guys wouldn’t believe why; I had lipstick trouble. I’m not so much of a makeup person but the one thing I can’t absolutely do without is lipstick, and I have a particular brand. Unfortunately for me, the last time I went to the market, I couldn’t get my favourite brand so I had to make do with something else.

At first, I thought I had gotten something nice, but with usage, I began to miss my fav brand. Anyway, this morning, maybe the family of my lipsticks knows that I’m just managing them; so they ganged up against me.

All the shades that normally look good on me, was not just it, it didn’t blend well, didn’t look good neither did it go with my skin. After several tries and clean off, I finally settled for a soft pink; which I think looked nice.  I was happy that all the time, the tissue and the wipes wasted finally paid off. Lol. Sorry, you guys can’t see the final look.

My sister after seeing the several tissue and wipes I had used, had to comment that “all these just for just lips”? As in eh, no be small thing. One of my BFFs told me that my lips are my selling point, hehe. Maybe that’s why I love lipsticks.

Anyway, my sister overheard me saying “I wish I wasn’t going anywhere today” and she said “she wishes she had somewhere to go”, and it struck me how life is such an irony. See me wishing I wasn’t going to work, and my sister wishing she was. It reminded me of how we should be grateful for every stage in our life, grateful for what we have.

I remember telling a friend of mine, I needed a TV because mine is spoilt and she said she too needs one because hers is an old model. I was like but yours is still working, mine isn’t and you’re complaining about having an old model. I told her, if I had that old model, I would be grateful. I then told her, “you have leg you’re looking for shoe, me I don’t even have leg”.

Be thankful for everything you have; that thing which you complain so much about is what someone else is fasting and praying to God to have. So before you complain today, remember to first say thank you God for blessing me with… (Name what is it you want to complain about).

The year is coming to an end, and you may not have had everything you prayed for or hoped for, but look at the brighter side of life; you’re alive and well, still breathing, still have hope for the future, you have a family, friends who care about you.

Thank God today for everything He’s done, what He’s doing and things you still expect.



  1. Awwwn God am really grateful down to the littlest (if there is a word like that sef) thing you've done for me, my family and friends.


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