As some of you may know, I spent the whole of November in Lagos. I was on leave and I desperately needed a change of environment. Abuja was boring for me and I have never failed to express my love for Lagos city, so what better place to go, for a month? of course; Lagos. 

So it was baffling to me why a lot of people felt my going to Lagos was man related. Not a few people said to me, “he (supposed boyfriend) must be in Lagos oh, this one that you’re always traveling there”. At first, it was funny, but later it became annoying.

Like, can’t a single girl travel somewhere in peace? Must her movement be motivated by a member of the opposite sex? freaking annoying.

Well, I think that’s what comes with the single territory, people assuming everything we do is motivated by the want of the opposite sex. You know we value marriage a lot here, so it’s either you’re married or as a single person you must strive to be married.

One of the perks of being single is the fact that, you can travel where ever you want to go, do whatever, without seeking approval. So why not let us enjoy that freedom in peace without disturbance? Lol.

Coupled with this is the assumption that any guy that graces the dp of a single lady is her bae.

That’s how, a couple of weeks back, I uploaded a pic of I & one of my friends (a guy) as my dp. I had a love emoji under it. I hadn’t seen him in 4years, so it was a joy seeing him again.

You guys needed to see the number of pings I got just for that pic alone. Comments like, when is the date oh, that must be him, he’s so cute, cute couple was sent to me that day.

It was tiring explaining to everyone that we were just friends. It’s not just that single event, whenever I use a guy’s picture as my dp, people assume that’s my bf.

I’ve always told my friends, whenever I’m in a relationship, I wouldn’t upload his pic on social media. For starters, I don’t think it’s necessary displaying who I’m with for the whole world, neither do I need the validation of social media.

Almost every one of us is guilty of this assumption, whenever we see two members of the opposite sex together; we tend to assume they must be dating. In my church for example, if I’m seen talking to a guy, they just assume we like each other. Sometimes I’m so conscious of this, I avoid talking to guys at my church and sometimes I just don’t care.

We’ve become too marriage prone that single people can’t just enjoy life in peace. It’s either we are hooking up them every now and then or putting ideas into their head.

Forgive me for my rant, I’m just happy to have a platform where I can rant for free, hahaha.

If you have anything to say concerning this issue, kindly leave a comment. I always love to hear from you.

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