Prior to writing this, I had never thought of a Christmas wish list; heck I didn’t even know they exist. Or maybe I’ll blame my ignorance on the fact that in Nigeria we don’t really give gifts for Christmas, lol (or maybe it’s just my family).

Anyway, I stumbled across one while surfing the net, so I said why not. After all its just a wish list.

So here goes:
1.    A Car: hahaha. Yes, you read that right; I want a car. Yours truly is tired of climbing bikes; babe wants the freedom to go anywhere she wants to go at any time without transportation being a problem. I just need to buy fuel once a week, drive to work and hide my keys (LMAO).
2.    A TV: yes oh I need a TV badly. My TV got expired (as one repairer put it) I wonder what that means. I didn’t really feel it at first cos I travelled. When I got back, I just felt I would get one easily; until I asked for prices. Price is like asking for my arm and my leg, lol. Sellers excuse; “dollar don increase”.
3.    A Phone; specifically a Huawei mate 8. My Samsung S4 got broken several months ago and yours truly couldn’t change it cos of course, “dollar don increase”.
4. A Laptop: babe still dey borrow laptop (imagine; at my age).
5.    Sneakers: I love shoes, specifically sneakers; need I say more?
6.    A Work bag.
7.    A Digital Camera/Camcorder: I have a side business, photographing these well to the rest of the world is my target now. Also, who knows; I will need it for when I start a vlog (hehe hehe).
So there’s my Christmas wish list, enough of my vanity. You’ve read mine; I would love to know what you want for Christmas. You never know, I may just be Santa; hehe hehe.


  1. My Christmas wishlist goes thus:
    1. I too want sneakers!!! I have always wanted sneakers maybe telling Santa would quicken the answer. lol
    2. I want money. I need money for a lot of things right now. All dem gift exchange things I gats to buy, a lot of Birthdays's coming too.
    3. I also want a bag, like seriously carrying books on the hand is annoying. Mtcheww
    4. I want headset cus I too like music hehe
    5. I want unlimited data. Project work on the go, a lot of assignments and even seminar. Biko it is plenty.
    NB: there are still more sha but I don't want to seem greedy
    Ok for the record change all the WANT to NEED as you re-read the list again. Need sounds better. #winks #smiles


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