A few weeks back, I had a misunderstanding with my cousin, we had a very heated argument and in that moment I actually thought that would be end of our friendship. But I told him I was sorry and didn’t mean to hurt him.

That was the end of that misunderstanding, it was like magic. The eight letter word I am sorry put an end to the disagreement.

I was ruminating over this yesterday and it occurred to me how a simple I am sorry can save a dying relationship. I wonder how many marriages, relationships, friendships have been destroyed because someone was too big to say sorry.

I’ve heard it several times, that saying sorry can heal a struggling relationship, but it didn’t hit home; until I had a personal experience. There’s no end to the havoc pride has done in wrecking relationships and the home.

I wonder the number of divorces that wouldn’t have happened only if someone had said I am sorry and meant it.

Why is saying sorry and meaning it important?
1.    It shows you’re taking responsibility for your actions, not blaming someone else or events as what is responsible for your action.
2.    It helps you in making better decisions because you wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side the next time. So you’re more careful not to hurt the other person.
3.    It shows you are humble and you’re willing and ready to work on the relationship.
4.    It shows the other party you care for them and how they feel.
5.    Saying sorry and meaning it, breaks the hardest of heart. The bible says a soft answer turneth away wrath.
6.    It shows your level of maturity.
7.    Apologising for your mistakes shows a good example to people around you.
8.    It mends broken relationships, turns enemies to friends, clears doubt and assumptions.

I implore us today to imbibe the habit of saying I am sorry and most importantly meaning it too.

I would like to learn from you, how do you apologise? Are you guilty of finding it difficult to apologise? How do you mend a broken relationship or a misunderstanding? Kindly let me know in the comments section.

Photo Credit: tinybuddha.com


  1. Saying sorry is actually not so easy to say sha oh. It is easier said than done. But I must confess that saying sorry mends a lot of breakage.
    Anyways there are some type of disagreements that just saying sorry cannot mend oh, so instead of being in such position we should try to avoid stepping on some toes willfully.


  2. Yass i love your comment, that we should try and avoid steeping on toes. But you know, in relationships and in life, offense is inevitable. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts.


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